Family Tea: Memories of Lauriam Tea House

A few weeks ago I spent a good amount of time with my favorite family member, My brother. Our parents were away and I proposed that we go for tea for brunch.  Our favorite place to go is Lauriam Tea House in town. It has been open since 2007 and sparked a whole chain reaction for me that resulted in this blog (and a number of other things).
   When we first came here in its first year, I remember Matt looking upset when he got a cup that was a little flowery. Around the same time he was correcting me on which shirts were his from High School, by pointing out what side the buttons were on. It was important to him to have things right.

 This time around about 7 years latter, look at the cup he got! He acted all cool when he got it, but I pointed out how secretly happy He was. We then compared Lauriam to the old tea house that used to be in town over 15 years ago (which closed down). While we had memories with our Grandmother who passed there, we both agreed Lauriam was our top pick.

    What teas did we have? Matt had a Strawberry Fruit blend while I had Formosa Oolong. After a little teasing about his pick and finishing up our lunch we left happy with our memories of the past and of the day.

Lauriam Tea House is located in Bowmanville, Ontario. 

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