Tea and Friendship

Ever since I became part of the tea world I have begun to gain new friends. Those who like tea, those who sell tea, those who live for tea etc. Teaopia, Davids Tea, Majesteas, Tsaa, Tao Tea Leaf etc etc etc. People online have become my friends.
There is something about tea that makes us feel cared for. The warmth of a quality Oolong wraps us in a warmth that only can be done with friends. I am going to begin traveling for tea in the comming year.     
     My goal is not only visit Montreal (I wan to do my Masters there) but New York (again), Seattle, San Fransisco and perhaps Hawaii or somewhere else I have not been yet. But the first two are deffinate, even if it is only for a few days I can not wait to be there. If I plan right then perhaps late in the year or in 2012. I hope to be in Taipei, out of North America for the first time before my 30th birthday. I hope that I have a few people to go with me. But I know with all these pase experiences this will become real.

Again…. It’s funny what a little scare and a fire will do to a person. Brach out people. There is alot of tea out there for all of us to experience. Let us share a new cup with a new friend.

Merry Christmas Everyone~

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