Yuuki-cha- Order

    Earlier this month I purchased Chanoyu supplies and then I purchased more tea. The two teas I got are Miyazaki Oolong and Kagoshima Black Tea.  I have yet to try the black tea but the Oolong has a light scent of an astringent Darjeeling. After brewing it was a very green leaf. I hope to do a proper tasting latter on. 

    The company gave me a great slip which has all the brewing information on it. I quickly made the tea after opening the box. I also got a red Natsume and a small caddies for matcha. It has a double lid and I am going to use it for my bonryaku temae tray I have set up at all times. At least now that I have the Natsume, I can practice putting matcha in it. I have included a few links to “Tales of Japan” by Kohei in Japan. Sometime in march I have Vol. 1 of Chanoyu handbook, really excited to have a  reference to check at home between classes. Yuuki-cha sells organic Japanese tea and has extensive information on radiation if you wish to read it (Its all safe!) , please support Japan in their time of need.

         Putting matcha in a Natsume                       

   Scooping matcha from a Natsume in Chanoyu

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