small kimono challenge- On going project for spring/summer

Mamechiyo Alice ensemble

1. How did I hear about kimonos& first kitsuke toughts and stuff
2. My dearest kimono item(s)
3. My most used kimono item(s) (not counting jubans, datejimes etc.)
4. My least used kimono item(s)
5. My favourite coordination(s) so far
6. What things I like and what not in kimonos(&why)
7. Kimono confessions. Did you know that… 
8. The massive want-to-buy-list(or in this situation what-I-would-like-to-buy-but-don’t-have-enought-money-or-any-occassion-to-wear-it-list)
9. My biggest fears&wishes what comes to kimonos
10. My biggest inspirations in kimonos 
11. My kimono collection
12. The evolution of my kitsuke
Maybe the biggest challenge will be that I need to put atleast one pic or video in every post…!
From: kirakirakimono

    I am hoping to go through all of these questions over the next while. Kimono is an important part for Chanoyu so instead of posting this to my art blogger I am posting it here. Please look forward to how this progresses. Prosperitea set review is in the works~

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