Friend Tea: Afternoon Tea at the Bowmanville Museum

  Making time to see friends has been at the top of my list (right where it should be).  Wednesday Last week I treated my dear friend James to afternoon tea at the Bowmanville Museum. It was just what we needed from our busy lives of getting ourselves back on track (and taking care of ourselves). Simple, quiet and very elegantly put together.  With its wrapping front veranda  we sat together and drank our tea.

   We recalled the last time we had tea together in such a fashion was quite some time ago. While waiting for a friend to finish volunteering , we sipped some tea happily. Although we looked further back into our childhood. When we were both children we visited the museum. James with his class and participated in tours. 

   Then I came by with class and with my mom. She was part of the Bowmanville Drama Club and from what I could recall we went there to talk to a few people. We often went over and I would explore with Matt around the house.

     When Matt and I were in our early teens we went to the (back then) newly established Afternoon tea. Back then it was one option tea and scones, very simple and elegant. It was nice this time around going with James as we had the standard option and a more elaborate “light lunch” option. It suited us very nicely. 


Bowmanville Museum                                                  
37 Silver Street, Bowmanville, Ontario

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