Single? Plan your Valentine’s Day Night (In or Out ) of Fun

Its almost valentines day and it is also a great time to celebrate the relations around you. Focusing on family and friends lets celebrate being single and put good intentions out there. These intentions, by celebrating the good relationships, you can attract other good things in your life (maybe Mr. Right even).
   Lets make this a day where the rule is to not have pity on yourself for past relationships. Having fun instead is the key. So here are some ideas for your day whether it is a night in or out.

photo via IheartU via photopin

If you are having a day in…

  • Go out ahead of time to get anything you need  (face masks, bath bombs or even new colour of polish, or even all of it)
  • set up flowers to be delivered to you with a little intention or affirmation (maybe “I am loved”)
  • Pick your movies for the day of (You’ve got Mail is my personal favorite, what is yours?)
  • Order in dinner and set up your plate like your at a high end restaurant (you can even light some candles)

If you are going out…

  • Gather up some other single friends and plan a night together
  • Go out to play slots
  • Make a reservation at a restaurant
  • Go to the movies
  • Go out dancing

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