20 Things that I am thankful for (and put a smile on my face)

 With Thanksgiving on Monday here in Canada, I felt the need to share a few things I am thankful for. This list of things also brightens my day when I am down and gets me back to my happy self. It suits the season and I hope you too will put together your own list of things you are thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone!

20 Things that I am thankful for. Thanksgiving canada. These things I am grateful for and put a smile on my face

1. Watching Disney Movies
2. Spending cuddle time with Shuuhei
3. Hanging out with friends
5. Drawing and painting
6. Going out for a walk
7. Spending time out with my brother
8. Taking photographs
9. Dreaming of Japan
10. Putting on kimono
11. Playing Japanese games on my PS Vita
12. Drawing with fountain pens
13. Long talks with extended family
14. Smell of home cooked food
15. Touching tea ware
16. Smelling the paper of a new book
17. Smelling the paper of a older book
18.Lighting incense
19.  Hugs from those that care for
20. Hugging back those that I care for

What are you thankful for ?

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