Human Element in Tea : Tips for improving your tea

Global Tea Hut meditative mind Human element of tea tips for improving tea

  At the end of July we were discussing an article in Global Tea Hut. In the post we discussed how tea and water is sensitive to humans. Our very thoughts and feelings can get absorbed in and be reflected back at us or even our guests.

   To demonstrate this for yourself gather up a friend or two and take turns brewing tea. The key to this little task is to use the same type of tea leaves and water. This way the only difference is the brewer themselves.  Have everyone take notes on the taste (and feeling) differences between each brew and share  them once everyone has had a turn.

   Was there one that stood out? Perhaps the one that did was brewed by someone who was having a great day or is typically a positive person. The next step to is pin point the one that was the “least liked” or gave you a weird feeling. How was their day? Perhaps they had a bad day at work and they took it unintentionally into the tea room, or perhaps they are super gossipy (nothing bad with that, we all do it).

   From these little experiments you will have noticed the difference of ones mind and feeling can effect your brew. Here are a few points you may try to improve your tea. Keep your tea practice present in your mind and it will help guide you to what you truly want with your tea.

1. Meditate or take a minute or two to center yourself before brewing
2. Try different waters before hand.  Remember Lu Yu said that Spring Water is desired, but there are ways to improve tap water via types of filters. Try a few out and find out what works for you and your tea.
3. Create a set up that invokes a meditative mind. Add some flower buds in a tea cup or use a flat stone under your pot. Incorporate things that work for you, play around till it feels right.

Keep a meditative mind that is in the present and you will see improvement in your tea. Happy Brewing!

Did you try this experiment? What did you find? Share your experiences below!

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