The Morning Cure: Feel Awake Now

Waking up any morning can be a struggle, add work into the equation and it can be interesting (life or death). This morning was one of those days. I thought about how I need to change my routine (and make sure there is milk for my breakfast shake).
   For those who are like me ( in their 20s or not :p) our bodies are still trying to decide what is the best time to get up. Late nights, that are actually late mornings. We got picked on by our parents for our “unhealthy” schedule but found freedom once we moved out. Although realistically we came back to square one
Here are some key tips to help get you moving and (the important thing) wake up!

1. Eat something 

    Anything is better than nothing. Find a few foods that you enjoy in the morning and keep them around. It is always a good thing to have foods with some kind of protein content. Today was a Blueberry Greek yogurt and Organic Peanut butter on toast day. Both will give me that extra little bit of energy to keep me going.

2. Have something energizing

   If your diet allows, it always helps to have a caffeinated drink. My fall backs are Matcha, Oolong , and coffee. Each offer something different. Matcha will slowly wake you up and is also easy on your body. Oolong is a calming morning tea, it not only wakes you up but keeps you grounded. Now I can already hear my tea friends comments about coffee. Here is the low down on this drink. It contains magnesium and other vitamins that (for what ever reason) make me feel healthier than taking vitamins. I am unsure why this is but it works for me (for now :p Matcha shakes to come!).
  If you want to try something a little different try out this matcha recipe.

3. Exercise (light or not)

     Working in some of your regular work out ,stretches or Yoga is a perfect way to get your body to wake up. Moving the body warms it up and gets it ready for your day.  I take my yoga classes in the evening so if I am in need of a teacher I quickly go to YouTube. I suggest this following video for light stretches to wake up, Adriene is encouraging and fun.

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