New kettle at last!

   A new kettle has been on my list for ages, it took quite some time to find the right one. During a visit to see my parents, My Mom and I went to Canadian Tire as it just re-opened.
    This piece of beautiful craftsmanship was there. Cuisinart made, it glows, stainless steel and programmed temperatures. The keep warm feature is great but I am always startled when it begins to heat up the device once again.
       I am thinking of trying another water test. This time I hope to obtain bamboo charcoal to add along side the others. I have yet to buy spring water for this kettle, currently I am using Brita filtered water. A few of my teas taste a bit cleaner with spring water so I will go purchase another 4L bottle of a local spring water (Muskoka I so far like the best).
         I still would like to get a stone “kettle” and have a flame beneath, my current houseing arrangements do not allow for such. On another note, the charcoal or alcohol I use will be a little dangerous till I have a larger tea space.

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