New year = thesis

Today I headed out to get OSAP done, but ended up with a number (62) and told to wait till 12. I was really hoping to give the kitchen a wipe down and start cleaning my mini-studio to prepare for classes (school starts on the 8th but my first class is the 10th). Amanda is back today around 1 or 1:30pm-ish, that is including time it takes at Neil-Wyck to get keys etc. I’m really looking forward to seeing what she has done this summer, while I have done a little ,I find it is not enough.
I told my parents yesterday that I’m going to come home Thursday night and stay till Sunday. Perhaps I can get my energy back to work on the large painting. I tried to work on it yesterday but I ended up drinking tea ans stareing at it for 2-4 hours.
When I finnally get OSAP done I think I will document what I have done this summer or maybe the last 8 months.
I get my space on the 11th, hopeing for it to be in the 100 McCaul building. Tonight I need to make a list of stuff I want in my locker and maybe check kiji and craigs list for a cheep (5$-10$) kettle as well (unless my parents have their old one…which pours badly).
I have not decided 100% what materials I’m going to use yet but I have some ideas.
-Oil Paint
-Chinese Ink
Sadly that sounds like all the materials I use. I would love to use ink though, but the decision I would have to make is what surface.
Cathy Daly is haveing a show this month at Birch Liberato. I believe it is on the 12th.
Planing on going. Going to go get something to eat, I’ll post latter.


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