Keeping things fresh: How to store your Matcha

After spending good money on a match it is nice to know it will stay fresh till you are ready to use it. The easiest way to keep it tasting as it should be very simple and it’s easy to do.

 The trick is to store sealed matcha in the freezer. Although the freezer can be the worst location if the proper preparation is not taken. We do not want our matcha to taste like the various foods in there do we?

   To prevent this, the first thing you will need is a tightly sealed container. This will protect your tea from absorbing smells in the freezer. Thereafter it’s a simple matter of finding a place for it in your freezer. I tend to store mine on the door of a fridge freezer for easy access.
  If you need the tea, make sure you take it out at least 15-20 minutes before so it can adjust back to room temperature. Put the kettle on, it’s tea time!

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