January 16, 2017

4 principals of Japanese Tea (Sado) that will help you become a better version of yourself

There is a lot to learn from japnese Tea ceremony. The best place to start is Sen No Rikyuu's 4 Principals which you can easily use in your life now to become a better version of yourself.

Since the beginning of my tea journey Japanese tea has been a focus. I feel for Sen no Rikyu's vision of tea and how relations in the tea room should be. If you are new to tea or its your first time hearing about Rikyu then let me give you a bit of some points to start out.

  Rikyu lived during the Sengoku period which was very war stricken in Japan. Why is this point important? There was a very distinct divide between classes. Samurai, Aristocrats, Farmers etc were all in different classes with set expectations on how to interact between them. 

 But Rikyu was a rebel and began to teach that everyone is treated equally in the tea room (yup even the Aristocrat had to treat a farmer as an equal). It removed barriers and became even more ingrained into the Japanese Tea Ceremony. 

  To build further on his concept of equality, 4 principles were developed. These four are still taught to students of Tea Ceremony. For us we can use these four to change how we interact with each other and grow as a society together. Start with yourself by setting an example for those around you by taking these four in to your heart and making them part of your truth.

WA - Harmony

With his hope that tea guests respected each other no matter who they were, even the Shogun became an equal in the tea room. With that everyone played their part which contributed to the larger picture.
For modern times, working towards seeing everyone as equals and treating them as such. Also working along side with others by striving to have a harmonious relationship.  

  Apply this to your own life by letting status, dress, job/career etc not effect how you interact with those around you. After working a few years in Toronto's Financial district, everyone was an equal. But that does not mean that I had moments where I slipped. When it happened I told myself that those identifiers had no meaning to who that person was when they are taken away (yes I had to ignore that great Kate Spade bag in the moment). Closing my eyes, breath in and out and try again.

KEI - Respect

Can you already see how these all link up together? Respect is something that we all wish to have from those around us. But have you thought about applying it to the world around you?  Rikyuu fostered not only mutual respect amongst participants and host, but also of the tea space and tools. 

Respecting tools was very important (okay any item) as it was widely  believed that after 100 years of its life it could come alive, while it is superstitious. It became common practice to repair items many many times till it was no longer usable. Once that time was up it would be given a little something like a memorial, in thanks for its service. 
 Now I am not saying being superstitious about your belonging, I am saying take care of them and thank them for their help once you are done with them. The KonMari cleaning craze even promotes thanking items, which the author also cites the same reasoning as I just did. The item has done so much for you. It may seem odd to thank them but would you not thank a friend for helping you? Treat everything around us with respect, people and the things around us.

SEI - Purity

  I previously made a reference to KonMari, this is a great example for purity.  While you may have thought I was going to point towards meditation or tea, cleaning our space is just as important. One problem we have (I do too) is too much stuff. We have so much that it is nearly impossible to keep things tidy and clean. 

An idea from KonMari is to only keep what brings you joy. Yes you read that right joy. Not "I might need this" or "I am going to use this someday". All those excuses need to go. Keep just what brings you joy. Like makes you feel all bubbly inside and adoration. The rest needs to get gone (don't forget to thank them) or be donated. There after you will be able to keep things pure and tidy.

  In Japanese Tea Ceremony it is traditional to clean all the instruments infront of guests. Now they are clean before starting but it is to show the purity and respect towards the tools. Give yourself (and your mind) a "cleaning" buy tidying your space.

JAKU- Tranquility

 As you may have guessed this is where (finally) meditation comes in. But I am going to also say that it does not need to be traditional meditation. Tranquility is cultivating calmness, quiet and being serene. If traditional meditation is not your thing this is for you.  

  Last week we talked about self care, those are amazing ideas to use to cultivate tranquility. We really zone out as we dive into something to just pamper ourselves. Or if you are a creative (any type of creative practice), get lost for a while as you make something new. For me that has been creating things for my planner, creating printables (for you all), scrapbooking, painting... you get the idea. 
   In Rikyuu's terms this would have been traditional meditation but there is so much more out there that we can do to live up to the definition of the word.

There is so much to learn from Japanese Tea Ceremony and its masters. I hope that you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it for you.
If you have any comments please share them either below or over twitter. I can not wait to hear from you. 

January 11, 2017

Simple self care ideas for after a busy day

Keeping up with what is around us bogs us down so much over time. We get up, rush to eat (or not at all) and then commute to work, have all sorts of things happen throughout our day, come home and then. BAM. We find ourselves exhausted and unable to push to do this vs for ourselves. At least we believe it to be so, I know I do very often. 

Grab some great idea for your self care (or me time) no matter how busy your day is. Enjoy this list of simple self care ideas and treat yourself to some zen.

I work in the evenings, so my mornings range from getting a things done for Tea Journey to going out with my Mom (when else would I find the time?). Head to work to workout then help other clients and then clean and head home. Tired, hungry and I just want to lay down. Once bedtime rolls around I wonder where all that time went and wish I could have done more. But there is no real need. Do we need to binge watch a new show or play pokemon in bed (please tell me its not just me that does this)? We can use these moments while home to slow down and do a few things to make ourselves feel refreshed and more in tune with ourselves.

Self care, is not a bad thing. Yet it feels like we unconsciously feel we never have time for ourselves. Here are a few things you can do to get some self care in and be more able to handle the world around us.

Face mask

Sheet masks are everyone's friend (yes guys too). In the packet is a sheet with cut outs for your eyes, nose and mouth. All you have to do is place it on your face and let it work. With all the assortments out there you will find one for you. Plus if you want it to stay on while doing a task (dishes, laundry….) Then there is this great gizmo that will keep it on while you get things done. 

Another alternative is a cream face mask. I love my mask from lush (Mask of Magnaminty), winter is so harsh to our skin, this one moisturizes and cleanses. When you wash it off after about 10-15 minutes, your skin feels great and overall you will feel refreshed.

Yogic breathing

Practicing for just even a minute will help your mind feel clearer. It is my go to tool throughout the day (especially after 100+ crunches). It will help relax your muscles and can even be done in bed to help you get to sleep. To do this one breath in to fill your belly and then finally your lungs. Hold for a few seconds then, slowly breath out. Do this a few times to get used to it and it will be your secret tool throughout the day.

Moisturizing Creams

While I love the changing of seasons, dry skin sucks. Recently I picked up a lovely cream (Karma Kream) from lush that smells just divine. It's a light scent so no worries. Every night I put it on, not always everywhere but I do what I can. When able I massage my feet which really helps prime the body for sleep. There are so many acupuncture points on them that it makes sense why it just feels good.

Bath after a shower

While I am not able to do this often ( 4 people, one house and one bathroom) it is such a luxury to just soak in the tub. A few drops of essential oils and epson salt or a bath bomb , totally like a spa. To get the most out of this one turn off the light and light a candle or don't and read a juicy book with a cup of tea.

Glass of wine or a cup of tea

Nothing is better than either of these. I love taking the time to put together everything on a small tray (sometimes even a snack) and lounge on my bed with a book (or audio book). No work just something for me. Or at dinner (menu pending) I will even take the time to pair it with either tea or wine. It makes something I have to do into an experience which is less regimented.

There is always time for ourselves in our day, we just have to let it happen. Take time for yourself and give yourself some love that it deserves.

December 31, 2016

Releasing 2016 and Welcoming 2017 (Free New Year Planner Printable)

There is something magical about releasing one year and welcoming another. We make plans and goals for the coming year to create a better life for ourselves. Continually through out our lives we determine what we want to leave behind and what to bring into our lives.
As promised I have created a quick and easy New Years Printable to let go of the current year and welcome in 2017. My favorite part is the gaiwan painted sketch I added and the list for the new year.  Let's look both pages over together, so grab the file and print it out (fit to page will give you the best result).
Got a few minutes before it hits midnight? Use these printable to let go of the previous year and welcome 2017 with a soulful plan to achieve your dreams.

Releasing 2016

  To let go of 2016 I picked statements that are simple but also reflective. The year was full of twists and turns but we got through it. Now is the time to look over the year with fresh eyes as it comes to a close.  My favorite memory was receiving my camera and spending time with close friends in Toronto late fall. Before both of those moments I had so much self-doubt in my abilities and was weighed down by it. It was through photography and my new job that I let it go. There is so much that each and everyone of us can do. We just have to let go of that voice that tells us otherwise. Doing so helps us realize something incredible about ourselves, that we can do anything. Looking over the previous year lets us see how much we grew and what we achieved. Only then can we go forward with an open heart.

Download the New Year Planner Printable

Welcoming 2017

  Now that we let 2016 close, we can begin to prepare for an amazing New Year in 2017. Dig deep, what do you want to accomplish, feel and release? When I started to fill out my own sheet I started with the list. I listed out things that I wanted, places or events I wanted to attend, creativity goals etc. My favorite thing on the list is creating my own stickers to use for my planner or give away. A creative focused goal always ends up on my list every year (sometimes more).  Every time I do this I look at it regularly for the first few months and then forget about it. Once October or November roll around I look it over. It is surprising the amount of things can be accomplished when we answer soulful statements. They dig into us and stay, then through out the year we somehow accomplish them. It is an amazing thing. But if we want to ensure everything (or most) things get done then lets make these goals and ideas into real plans.

Making Goals into Plans

Earlier this week I released a word of the year planner page. If you got it then then perfect, if not grab it and lets make this year count. On your welcoming 2017 page you listed out things you will do this year and other promises to your soul. With the year planner page jot down those promises, or break them down if needed. For example, one of my goals is to save up money for Blogpodium next year. For January I have put that I would print out the 52 or 26 week savings challenge stickers for my planner. Then from there I would just need to put reminders to check my progress for other months.
  Another goal is to go to continue to develop Tea Journey as a brand. I have put a "due date" in February, now this may change due to other life things that pop up but I have a blueprint. With this baby I can move things around and even prioritize what needs to get done each month.

Let me know if you would like a mini planner to track your progress with your goals and to celebrate unplanned achievements.

Happy New Year everyone! Here is to a great 2017!


December 28, 2016

Picking your word of the year (Free Year Ahead Printable Planner)

Make your year planning simple by beginning with your word of the year with these tips. And a printable planner to draft out the year ahead for a spirited intentional Tea Journey year..
 Are we really this close to the new year? Yikes. It is totally normal to start worrying about goals and plans for the following year when we are this close (like under a week). You are not alone, I have been doing the same thing  for years. But over the last few years I have been gradually adjusting how I go about it. The solution I found was picking a word of the year to shape everything you do through out the new year. Here are a few thoughts that will help you fin your word to frame 2017 to be the best it can be.

   Choose a word with the right intention

  Last year my word was freedom, I felt stuck and restricted by the world around me. My solution was to give myself permission to let go of the pressure from media, past relationships and even negative self talk. It worked, I gradually as the year passed began to speak my truth and do some crazy things that were totally me.  For 2017 I picked the word " Forward", I wanted to progress more with freedom by letting go of the past and really being intentional with the now.

Choose an action word or an emotion

 Both my words for 2016 and 2017 were very contrasting. This closing year was an emotion that I desperately needed in my life, and 2017 is very action oriented. It kinda makes me want to dance as it has so much movement to it (why not right?).  There is no wrong or right answer for this, as it really depends on the word you choose.
  For example if you want to be more loving then choose "love" or turn it into an action by choosing "loving" or "caring".

Display your word throughout the year

   Like any goal or plan you need to see it to keep at it. A constant reminder is very important. I had picked up a flat stone at the beach and wrote my 2016 word on it. The stone still sits at my altar which I look at every morning when I wake up. Seeing the word reinforced my intention to let go and give myself permission to feel freedom.

Plan your year around your word

 Once you have your word you can make a rough plan for the year on paper. I created a printable which you can download to keep everything together. It's super simple to use. Write out your word of the year and main things you want to do every month of 2017.  Draft it out, you do not have to commit to it. Latter this week I will have two more to help you fine tune your plans for the coming year. 

Let's make 2017 even better than 2016, next time we will look over 2016 and let it go. At the same time we will make plans and goals around our word for 2017 for an intentional Tea Journey year. 

December 23, 2016

Make this last minute gift a DIY tea blend

Need a last minute gift that will take no time at all? This DIY tea blend is sure to do the trick and it is full of love for your recipient. Give the gift of health from the heart.
Back during the early days of this blog I fell in love with the creativity behind blending a custom tea. It gradually brought me to the medical side, more as a bonus overall. Flash forward to 2016, those experiences lead me to this DIY I created myself. A bit of a preview for the friends who will be getting them, as this project was created for them from the bottom of my heart.

Handmade gifts have always been the popular choice, but creating them can be daunting. I do not like complex steps either. This DIY is simple, so that you too can create a gift for friends or as a last minute gift even. Gather up supplies you have around the house and, either teas for this blend or pick up a mix you are dieing to share. Let's get started!


Teas from recipe (below) or any tea
A bowl
Measuring cups
Piece of paper (for a funnel)
Containers to gift them in
Card stock to print tags (optional)
Twine (optional)
Scissors or a paper cutter (optional)
Hole punch (optional)

Titania's Lullaby Recipe**

2 cups of Honeybush
1 cup of Lavender flowers
1 cup of Osmanthus petals

Need a last minute gift that will take no time at all? This DIY tea blend is sure to do the trick and it is full of love for your recipient. Give the gift of health from the heart.

  Mix all three teas together, after measuring out portions into your bowl. Mix it up for equal distribution and flavor. Then use your “funnel” (roll it like a sushi hand roll, tape if needed) to fill your containers. With this amount of tea I was able to create 6 portions for the same number of gifts.

Glass is not really the best for tea as the light can make it lose its potency. To slow things down I taped off all the edges to the interior of the bottle and sprayed them with Kyrylon Sea Glass spray paint. It gives it a bit of opacity that will protect it. Pick a container that calls to you, a handmade gift is always from the heart after all.
Need a last minute gift that will take no time at all? This DIY tea blend is sure to do the trick and it is full of love for your recipient. Give the gift of health from the heart.
If you would like to add a tag like I did, simply create a business card sized design. Mine was created on Canva to save time. Then paste them into a document on word and print them onto the card stock. Cut them out using a paper cutter or scissors, and cut off both corners on one end. Finally use a hole punch to slip twine through and tie to the jar.

This is very versatile as you can always create your own blend or choose a tea that has been blended for you. This blend was created for my close friends who needed something to help them relax and sleep. Also the ingredients have been known to help with inflammation, which we all have to come degree.

  This DIY is perfect any time of the the year, just change up the tag to suit the occasion. Happy Winter Solstice and Merry Christmas everyone. We will be back next week to help you prepare for the new year (trust me I'm keeping it simple for the both of us, no fuss). Love you all, best wishes!

** For personal use only. Reproduction of Titania's Lullaby recipe in whole or in part only with permission of author. Please do not sell tea blends of this recipe.

December 20, 2016

Three quick and easy ways to add a creative touch to a gift

Get creative with your gift wrapping with these three super easy and cheap ways to add that creative touch. Reduce your footprint and reuse things you already may have around the house.
 I have been wrapping presents normally for years and it just never felt right. Last Christmas was the first year I began to add a little of myself into the wrapping of gifts to my family and friends. It adds an extra dimension to the gift over all, no matter what it is (even socks or underwear lol). It is easy for anyone to do. Here are a few things that I have done with some things I had around the house.
Get creative with your gift wrapping with these three super easy and cheap ways to add that creative touch. Reduce your footprint and reuse things you already may have around the house.

Re-use boxes or packaging

Sometimes a simple little cover over the label is needed. Others you may need to get out some paint. Matt paint works best, and if you have any trouble with it staying on cover it with a light coat of clear matt spray paint to make it stay.

Use washi tape

Covering a label or even just jazzing up a pain box. No matter what pattern washi tape you use it will look amazing. If you want to go an extra step use punches (or even a hole punch) to add “stickers” to one box and the remnants on another. Personally I am still looking for a tea punch for throughout the year.

Use project life cards or the picture side of an old card

When I got into project life I ended up with so many cards and not knowing what to do. Using them as a tag gave them some new life. But if you don’t have any simply use the front of an old card. Cut it off from the message potion and reuse it.

These ideas can be used throughout the year, not just for the holidays. Your giftee will love your gift even more because you created the packaging for it. It’s like giving love as a bonus little side gift with every one you create. Best part of all, you can still do it this close to Christmas. Happy holidays everyone.

November 22, 2016

Guide to preparing for exams in any part of your life

It may be mid November but it is the best time to begin preparing for end of the year exams or any type of exam. No matter if you are in University, College, High School or taking a class for personal development. These main ideas will make sure you can efficiently prepare and succeed in your efforts. So grab a cup of tea and read on.

Prepare Early

This one is a given but is key to getting far. Take out a calendar and plan out your study sessions leading up to your exam. Two weeks for most is enough but if you need more time then plan for it. If you have any type of exam guide have it ready along with all of your course materials. Gather it all together and set it up in a way that you can study at your desk when you need to. If you are anything like me your room looks like a bomb went off, clean up your space so it is easier to focus.

Fuel Up

There is nothing worse than be hangry while you study. Gather up things that have protein and nutrients to help you work. If you are a smoothie person, use plenty of fruits and leafy greens. Then add a bit off protein to fuel your mind. Keep other snack like things such as nuts on hand to keep yourself full. For drinks that help you think try matcha. It will give you a kick that will gradually kick in and fade out (yey for no jitters!). Also it is a relaxing beverage with L-Theanine which is said to reduce stress and anxiety. But if you are a Java drinker try using maple syrup as a sweetener and almond milk. They are all natural additives that do good for the body. For an extra kick of goodness top it off with cinnamon. It's good to fight off colds, protects the heart among other things.

Schedule your Breaks

To be the most productive while studying take regular breaks. It helps keep you focused and most productive in your efforts. If you have trouble breaking away use the pomdroido app. It will let a timer run for a bit as you work and a beep will go off when it is time for a break. Take this time to take a walk, watch a bit of a show, knit or anything you wish that is not studying. Once the break is over the app will beep again to signal that it is time to work again. If you like that extra kick while you study then schedule in sessions for your exercise of choice. It will give you the vim and vigor to go back to study and also prime your brain to do so.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Studying late into the night eats into your precious sleep time. Which you need to absorb what you were studying that day. Wash your bedding prior to the weeks leading up to your exam to make sure your rest area is prepared. Stop studying about 30 minutes to an hour before turning in. If you have any trouble sleeping try massaging your feet, according to Chinese acupuncture there are points there that prime the body for rest. Lastly, make sure you are getting at least 7-8 hours of rest. Its that magical number that really lets you rest and absorb that information you were reviewing.

These are the magical four things you need in addition to studying your material, to confidently take your exam. I am also preparing for an exam right now and wish you the best of luck. If you are re-writing your notes or want some more guidance for your study sessions check out these blogs for printables and other information.

November 17, 2016

My Favorite oils to diffuse to boost productivity

Saje is a Canadian wellness company which has made life much more productive. This selection of their oils is what has helped me not only stay healthy but be more productive in all parts of life.

Staying productive can be a struggle without a little help. With so many options for productivity systems sometimes we want something a little simpler. Over the last year I have been experimenting with different oils and have created a collection to help with focus and resetting.

Brainstorm Collection

This set has been on my list since I got a nebulizer. Every blend in this set was curated together will wake you up and gear you up to hustle. Refresh is perfect for breaks (or if you need a kick while under the weather). Quick Study puts you in the right mindset instantly. Exhale will help you clear your mind before a deep brainstorm session (or even a meditation session). Lastly, Energy is a citrusy wake up call to start any project you have on your plate
Saje is a Canadian wellness company which has made life much more productive. This selection of their oils is what has helped me not only stay healthy but be more productive in all parts of life.

#Wellness Limited Edition Collection

When you are working mobile, this is the set to have on hand. Place a drop or so on three finger tips and massage into the crook of your neck or behind your ears. It’s the quick and easy way to use oils but be cautious, check the application area regularly. If there is any irritation, wash it off with a bit of soap and water. If you want to be a bit more cautious, then a slight sniff will be better. But let’s check out what is in here. Calm Down is perfect for when a problem is really stressing you out and you need to clear your mind. Chill Out is for when you really get into your work but need to come back to the real world (and need to relax). Get Going will kick off your work session as soon as you get to your destination. It’s a small kit that will easily fit in any bag or purse, the ultimate mobile oil set.
Saje is a Canadian wellness company which has made life much more productive. This selection of their oils is what has helped me not only stay healthy but be more productive in all parts of life.

Liquid Sunshine Blend

This blend is also called “cheerful diffuser blend”, which is so true as it blasts away the seasonal blues. On days I know I need the extra help to wake up I turn on my nebulizer, with this oil in it that I placed there the night before. While sipping my morning cup, this oil urges me to wake up quicker than usual. Perfect oil to jump on a project earlier in the day (for me that is anytime before 10am) or you have a few minutes to get ready before going out last minute.
Saje is a Canadian wellness company which has made life much more productive. This selection of their oils is what has helped me not only stay healthy but be more productive in all parts of life.
These oils can be used alone or mixed together. Such as Energy Boost with a touch of Refresh gives you just the right amount of balance, relaxed yet with a bit of a kick. Head to your nearest Saje to give them a try.


November 4, 2016

Why a nebulizer is my favorite seasonal tool

Fighting back against seasonal depression can be a struggle, but with a nebulizer you can finally get ahead. Learn why I use a nebulizer and how it works.

        With daylight savings time ending this weekend and days getting shorter, it is that time again to break out my nebulizer. Last year was the worst I felt in years, seasonal depression hit hard and It took till February to find true solution. That was my nebulizer which puts negative ions into the air, you may be asking what that does so let me explain it's magic.

Negative ions are not seen by the naked eye but can be felt. When we are near large bodies of water or even in the shower, these atoms are released. They cause us to feel relaxed and at peace, but most of all helps our mood. To do this it relieves stress and anxiety and from that you have more energy to do things that fuel you. As an added bonus it also boosts your immune system and purifies the air. But that is just the techy-science side of it.

The best part of it is I can diffuse oils to set the mood or add a boost to my productivity. No matter what I am doing, even sleep, I can make it more effective with my favorite essential oils diffused.

Fighting back against seasonal depression can be a struggle, but with a nebulizer you can finally get ahead. Learn why I use a nebulizer and how it works.Goddess

This one is on often, I love the blend of citrus, rose and jasmine together. There is something really enchanting about diffusing this oil and having a self care night. It just feels right (especially with some reading socks and a glass of wine or cup of tea).

Mountain High

As a nature lover I had to get his oil. It feels like you brought in a forest into your space. With pine needle, balsam fir, sage and cedar wood in the mix; it really covers many of the tree types here in Ontario. This one will be on when I am feeling extra festive or just need to relax.


My go-to for deep restful sleep. The holidays get me restless so on evenings that are followed by a day off this will be on the go. Getting that deep sleep really is key to get through the craziness. On other days it helps for sore muscles ( when applied to the skin) and numerous other things.

Seasonal depression can hit any of us, with the holidays we just want to get through it all. If you have a chance to try out a nebulizer or oils even, let us know in the comments. I love hearing about your journey too!

**This post was not sponsored and was written for my love of health and wellness**

November 1, 2016

Cozy up with these Delicious Autumn Inspiring Teas

Cozy up with a warmer version of fall, with these autumn tasting teas. They pair well also with pie so we won't blame you for bringing some to Thanksgiving Dinner to share.

Autumn is in full swing, adding a little bit of the flavors of it in our cup is bound to be on your list this season (by the way they are all good for winter too). Each tea on our list was picked for its warmth and delicious toasty notes. Also they go great with a slice of apple or pumpkin pie. So they will be perfect after Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends. Try one or all of them, your taste buds will thank you.

Shuei Xian Oolong

This lovely oolong is from Fujian Province in China in the Wuyi region. This area is known for its “rock” oolongs. All of which have been roasted to various degrees which comes out in the cup. It is definitely a tea you will love to have on hand.

Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong

This is a very unique tea that is best enjoyed on a rainy day. It is made from very special trees in China on Phoenix Mountain in Guangdong Province. It tastes fruity and the aroma and flavor stays even after many infusions. It's very much a sought after tea by tea enthusiasts and worth every sip.
Cozy up with a warmer version of fall, with these autumn tasting teas. They pair well also with pie so we won't blame you for bringing some to Thanksgiving Dinner to share.

Golden Monkey Black (Red)

First off this is my favorite tea to pair with cookies or any type of pastry. It's just a pair that makes your taste buds sing. This is because it is not astringent like most other black teas and tastes best plain. It is a classic and on the list of top 10 teas of China. It is from Yunnan Province the home of many of the teas on the market from China. It’s a little bit of history in your cup that you are bound to love.

Dong Ding Oolong

Just had to include a classic Taiwanese Oolong on this list. With its baked stone fruit notes it can very well replace your dessert (or be paired with one if you so desire). With its balled style it is bound to give you many infusions over the full course of your me time.

These three are just a few of many out there that feel like you have fall in your cup. A good way to find other is to look for ones that have been roasted (yumm).

October 28, 2016

Create a strong foundation for your life with Citizen Tea

   ** This post was sponsored by Citizen Tea by product only. All opinions are my own**
Finding a few teas  start with can be a struggle. Citizen Tea has solved this problem with this (Men's) strong foundation collection. Kick start your tea collection or journey with this herbal trio from Teaopia's former owners.
    I get asked about which teas are best for numerous reasons. I have been learning about herbs since before my tea journey began. Back then I experimented in try blends for different reasons, that being for the three main things we all want help with. Sleep, energy and something to combat colds. We all need help with these three, that is why we are encouraged to drink tea to wake up, get better or to help us relax for sleep.
Teaopia was the first place that understood our need for tea for different purposes. While it has been about 4 years since Teavana bought and took over, it lives on again (yeah, totally made a zombie reference there). With Citizen Tea it gained a new life.
Much like with Teaopia they have amazing sets that will fit your needs. I choose one that hit those three main needs, Men’s Collection. The name of the collection is no matter as it has everything to meet those three needs. Very much it is the tool kit to get through the day and be prepared for anything.

Energy Booster

With cold season here this was a saving grace. I was riding out the end of a cold earlier this week and drank this tea to keep awake. It has a subtle sweetness to it that was very pleasing. It cleared the sinuses (read: great for allergies) and helped me get better quicker. Lapacho, the main ingredient, is also a natural antibiotic according to sources online. Normally I would be hesitant to point such a thing out but the fact remains that I am feeling much better after having it (and a detox bath, more on that latter). Cold season or not it gave a pleasant boost that was just right. 

Finding a few teas  start with can be a struggle. Citizen Tea has solved this problem with this (Men's) strong foundation collection. Kick start your tea collection or journey with this herbal trio from Teaopia's former owners.

Fit Active

At Teaopia this was my go to tea at any sign of a cold symptom (or your co-workers were sick). It is loaded with fruits and herbs that contain a lot of vitamin C and also has Raspberry Leaf which acts as a diuretic. Flushing out the illness is necessary for getting better, no one likes being sick. Rose-hip peel has been known to help with when you have the cold mostly in your chest ( this tends to be my problem). Overall most of the ingredients were put in this blend to assist with a cold, while the remainder is for taste. It is a very pleasant tea to have any time but even better when you are under the weather. 

Finding a few teas  start with can be a struggle. Citizen Tea has solved this problem with this (Men's) strong foundation collection. Kick start your tea collection or journey with this herbal trio from Teaopia's former owners.Sleep Well

Most tea for sleep has chamomile in it, which is related to ragweed , so it is a nice change to no see it in this blend. No sniffling here (allergic to ragweed), this tea is great for sleep and also when you have a cold. Lemon verbena, fennel, peppermint and licorice root - are key players in fighting back cold or sinus problems. Having these in here is great as you know you can go to sleep with the sniffles under control. You will feel this tea in your throat due to the licorice root, but with it continually getting colder the added reassurance you're protected from colds is very welcome.

Finding a few teas  start with can be a struggle. Citizen Tea has solved this problem with this (Men's) strong foundation collection. Kick start your tea collection or journey with this herbal trio from Teaopia's former owners.

Having this set in your tea collection will mean that you are prepared for anything thrown at you. The name of the collection , Men’s Collection, should be taken as it is that cuddly-reassuring sidekick you have been wanting. Don’t let the name deter you from giving it a try, I have already shared a bit of each tea with close friends who were sick the last two weeks. Even they have seen the difference in how it makes them feel. Herbal blends are a great way to introduce yourself to tea or add a new dimension of wellness to your life.

If you were to give this collection a nickname ,what would you call it? Share your ideas and thoughts in the comments below.

October 26, 2016

3 Tips to Make Living with your Parents Easier

      Once we reach adulthood we think that we will be able to continue to live away from home. But setbacks happen, and we come right back to our childhood home to live with our parents once again. You are not the only one that boomeranged back, approximately 41% of us end up back home at some point (and this number continues to increase October 24th it was at almost 50%).
We learned so much while living away from them our views and lifestyle may not go so well with our parents. A few key tips can make things a little smoother.

Nothing is harder than living with your parents after 20 (or 30). These three tips will make living with them easier and help make your time getting back on your feet smoother ride.

Keep them updated on what you are doing

Wherever you are in your next steps keeping your parents in the know is ideal. It keeps you accountable but you are also maintaining transparency with them. In turn maybe they have connections that they can tap into to help you get where you want to be.

Help out around the house

If you ever had roommates that did not help out and were put off by it, you will want to do the opposite at home. Dishes, digging in the back yard, laundry etc. Anything you do will be appreciated by them.

Assist financially (where able)

Now this is something you should talk to your parents about. Some only want to save money for you, some want room and board, other may want groceries etc. Sit down with them to discuss where you are financially and work something out together. If you want brownie points, buy them gift cards to go out for dinner. They go out for dinner and you get the place to yourself for a bit to chill. 

No matter what happens at home try to understand where your parents are coming from. It is hard to do but it is the least we can do for them for raising us. Always remember that you are back home as a step towards where you want to be. It’s frustrating but remember your end goal (the bigger picture) and it will help relieve you of stress.

I am also back at home and these are just a few of the things that have helped me. Are you back home as well? Share what has worked for you in the comments below.
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