What is “brewing” in your life : November Catch up

As we get closer to the holidays we tend to be all over the place. Taking the time to catch up with family and friends is very important for your health. It gives you a moment of peace and a distraction from all the running around.  So let’s catch up with each other.

What is "brewing" in your life : November Catch up kalidoscope spirit yoga studio bellmanart art portfolio sword ary online japanese gaming blogging exam entrepreneurship certificate

Blogging for a friend’s Yoga studio
  About a week or so ago I was invited to blog for a yoga studio.  Kaleidoscope Spirit is fairly new and it is beginning to feel like my other office (where my co-workers are teachers and students). As of right now I am just compiling info and getting super excited to begin posting, but for now I am getting a feel for the studio as this budding start-up blossoms. 

Welcome to S.A.O (Sword Art Online) !
Everyone needs a few minutes (or longer) to just be a kid again. In a game trade with my brother I got Sword Art Online for leisurely play. It makes me so happy to finally be able to play. The best part I have to say is that it is in Japanese and I get to practice reading and listening as I play. 

Creating a detailed business plan 
 Last week I handed in my final assignment for Entrepreneurship 101, a basic business plan. While I could have stopped there, I found a more detailed outline on byregina. On there it breaks down the plan further with a blog in mind, than it would for a traditional business. Chek it out if you are a fellow blogger as Regina has lots of goodies to share,

Bellman Art on the way
  After a little break and getting everything together, it is on its way.  I have been collaborating with my designer , Bobbi from Ready to Blog Designs ,to get this other project going. With that said I can not wait to share it with you all when its done.

Exam on Friday!
 The end has finally come and it makes me a little sad. I enjoyed Entrepreneurship 101 as we learned about creating our own start-up from the ground up. Even though this class has come to an end I intend on taking more classes for the certificate ( I LOVE to learn new things).

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