Been 4 months

Been working at Teaopia for four whole months now and I have adjusted my consumption of tea and tistanes so that I can enjoy tea when I get home. We actually got a new line of products which ,after some reaserch, make me happy to beable to sell to customers.

Bai Mai specializes in Celedon tecnique. The whole company is fair trade which goes along side with the fair trade trend. Their website says

“The first Bai Mai collection consists of a range of teapots with matching cups. The contemporary designs still reflect the authentic Thai characteristics. The products are made by hand, using the ancient Celadon glazing technique. Bai Mai ceramics uses natural ingredients like wood ash and clay from the rice paddies. It is fired for 10 hours at extreme temperatures, creating the typical crackled effect of the glaze. Bai Mai is Thai for ‘Tree Leaf’ and reflects the natural relationship of the brand with its environment. “

The creamic peices are smooth to the touch and there seems to be no flaws. Although the “Oriental 21” tea pots smell strange. A co-worker described it as a chemical smell. We were inspecting the black version so it could be just that one.
Either way this new line should be on everyones list to check out for this comming holiday season.

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