Tea vs stress

Tea has always been my choice for stress relief. Taking moment to enjoy good tea has always be n a true pleasure.
   Clear your mind and think like a Taoist, leave your troubles behind and go with the flow.
   Focusing on something creative while you enjoy your tea. Paint, write or compose.
Here are the key things I do when fighting stress.
1-Ensure you are somewhere quiet so you may focus o n your tea.
2-Make a cup of tea. Pull out your special tea ware to make it special.
3-while it is steeping breath in the aroma of the tea
4-Put on some relaxing tunes
5-sit back and sip. Think of the tea only.
6-keep on brewing!  When you have the time keep on brewing tea.

Keep calm & drink tea.

*drink outside, fresh air always helps
*start a journal that you can work In while you let go
*turn off the lights & light a candle. Great way to ease headaches of life.

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