Going to Blog Podium 2014 in Toronto : Planning

There was an itch throughout my body but once I clicked that last button it was gone. It was final. No way out. Paid and done. Monday August 4th was a holiday here, but that still meant work had to be done.  For me it meant getting to a sale before it ended, what girl can pass up a sale?
    Blog Podium 2014 , it was finally mine ( a seat I mean). It was a blessing that such an event exists in Toronto once a year. Blog Podium is for Design and lifestyle bloggers to come together. To learn. To grow. To connect. Then most of all create lasting friendships with other bloggers.

There is so much to do before the event, it is a little over whelming. Thankfully I was able to schedule my day for the event through the website. (Full day with all options can be seen here.)

Key talks I am attending:

  •  Tabletop Photography- Object and Food Styling by Giulia Doyle
  •  Bloggers and Brands  by Mara Shapiro (Brazenwoman.com) and Shannoon Acheson (AKA Design)
  • The Entrepreneur Mindset: Finding Success Online and Offline by Scott McGilivray, Monika Hibbs and Jennifer Flores
  • Bloggers and PR Workshop II

  While I look forward to all of these talks and my appointment with Nerd Station for a consultation by Camp Tech. There is so much to do before even waking up that day. Being new to Blog Conferences I am a little nervous but super eager to make the right impression. How am I going to do that? First be myself, but here is some other things that are on my list.

The To-do list: 

  • Pick the right outfit (why not be cute and comfortable)
  • Print new business cards ( Gotta share my new logo!)
  • Get to know other bloggers who are attending ( Tweet me girl! )
  • Decide what is going in my gear bag (and match to outfit)

September is quickly approaching. Preparing is just the first step, next is actually putting my plans into action. So lets get started!

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