Holiday Gift Guide

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     As we are getting closer and closer to December I found it time to inform my readers about this guide. Inside there is a full and complete list of all the new products Teaopia has obtained for your holiday needs. Everything from hostess gifts to teacher gifts and at every price point.  As one of the many employees for this Canadian company I am very proud to help everyone who comes in gift hunting or even looking for a little something for themselves. 

                    I have included images of the new additions to our gift collection, these are but a few of the new pieces we carry.    Starting from the far left we have the Kids Tea Set. This set has an adorable small tea pot with a built in filter and four cups with saucers. I love the fruit design that was chosen to accent them all.  Next, the new Matcha Set.  It comes with raku made chawan (tea bowl) and whisk holder, a 100 pronged bamboo whisk (chasen) , beautifully illustarated instructions and a bamboo scoop (chasaku). I have had the pleasure to meet someone who purchased the set in Alberta, she loves her lattes. Finally, The Hostess Gift. Really great for newbies or seasoned tea drinkers. It has card with instructions, rock sugar, basket infuser and four teas. Marrakesh Mint green tea, Burbon Vanilla black tea, Plum Oolong, and Solie De Provence white tea. 
 The best thing about these three are you can use them anywhere; office, home or even outside. Just add water~ Till next time.

Matcha Set

Hostess Gift

Kids Tea Set

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