Majesteas: Purveyors of loose tea

Went to my new favorite tea shop in town. It’s quite new.They have a small selection of top grade teas to offer. Many of which I have not seen before. This afternoon I tried their Edinburgh Breakfast, other wise known as Scottish Breakfast. At under $3CDN for a pot of tea which consisted of 3-4 cups I was quite pleased. They have been open for 6 weeks so far according to the employee present today.
My Scottish Breakfast was so wonderful I decided to purchase some. This location only sells 100g of each tea in either a bag or can. I choose the latter as It saves me space and it has two lids (a seal to keep it fresh and a pop off lid).

The place is quite small but very cozy and well designed. I can not see why anyone would want to pass up the opportunity to partake in such a pleasant experience. Or at least come to purchase tea ware at fair prices. My first visit I acquired a Yixing sized glass pot at $14.95 CDN. I have already used it so much that I feel I have gained back its price already through excellently brewed tea. If anyone is in the area of Queen St. East and Pape it is before Shoppers Drug mart on the North side when coming west. Please enjoy a sample once you enter.

950 Queen St. East , Toronto, Ontario

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