New books!- The Classic of Tea

       These two books just arrived the other week. I am so excited to have them as part of my expanding tea library. From flipping through them quickly , they look like a much better translation of this historical book. The copy I read back in my first few weeks at Teaopia was much MUCH smaller and very short. This is very extensive full translation of the book I have been wanting for quite sometime. Once I get part way into it, I will report back! Keep an eye out!
        As well the LONG wait for the Prosperitea set tasting will be happening this week. I am long overdue for a small multipul tea tasteing. As well I will be posting about my trip to Tao Tea Leaf and a tasting post on some samples I got from Camillia Sinenssis in Montreal! Exciting kick off towards the third year of Tea Journey!

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