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  Welcome to the Digital Table where you are part of a global conversation with tea. Global Tea Hut is a Non-Profit Organization that sends out a sampling of tea, a gift and a special magazine. Everything is brought together by the community to spread thelove of tea, Dao and Zen. Join us the last Wednesday of every month to discuss the current packet from Global Tea Hut.

   This series was created because the message from Global Tea Hut touched me. It is of my own creation and I receive nothing from them ,but good karma of spreading their message and cause . All past posts can be found under “Digital Table” here.

digital table gblobal tea hut august 2014 Kingfisher Jade Tsui Yu Oolong Taiwan Three daughters of taiwan tea

  Summer has been flying by! Thankfully with this months tea I kept cool. It was such a treat to receive this oolong as I found it cooled me off (How about you?). This months tea is the Spring 2014 Kingfisher Jade(Tsui Yu) Ooolong from Ming Jian, Taiwan. This tea is very special! It is one of the three daughters are the most famous varietals that were created around the 1970’s for Taiwan. Who would have known this if it were not for Global Tea Hut! The tree teas are unique to taiwan, no where else can you get these three.

      Which teas are the “Three Daughters”? They are Golden Lilly (Jing Shuan), Kingsfisher Jade (Tsui Yu) and Four Seasons Spring (Si Ji Chun). As King fisher Jade had the same cooling effect as Four Seasons, I am going to guess that Golden Lilly is similar ( I can’t wait for them to send it out).  

     Going back to this months tea, King Fisher Jade, it had a lovely cooling effect on the body. With its smooth taste and floral hints it was just right for unwinding at the end of the day. The flavours of the tea came out very clear when I used the gift that was sent with it. Chinese “Medicine Stones”, they are put in your water container/kettle to soften, purify and remineralize the Water. Truly the perfect addition For any tea lover. 

digital table global tea hut august 2014 kingfisher Jade tsui yu taiwan medicine stones china

 My favourite article is part of the “Eight Bowls” series :The Eight Bowls: Study, Contemplation and Prayer by Shane Marrs. It was just what I needed at that moment. A little reminder of what I have learned through Japanese Tea Ceremony.
    Its little lessons that get taught that are really lessons of life and zen. Through tea we should practice humility, gratitude, forgiveness, and  loving-kindness. Mastery of tea is the mastery of the self, strangely very similar to yoga (okay its self- acceptance but it is close to me). The brewer’s heart is the most important part of tea as it becomes infused into our brew.

      During Japanese Tea Ceremony these key points are the foundations of which you learn. We express humility when we enter the tea room through a low bow. gratitude when we lift or tea bowl in thanks. Every action is a respectful loving action for not only guests but ourselves. Forgiveness when the host forgets the next step or head guest forgets their line (or we forget to slurp at the end). 

   These points mirror in life as well. Especially as we grow up, I turned 27 this year and have found these in many situations. Such as: 

Humility- Admitting to the type of person I was in the past and apologizing to those I hurt

Forgiveness- While I hope others will forgive my past, I am also ready to forgive Theirs.

Gratitude- When a friend pays for dinner or a snack. They always get a thank you and a huge hug! (and I re-pay them latter)

Loving-Kindness – Being there for a friend when they need someone to talk to

    While we hope we all are doing each of these every day though, there are times where we forget. The important thing to do is try our best and hope that we receive it in return.  Practice them in daily life and they will come through in your tea.

Global Tea Hut is a digital community where tea drinkers enjoy the same tea(s) every month across the world. It is subscription based where all the proceeds go towards a non-profit tea center (Tea Sage Hut) in Taiwan that is open to all. For more information on Global Tea Hut and the center please visit them at:

Global Tea Hut

Tea Sage Hut

**All opinions are my own and subscription is paid by me, as a donation to the tea center

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