Quotable Life Lessons: Protect your sincerity

    Quotable is a series of little life lessons that can be taken from quotes. Learn about little ways to improve your life, learn more about yourself and find balance. It is a great place to learn a bit about Dao and Zen, without all the jargon. More Quotable Life lessons can be found here.

quotable life lessons buddah protect your sincerity be true to you evil friend tea balance


   There is sadly always a moment in our lives where we realize somone was not as sincere as ourselves.  These people, concisously or not, decive us and use us for their own gain.  It hurts our very core to find out the truth. 
    In todays quotable from Buddha, he teaches us how hurtful these types of people can be. Indirectly he is warning us to be weary of them so that our sincerity is protected from them.

buddah insensere and evil friend wound your mind zen dao china truth tea

  About a month ago I was informed of a few things in the past, that a friend had done. Lies and deceitful words were spoken but the truth was not told by them. A true friend would be upfront and share it with you, even if it hurt. They would offer a shoulder to cry on and open their arms up for a large hug.

      The lesson for today is to hold on to your sincerity and be weary of the “wolf” in sheeps clothing. Hold on to your truth because you know who you are, so bee true to you!

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