Social Tea: Justea Supports Kenya Farmers

Since High School I have always loved Social Justice and as I got older I now LOVE Social Businesses. Justea located in Vancouver, Canada is one that just touched my heart (much like Global Tea Hut). By helping farmers be self sufficient , create a business of their own and support themselves. My favorite part is the farmers end up with a better wage when they learn how to cut out the middle man. Better wages = better support for their families.

  Farmers traditionally would grow and pick the tea themselves, before bringing it to the factory to become tea bags. Because the unfinished product is not worth the same as the tea bags, the farmers get little for their work.  The big change is what Justea is doing to change that old model. By teaching the farmers how to process the tea themselves, the farmers now obtain earnings for a finished product!


“…Key to any social business is informing the public of the problem you are trying to address.” -Justea, Blog post Karibu (Welcome!)

African Chai was smooth,with sweet notes with a light clove-ginger bite. I drank this after dry brushing and moisturizing, it was the right tea to have for that moment. I was particularly pleased that I did not need anything in it , unlike other chai blends. 

Kenyan Black was very smooth with no astringency and a “baked bread” taste. It was very enjoyable morning tea to have before meditation (or for me it was the Global Meditation for Peace). With an empty stomach you would think that black tea would be too much, but instead it was very soothing. Waking up to this tea was a real treat.

Supporting the community
Is very important to me, it not only spreads happiness but also peace. Justea is a social business that I hope continues to grow as the years go on. I really enjoyed these teas and can not wait to try new ones.

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