Teaware Stories: Red Peony Chinese Tea Pot

Every piece of tea ware we get has a story behind it. We may have just picked it up or given it as a gift. Each one has meaning to us. These stories are beautiful and need to be shared.

Teaware Stories: Red Peony Chinese Tea Pot personal stories katherine bellman OCAD University

 Fall 2009, I was in my final year at OCAD University.  In class we were told of a tradition where the graduating class would go to New York City in the early months of the school year.
    Excitedly I told my parents, but was told I may not be able to go due to finances. I was very heart broken. I took myself out to a tea shop near my school to make things a bit better.
   There I saw this lovely set. I contemplated getting it. It was only on my second day of visiting that I bought it. This peony set was my first tea purchase and it gave me a sense of pride.
   It was quite funny a few hours after my purchase was made, my parents told me I could go on the trip. I then celebrated with many cups of tea brewed in this little pot.
    Now you may wonder where the rest of the set has gone. A few years latter an accident occured with the pitcher. It left me devastated but I substituted it for a glass one. The cups are packed away but I am going to be taking them out , perhaps, on Christmas day.
   Do you have any special “teaware” stories? Share them in the comments below, I can not wait to read them!


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