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I have decided to start logging my finds of tea shops and journey as I study tea this morning. I start work at Teaopia and hope that I can help others through their journey through the culture and history surrounding tea.
This is day one of my journey , as it will be preparation for my first day of being totally consumed by tea on a daily basis. I am awaiting a call from the library about “The Story of Tea” and “The Tea Classic”. The first is one which I know my coworkers may have read and the second is more so for myself as it is by my favorite “Immortal” Lu Yu- “The Immortal of Tea”. I hope to read other books as well especially Aaron Fisher’s newest book which I am going to order once I am settled into my new habitat.

Just a bit about myself. I am a recent graduate from OCAD University in Toronto, with a BFA in Fine Arts. Majoring in Drawing and Painting with a minor in Art History. My work recently has been infused with zen which comes from my consumption of tea on a regular basis. I drink more tea than anyone I know offline and often get the “what is that?” asked of me when I am lugging my glass tea tumbler around full of freshly brewed tea from full leaf tea.
Back home I tended to stick with bagged tea , that was till a full leaf tea shop opened in 2005 or 2006. I am good friends with the owner and have struggled to consume each tea she has to offer (currently at over 180 teas when I last visited, there goes my goal). Since my first pot of full leaf tea and my purchase of a bag of sencha, I have not been able to stop myself from trying new varieties and brands.
My tea ware collection has grown over last summer. From a single tea pot I had no knowledge of to having a glass gaiwan, yixing pot, matcha bowl, whisk, tea tray , utensil set etc. It is worrying that I have also turned a small dresser into my “tea chest” which is full of mostly teas and all of my tea ware (what I can fit in there at least).
I shall end this first post here as I wish to enjoy a new discovery of both tea and a shop which I will post more about latter.

Edit: Here is a picture from fall 2010

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