September 13, 2016

3 inspiring study blogs (that will make you want to study )

Super charge your study sessions with some inspiring study blogs from tumblr. Check out printables, images and collections (and tips) to get the most out of every study session in style.
School will be started again last week, and it is the perfect time to make changes to how you study for classes. So take a look at some inspiration while you are either doing last minute shopping, those final calls or signing those last few papers. You are not alone, I am also going to be taking a
class this fall (Operations Management) . Through my eagerness for class, I have have found some wonderful blogs that will not only inspire you (and your desk space) but also has suggestions and tools to help during the school year.


Super charge your study sessions with some inspiring study blogs from tumblr. Check out printables, images and collections (and tips) to get the most out of every study session in style.
 Credit: CMPSBLS

Monthly there is new printables available for download,my favorite one is the study planner. It is very handy for organizing your week ( I currently use mine to know what main tasks I have to do each day). Going through CMPSBLS you will also find master posts filled with information to help with things such as studying, organization, essay creation and more. You will notice that the creator has reblogged posts from readers who have used her hashtag #cmpsbls. This alone will give you inspiration for your desk to possibly new supplies for your studdy sessions.


Super charge your study sessions with some inspiring study blogs from tumblr. Check out printables, images and collections (and tips) to get the most out of every study session in style.
Credit: Acadehmic

Questions about how to handle something during the school year? This is where to go. Every question is answered with links and other rescources that will help solve your problem. In addition there is a great selection of master posts which round up various resources for single purpouses (studying, exams etc). These types of posts are staples of this type of blog and it does not hurt to have multiple places to refer to. Do take note of how gorgeous these notes are, Acadehmic was the blog that inspired me to make better notes for my classes (which you can see in the title image).


Super charge your study sessions with some inspiring study blogs from tumblr. Check out printables, images and collections (and tips) to get the most out of every study session in style.
Credit: Katsdesk

This girl has it all, but lets stick with what stands out. She creates "plan with me" videos regularly to inspire her readers to become more organized with a planner (but in a pretty way).  Her desk , and those of her readers, are so cute you will want to run out for a few desk supplies (guilty). If you are on a budget check out her desktop wallpapers to give your desk a little update without spending anything.

I really hope you enjoyed these three study blogs as much as I did. If you have any other suggestions or want to share something you found, share it in the comments below with the Tea Journey community.


September 2, 2016

How to overcome setbacks and acheive your goals

Setbacks can happen at a moment's notice which can be very disheartening, but preparing for them can help you many fold. Earlier this month I found out I have to pay off Student Loan to go to school due to a restriction, it was hard to take in that news. But, I had already planned to work in case there was an issue (plus I got all my fees back).

I never want any of you to have to feel lost and hurt from a set back. To help you be prepared for possible change, here is some steps to help you continue forward.

Set yourself up for life by learning a few steps to overcome setbacks in any part of your life. Achieve your goals and leave doubt behind you.

Come up with back up plans

There are more than one way to complete a task or goal. Dig deep and list them all out, while deciding which is the best of them to use as your other method to get where you want to be. Use the new method to redefine what success looks like if there is a need. For example, my original plan was to start school this September. With the set back I have to wait a year.

Break down your next method down to steps

Brainstorm for a while on what all the steps are to achieve your adjusted method to reach your goal. If some steps need to be broken down further, such as start working, then break them down. Doing so will allow you to see your progress as you finish each item on your list.

Track your progress

Write every step down so you can cross off the ones you have completed. It really gives you a sense of progress and completion as you move forward. But if your goal is something that is quantifiable, then track that. For my goal to pay off my old Student loan, I have created a card to track my savings as well as the balance of the loan each month. This way I can see every step of the way as I cut down the amount one payment at a time.

Celebrate every step forward

This goes for any kind of progress no matter what it is. Even small things such as a phone call or sending out mail should be celebrated as you are just one step closer to achieving your goal. Treat yourself to something perhaps,a hobby you love or perhaps just resting while watching Netflix for a while.

No matter what your goal, I know you can achieve it! Please share your goals in the comments below. Together we can all achieve our goals and better ourselves.

August 31, 2016

4 meditation videos that will change your life

We all have tried different things to keep up with life that is going beyond human speed. Thankfully through that time research has been done to find solutions and it's completely free. Meditation. Sitting in silence while either being guided through a voice clip, focusing on your breath or using a mala to count chants.
It can be quite intimidating the first time , so check out this selection of short guided meditations. Each one was hand picked for an easy length, tone and use. Pick a time of day and try one (or all of them) out.

Meditation has been proven to help in many areas of our lives, namely health. Try one or all of this collection of meditation videos to change your life.

Ease Anxiety

Combat fear and worry that can make you anxious, preventing you from carrying on with your day. If you ever need help calming down or want something to use to prevent, and control, any anxious feelings.

Increase Productivity

  Give yourself a little meditative “pep-talk” by banishing any thoughts that will keep you from getting everything you want done. If you have a project that you want to get done before your deadline, this is the meditation to turn to.

Boost of Energy

 It is often that we need an extra boost of energy at some point in the day. This short meditation is excellent to do during a break to refresh your mind and body. Afterwards you can go back to your to-do list with confidence that you can get through it all.

Restful Sleep

 It is no surprise that this type of meditation ended up on this list. Sleep is very important, we need about 6-9 hours depending on your age (more once we get close to 50). Set yourself up for the deep sleep you need by following this meditation to lull you off to dreamland.

Positive Morning Start

  Deepak Chopra is one of my favorite authors and he also creates meditation videos. This one has a focus on setting the right intentions for a fruitful day with a positive mindset. The best part of this one is its very short under 4 minutes! Try it before you get out of bed and feel the difference it makes.

Whether you are looking to try out meditation or start a practice, I hope this collection of videos helps you on your journey.  If you have discovered any other videos, share them in the comments below.

July 15, 2016

Urban Oasis: Nohohon Tea Room

Urban Oasis is a collection of images of spaces in cities where we can take a few moments to find balance and  peace. Take time for you to disconnect an enjoy a space which brings a little zen to your every day.  
Nohohon Tea Room is steps from the busy down town of Toronto. Take a breater and sip a naturaly healthy Japanese drink.  | Urban Oasis is a collection of images of spaces in cities where we can take a few moments to find balance and  peace. Take time for you to disconnect an enjoy a space which brings a little zen to your every day

Over the last few years I have seen some great changes to Toronto in regards to Japanese specialty shops. Mostly we have seen an array of Izakaya ( Japanese Bar) and cozy cafes, but just last year we finally have a Tea room!

       Nohohon Tea really hit the spot after an afternoon at OCAD University’s Grad show. I raved about the shop for months to those that I knew would listen. A shop that specializes in Japanese drinks and a few select snacks, it was long over due.

         The inside is quite humble as it is part cafe and part shop. The latter portion is contained within a glass cabinet upon the wall. The contents were a feast for the eyes. Within were a small array of tea wares (mostly tea bowls) and some select teas from Momo Tea. It was quite clear from the cabinet that my brother and I were going to enjoy anything we tried.
Nohohon Tea Room is steps from the busy down town of Toronto. Take a breater and sip a naturaly healthy Japanese drink.  | Urban Oasis is a collection of images of spaces in cities where we can take a few moments to find balance and  peace. Take time for you to disconnect an enjoy a space which brings a little zen to your every day

      My brother tried the Fresh Taro Smoothie while I opted for Straight Chilled Matcha with red bean paste. It was truly the best place to stop for a drink and study or even catch up with a friend.

         Now lets go back to the tea wares. In the cabinet was an array of wares all made by Secret Tea Time. Naturally a bowl ended up coming home with us. I picked the adorable raccoon chawan to add to my collection. Not long after arriving home a bowl of matcha was whipped up to end the day. The remaining drops of collected beautifully in the swirl inside the bowl.
Nohohon Tea Room is steps from the busy down town of Toronto. Take a breater and sip a naturaly healthy Japanese drink.  | Urban Oasis is a collection of images of spaces in cities where we can take a few moments to find balance and  peace. Take time for you to disconnect an enjoy a space which brings a little zen to your every day

I highly recommend you checking out Nohohon Tea Room when you visit Toronto, try out a Japanese specialty drink just steps from Spadina and Queen Street West shopping.


June 20, 2016

5 Crystals to help you balance your life

Crystals have different vibrations which can help us balance our lives. Their metaphysical and spiritual properties may assist with health and  emotional balances. Pick up a stone and try it out.

    Whether you are looking for something that will help you stay grounded or new way to energize your tea, crystals are a great way to go. The energy vibrations of crystals can assist with many things. While there is no scientific information to back it, but that does not count for the experiences of the many. The only explanation is through quantum physics, which If you are interested in this I would urge you to look more into it.

     On a simplistic level, these stones give off vibrations which work along with the energetic vibrations of our own bodies. This is good as it can improve certain aspects of ourselves just by having them near us. Today I am going to introduce to you my top 5 crystals that you can use to balance out your life, or even add to your kettle for tea.


     This stone can come in a variety of colors, the most commonly found is green. With the color in mind it is no wonder this stone is thought to bring good luck, money, and wealth. Less common ones are aid in decision making,balance out the heart chakra, balance out nerves, and has been known to assist in recalling dreams.  Global Tea Hut sent out a small selection of stones in 2011, which included Jade and Quartz. Adding crystals to your tea is a great way to infuse your tea with other energetic properties.


        I picked this stone up as a child due to its name and my attachment to Pokemon. Today, I feel off balance with out having the stone with me. It's said properties include aid in fortune-telling with use of intuition, enhancing feminine power, and aid syncing with the moon. It is known as a women's stone as it resonates strongly with the bodies natural cycle and functions. Try having the stone on you for a few days and take note of how you feel, if you tend to feel floaty this stone should help bring you clarity.

Clear Quartz

       As mentioned before Jade and Quartz were sent by Global Tea Hut to add to our kettles. This is because Clear Quartz is helpful for grounding and balancing any of the bodys chakras. While quartz comes in many colors, clear is the most common out of all of them. It assists in meditation, clearing away negative energy, increases inspiration and healing. It can help with more than I have listed if you "program" the stone, but that is for another day.


    This stone is very important for those who have anxiety or stress related health problems. It is a version of quartz but  for on this list it needed its own spot. It has been also known to help with recalling dreams, assist with sleep, eliminate impatience and promote inner strength. Give your meditation practice a boost and hold it it during your next practice, it has been known to assist in calming the mind for deep meditation.


  This stone is relatively new to me but it has been a great addition to my everyday stones. My first mala had a lovely green adventurine, which I felt helped me communicate and see the big picture. The stone though is also benificial to release any habits that are keeping you from moving forward. This is to help you along your life journey to reach self discovery and strengthen spiritual connection. Just having it near can help break down blockages so that you can proceed towards your lifes purpose.

Like most metaphysical practice or tool, they are not a replacement for help from certified help. Such as, doctor or councelor. They are ment as a secondary tool to be used along side traditional help.
    Which stones do you use? Or which ones are you thinking of useing in your life (or tea)?  I would love to know. Share your thoughts in the comments below with the Tea Journey Community. Love and light.

June 15, 2016

Happy 6th Anniversary Tea Journey: Inspiration behind it all

   Happy 6th Tea Anniversary Tea Journey! Join us in taking a look at what sparked the creation of Tea Journey and how it is a lifestyle in itself. Tea, meditation, art, even things we eat all connect together to create a life by living The Way of Tea. 
     Like any creative work it takes love and time to mature. Road blocks pop up and need to be overcome. It takes dedication. It is exactly this quality that makes creative work so amazing. To change things up this anniversary I am going to share posts from others who inspired Tea Journey at conception and those that helped fuel it for the future.

     Early on I stumbled across Tea Masters Blog and was hooked by his lovely photographs and focus on Taiwanese teas. The thing that he did differently from others was showing his Chaxi (artful tea setting) and how to do it yourself. These posts kept me coming back for more and even to learn how to use a gaiwan. It was weird at first but I fell for the simplicity it offered to brew a cup.

       Around the same time I found Tea Gallery’s blog (which is now a shared space with the Mandarin Room). The thought of energy being behind tea really sucked me into their world. Especially how they described teas, it was a whole new vocabulary I had never seen before. They even took it further with their post on Phoenix Oolong and how its taste is improved when it is raining. It took me a while to find this tea but I fell for its wine like body.

      Lastly I want to share a specific author, Aaron Fisher (or Wu De). I found his writing in The Leaf Magazine. I waited anxiously for new issues to come out for more of his writing, to the point that I e-mailed him for a copy of “The Way of Tea”. Through that contact he sent me information on the Sage Tea Center and (at the time) the up and coming Global Tea Hut tea subscription. While I have yet to go to the Sage Tea Center in Taiwan, I have been a big fan of Global Tea Hut.

     It was these posts and organizations that pushed Tea Journey to what it is now. From the very start it was destined to be a Tea Lifestyle blog. But you may be asking what does it mean? For those who I read their blogs or publications regularly that shared this view in their own way. The Tea Gallery shared food pairings, Tea Master’s blog shared art, and Wu De shared the view that tea can change your life. With the subtle pushes and the leap urged by Wu De I continued to see Tea as a journey.

     Starting with a cup which can take you anywhere. The cup can take you to a yoga class, or inspire you to try vegan/vegetarian food or even perhaps begin to look at the spiritual side of it as well. There are so many more dimensions from this simple drink that it can take you virtually anywhere if you have an open mind.

  Now its up to you. What are your thoughts on tea being a lifestyle? Share them in the comments below, I look forward to hearing from you.  

June 3, 2016

4 ways to cope with Anxiety

For the last few months I have been contemplating this post, over and over again. Each moment it comes back to me, the urge to write this, fear takes over. It is that very emotion which stops many like me from saying what lies behind it.....Anxiety.

It stops even the most dedicated parent from going to their child's recital or a student asking an important question close to exam time. It is an invisible illness that affects many of those we love.

I have been silently coping with my own Anxiety since I was in grade 6. It was only late last year that I finally accepted the reality of its effects on my life. Growing up we are expected to "get a hold" of our anxiety and carry on with life. This is not something that you can just get over, just like any other mental illness. To help others like myself, here are some ways to help you cope.

Anxiety affects all of us, for a select group it is more prevalent. Wherever you are with your own anxiety here are 4 ways that can help you get through it and live with it.


It is no surprise that it helps with anxiety. Quieting the mind does wonders for the body overall. Anxiety can bring forth the inner voice of doubt and fear. When you sit in silence for meditation, focusing only on your breath, those inner voices quiet or die.


Everyday we have many many thoughts, these can even continue even when we are turning in for sleep. Taking up the practice to let all your thoughts out onto the page, will help you sleep soundly. If you usually have to-do lists running through your mind, perhaps take up bullet journaling. This way you can have your mind clear ,and all your to-dos together.


Talking to a third-party really helps us see more of the picture which makes up our lives. Certain scripts that have been running through our minds can be addressed through this way. Failure, guilt, overwhelm, fear etc can be boiled down to something so small where you can finally go about your day.


Run, yoga, weights or cardio. Whatever your choice is get on it, turn on some tunes to get your in the grove (or just block out everything else). If you need to go at it alone then that is okay but over time try to go to group classes, or invite a friend to join you. Being around others for a class while working out is a great way to re-introduce yourself to being around others in a comfortable environment. Activities such as these have been proven to improve mood and sleep. Both of which can be affected by anxiety. Add this into your routine to combat anxiety head on.

When it comes to anxiety the more tools in your tool belt the better. None of us are alone with the global community which has been created by the internet.

Do you or someone you know have anxiety? Or have any other ways of coping ? Share your thoughts with the community in the comments below.

May 25, 2016

Unplugged: Coloringbooks as Meditation

It is no surprise that this medium made it into this series. Who doesn't love a good coloring book session? I love just releasing the inner child in me and working on a page (or more). There is a meditative trance we get into as we color in each page. I clearly remember being this way as a child and nothing has changed since then. Let me introduce two that I have at my disposal which I just love, and a few ideas for types of materials to try out (why not try something new?).

After coloring books were used to calm children is there any surprise that as adults we have turned to the same activity to reduce stress? What a great way to reduce stress through a simple "meditative" practice which anyone can do.

The first book is called Mandala Magic which is packed full of different kinds of mandalas. Mandals are great as they use repeating patterns to make up the space it is within, which usually is a circle.
  The second book is called Secret Tokyo which is full of different sorts of imagery from Japan. With the kimono pages and even the tea page I could not pass this up. This same company does other places such as New York City.
 Now let's look at some different types of materials. There are so many out there but here are a few that I suggest you give a try with your coloring books.

Pencil Crayons

 When we were kids this was the upgrade we longed for once we were a bit older. They are great as you can layer different colors on top of each other lightly to (create more dimension or) just broaden out the colors you have.


It is quick to use but you can really get more dimension put into each page you work on. The other great thing about this material is that you can also find portable palette with all the colors with it. Just add a collapsible brush with a water barrel and you can paint any where you may be.

Chalk Pastels

  Now for this one you will need some kind of fixative to keep your coloring in place which you can pick up at your local craft or art supply store for under $15 (or use hair spray as a last resort). This one it super fun as you can really build up layers to get the depth you want.  It would be a great choice even as a base which you use another material over top (pencil crayons for example).


There are so many other types of materials out there that you can try. If you are worried about bleeding through (which happens with markers) either get the picture copied and printed on a thicker paper or place some papers under the page you are working on. The last point will still allow for bleed but the second page will not be affected.

Have a favorite coloring book your would like to share? Share your suggestions in the comments below.

May 20, 2016

Exploring Photography: Tips to help you take better photos

It has been almost two months since I received my new camera and I adore my new creative outlet. Photography is drastically different from drawing or painting. Using what is around you or bringing aspects together to create a new image. Everything is left up to light that comes into the camera which all these little settings to alter it. High light, low light, large shadows, no shadows. There is so much you can do with it, but it is all up to how you alter the setting to get the image you want.
  At the moment I am slowly trying to put together elements to develop my own style. Taking pieces from here and there to get to the end result. It's a long road but I am taking it day by day.  But I want to share what has helped me so far with you.

Exploring Photography- Tips to help you take better photos with use of a few very affordable items you can obtain locally. Get the most out of your cell phone camera or DSLR Canon Camera.

Tip #1: Use  daylight where ever possible

A bright window does wonders for lighting up your subject. Lights in most homes are fluorescent which gives pictures a tint in any pictures you take. Which brings me to our next tip. 

Tip #2: If not then use "daylight" light bulb to create it

 Thanks to technology we can now recreate the light we wish. This type of light bulb can be purchased sometimes at dollar stores but if you cant to create a quick kit for under $20 then check out places such as Home Depot. There you can find a light socket with a clamp and adjustable "neck". Super handy if you need to take a picture latter in the evening or when it is overcast out. 

Tip #3: Used White foam core to bounce light back onto your subject

This has been my go to tool for the last few years, a trick I picked up at Blog Podium from Giulia's photography workshop. Either check out your local dollar store or craft supply store to pick one up. Have the light coming in from one side and bounce the light back on the subject with the foam core board. When you feel you have mastered bouncing light this way try out our next tip.

Tip #4:  Rent or buy a 5 in 1 reflector

I have only had this for about little over a month and I love it. You zip and flip to get the side out that you desire. There is gold, silver, white, black and the middle can be used as a diffuser (lessen the light or soften). It folds up small and comes with a little bag making it super portable! For this little gem I would check your local Photography store and also Amazon.  Mine is 20" wide and suits all of my needs so far. 

Tip #5: Try out a fixed prime lense (50mm or 35mm)

   These little guys have no zoom, only a focusing ring on them. They are light usually and versatile. If you are into portraiture and still life (such as flat lays) then 50mm  is perfect for you. Although if you are into fashion photography with friends or need a wider shot then 35mm is your friend. Compare prices (don't forget to look at used from a certified retailer such as Henry's here in Canada) and abilities online to find the ones that suits you the best.

Bonus Tip #6: Practice regularly to get used to your camera and its functions 

  This applies also to the camera's on our phones as well (or apps for that matter). Getting used to all the functions of a camera takes time and practice. I learned back in High School but was not able to recall what each thing did such as ISO and shutter speed. Practice has helped me understand it in the best way for myself.  

But if you are the type that likes a little guide ( same here, so I can break rules after I learned them). Here are two e-courses that  I would highly suggest checking out A Beautiful Mess' DSLR for Beginners e-course or even Giulia's Table Top Photography e-course on Atly. I have purchased both of them and found the information very valuable.

   Do you have any tips for photography with either a camera or phone? Share them in the comments below to help others in the community here at Tea Journey.

April 4, 2016

Irresistible Tea Fundraiser for George Brown College Scholarships and Nanny Angel Network on April 10

  I was contacted over the weekend by some lovely ladies about "TEAlightful".  Their e-mail  touched me that all the proceeds go to both George Brown College Scholarships and the Nanny Angel Network.  I love it when people give back to those around them.

Irresistible Tea Fundraiser for George Brown College  and Nanny Angel Network on April 10 First of there are two sessions : 10am till 12:30pm  and 1:30pm till 4pm.  Attendees have a wide arrange of things to check out! There will be plenty of tea and food samples, but also some workshops, tea leaf readings, photo booth, live entertainment, raffle and more.

   You must be wondering what is planned during the event. First of there are two sessions : 10am till 12:30pm  and 1:30pm till 4pm.  Attendees have a wide arrange of things to check out! There will be plenty of tea and food samples, but also some workshops, tea leaf readings, photo booth, live entertainment, raffle and more.
   This group responsible for this fun filled are in their last year of the George Brown College Special Events Planning Program. Props to these lovely ladies and their selfless efforts to promote tea through their final project!
   I put together this post to promote their event as I believe in their cause and also wanted to support them as a George Brown College Alumni. Much love ladies and to all who attend this event.
       For more information check out their website TEAlightful , twitter or instagram.

March 29, 2016

Spring Celebrations: Teas being made and festivals around the world

While it may not feel like Spring, luckily we have small subtle clues to give us hope for the warmer weather. Perhaps you saw crocuses peeking out of a garden (or lawn) or just counting your blessings for no more snow. Noticing these small things can make a HUGE difference in your day by just noticing them however small. It is time to start thinking about what teas you will drink this season and which ones to stock up on.  Fresh Spring crops are on the way, let's take a look at some main tea growing areas and what is going on over the next few months for Spring.

Spring Celebrations: Teas being made and festivals around the world | Every tea growing region is beginning to process their specialties. Japan and China are making green teas, Taiwan is making Oolongs and India is making Darjeeling. Different teas are processed throughout the seasons. Learn what ones are coming so you can get your favorite tea this Spring.


    In all the various tea growing regions are gearing up for the first harvest of the year as their plants slowly wake up form their winter hibernation. From now to May we can expect all the first flushes to begin to become available, while others there is a little wait on. 
Currently, the Japanese Cherry Blossoms are beginning to bloom. Many are waiting eagerly as we wait for the best time to view the blossoms  in Japan (and across the world).  In Japanese this  time is called Hanami. The word means Flower viewing, "hana" meaning flower and "mi" meaning to watch or see.  Of course this is exactly what brings people together to admire the blossoms at all times of the day with a packed meal (bento) and sake, or tea.  


Leading up to  the Qingming Festival (Typically April 4 or 5) is when all those extra fresh young leaves are plucked for teas ranging from white to green. During this time, before the festival, the most sought after teas are processed.
   The festival is a time for families to clean out their family tombs and grave sites. Together as a family the cleaning is done which ends with a family tea and , of course, some tea. 


 The big difference between the mainland and Taiwan is that delicious Oolongs are being processed (#yumm)! Most of the greener Oolongs are on their way, such as Four Springs, Ali shan and Bao Zhong.  The first flushes are all processed from March to April, with time for family in between. Being so close to China it is no surprise that Taiwan also observed "Tomb Sweeping Day" which is known as Qingming Festival.  


The Holi Festival is long over and first flushes are almost finished. These teas were picked from around mid-March until about the second week of May. These leaves are typically used for Darjeeling, which is known for its light body that is often compared to champagne and Taiwanese Oolongs. 

With so many teas to choose from pick out an old favorite from your stash to celebrate the spring season (and fresh teas to come).  In the comments below share which Spring harvested tea your are eager for.

March 14, 2016

Unplugged: 6 Self-help Books for Spiritually Present Life

Unplugged: 6 Self-help Books for Spiritually Present Life ||  Books to get you spiritually focused on the present today. Be present for your tea, life, or just because you are the Spirit Junkie that you are. Rock your world. || Gabrielle Bernstein - May Cause Miracles, Marie Forleo - Make Every Man Want You, Rebecca Campbell - Light is the New Black, Elizabeth Gilbert - Big Magic, A Course in Miracles, Danielle LaPorte - The Desire Map ||
   Sometimes we really need that push to dig deep at what lies beneath the surface. There is so many things that get swept aside as we progress through life that the come back at us as stress which can lead to  anxiety, fear, depression or even an illness.  To work through this jumble of things that have built up the best solution you can do is consult a thought provoking read.
      Who dosen't like a book that provokes change? I have curated a selection of ones that I keep going back to. They are ordered from a read, guide, slight workbook right down to full on out long term spiritual work.
These six books are a great selection of varying types ; from super-deep spiritual life change , then right down to inspiring read.  No matter what your preference there is something for everyone no matter where you are in this moment.

Light is the  New Black by Rebbecca Campbell

  If you are looking for something lightly woo woo (spiritual with no preset religious views) this is a great read. Each section is only about 2-5 pages, great for a just before bed (or before you start your day) read. There is a little bit of suggested thinking, meditation or journaling but not that heavy. You can make it as deep or as light as you need to in the moment ( you can always go back to it latter). If you have ever wondered where the #lightworker tag came from, it is this book.

Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte

   Part book and part workbook; this is the real deal for changing how you go about your day. Danielle makes you focus on what you want to feel and plan your life around them. If you want to be energized, perhaps you take up a cardio class or make changes to your diet to feel that way. These little changes help you filter out those things that just don't make you feel good. This one is great for any planner girls out there. Create the life you feel amazing in, that way down days (or moments) do not overwhelm you.

May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein

  I adore this guide, there is a small task each day for 40 days. Sometimes its journaling other times its a short meditation ( which can always be as long or short as YOU want). It really opens you up to understanding who you really are and make small changes which can drastically change your life. These little changes range from how you speak to yourself, how you go about your day, your relationship with money, or even those around you. No worries if you miss a day you can just pick back up where you left off. It's a no stress little guide. 

A Course in Miracles

    If you are a fan of either Light is the New Black or any of Gabrielle Bernstein's books, this may be one for you. This is where they got some of their ideas from for their book but elevated to a teacher by  writing their own books. The best way to start is slowly progressing through the student workbook. One lesson a day to make it really simple, latter on progress to reading the "book" and perhaps even progress to reading the teachers guide. It really is a well rounded package for the super Spirit Junkie.

Make Every Man Love You by Marie Forleo

   I have to say this is the best book for anyone looking for a fresh start or "figurine things out". With an open mind it can work for both women and men. The book is a no nonsense guide to a better more present version of you. Marie Forleo is my girl and I love her personality in her videos, which comes through SO well in this book. Try it out and rock out as the goddess you are.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

  This has to be the biggest book out there at this moment with so much buzz. Creativity is something that is in every aspect of our lives whether we realize it or not.  If you have a passion this is a book for you (this being a must for bloggers)!  Elizabeth Gilbert really helps you along through in a tone that makes it feel like she is there with you helping you along. While this is not truly a self-help book for most people, it still is a must read for everyone.

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