3 Morning after Tea Cures

   Have you ever went out with a friend for a drink and woke up feeling under fifty percent? That was me this morning. While I typically will not drink, when I do just one does not sit well. It throws everything around and I have to choose just 1-2 focus things rather than getting my to-do list done. In my books a hangover wastes my time.
   This is where little tea cures come into the picture. They have helped me feel 100% and get things done! Just remember to drink responsibly, start re-hydrating right after your last drink and take an advil before you jump into bed. Starting to re-hydrate early helps a lot, especially when you take an advil to take that edge off. Now on to the little cures for that hangover!

Morning after hangover tea cure chai matcha femminitea honey lemon

1. Traditional Chai Tea
    This little treat is almost a meal in itself. Steep your favorite chai tea in some milk (or substitute) on the stove with a touch of sugar if you want. The tea will energize you and the milk will help hydrate you back to being more grounded. Add some yoga and you have a great duo.

2. Matcha Tea
  Nothing is better than a good bowl of matcha. It sooths the soul and will chase away anything that does not serve you. Take a few moments to meditate before your second (or third and fourth) to bring forward your best self for the day ahead.

3. Raspberry leaf based blend
  This is a personal choice when need another cup of tea latter in the day. I always feel super hydrated from this blend and right back on my feet. This was my choice today. While it did not let me be alert, it did help me naturally get back on my feet through hydration.  My choice of blend is Feminini-Tea from Steeped Tea with its apple pieces and ginger. It is a treat in itself.

Remember to always drink responsibly and never “drink and drive”.


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