Jumping in Feet First: Setting Goals for Fall

After a long fun day with a friend who was getting things in order and reaching his goals, its time to set my own.  School is back in session and it is time to take charge by taking advantage of the moment by getting ahead now. 

 Setting goals should always be simple, for this season I chose three main focus areas and then three items for each. It is important to make sure that they are SMART goals for yourself through out you life.  This way you are always achieving something new and continuing to grow.  So let’s jump in!


1. Apply what I learn at Blog Podium  

      There are many little classes to learn from while in Toronto next week. Out of all of them the two I am looking forward to are on working with brands And photography.

2. Start writing an E-book

     While this may be a long term project that will continue on into next year, its starting it that matters most. I promise you tea is involved ii this project.

3. Write a Plan for the future

   Tea Journey has grown a lot over four years and I am determined to make it grow more before its next aniversary. 

Life and Health

1. Drink 8 cups of water a day

      This is a toughie as I never keep track of how much I am drinking in the first place. Thankfully I purchased  Jawbone Up Band (A Must Have!) and am tracking everything through a partner app, Fitness Pal.

2. Walk Over 10,000 Steps a day

    As it cools down I tend to want to curl up under a warm blanket. So for Fall 2014, I’m saving that luxury for my me Time and getting my legs moving. I got my Jawbone Up Bracelet August 26 and I have averaged this amount, the trouble is keeping it that way.

3. Morning Yoga/Meditation

       Who Does long to Stay in bed just a bit longer? I sure do. My goal is to get in to a morning routine of morning yoga (light and easy) and a session of meditation to set the tone for the day (plus I can follow  “May Cause Miracles” by Gabrielle Bernstein ).

Save for..

1. Laptop or desk top computer

  Currently I am using my brothers laptop (he has not touched it since 2012) that I borrowed. The biggest problem right now is deciding if I really need it to be portable or not. Right now I occasionally take the laptop with me around the house, But I want to think long term ( Will I bring it around an apartment? House?). So right now I am saving, thinking, researching options and deciding. 

2. Friends with Benifits Taylor Rose Gold Head Phones

   Have You Seen These Yet? (See them here) When I Saw them I knew I wanted them, Bonus for me Is that I can talk on the phone with the built in microphone. While this is not a need, I hope to save up and teat myself.

3. Emergency Saving

   When I found myself back In my hometown under my parents roof, I vowed to not make the same mistake twice. Currently I am creating two different versions of this, one with my parents (that will be paid back when i move out) and one in my personal savings account. With both of these I am certain that I will be in a better position should I run into a similar problem in the future.

What goals do you have for this fall? Share in the comments below or send out a tweet.


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