Let’s Create Ritual Days

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   Do you have a list of things you would love to do but never the “time” to do them? I have a little secret that will help you out, it’s called “Ritual Days”. The whole point of these is to intentionally set aside time (no excuses) to do things that make you happy and fulfilled.
  Pick something for every day of the week and make an effort to do them each day. They can be anything, even for achieving a dream while you work. For example if you want to be a musician then set days to play guitar, write lyrics, record or maybe even booking yourself some gigs at local bars. The options are endless. To give you a little inspiration here is my ritual days.

My Ritual Days

Pamper Monday

Mondays tend to be sluggish so a little pampering helps get the week going. This day varies but the staple is a warm bath, face mask , moisturizer and a little massage. If my toe nail polish is chipped then its time for a home pedicure. Its my favorite day as I feel freshed up after, especially when I give myself a shoulder massage.

Creative Tuesday

Setting aside time to to create something new has helped me exercise my right brain thinking. Besides drawing and painting, it gives me time to knit and even decorate my planner. Spending time on creative outlets helps me stay grounded and happy.

Study time Wednesday

One of my favorite  past times is learning, I try to go out of my way to take a class and read reputable books. With any type of learning there needs to be some dedicated time to study. Lately I have been learning what I can about entrepreneurship through a certificate program at the local college  and strengthening skills I already have, such as photography.

Totally Tea Thursday

This is my no excuses day to create a little tea service for myself. Creating time for this allows me to continue practicing what I have already learned and create new set ups. My absolutely favorite part is drinking tea in something other than a mug.

Finish it Friday

With being an aries girl there are projects left half done. My way of solving this issue is this day.  By the end of the day my goal is to have at least one thing done. Since I started this day, I have finished old knitting projects and even organized under my bed (it is a big game changer).

Space Cleansing Saturday

 After a long week a little cleaning is needed before the next starts. I aim to not only clean the physical form of my room but also cleanse it with incense. The spaces that get cleaned are not only my room but also other parts of the house (gotta help out when you live with your parents). It really makes spaces feel roomier and fresh after a good clean.

Sacred Sunday

I love ending the week on a good note, so a good yoga session is definitely needed. Ending the week with a long session of some type of meditation really refreshes the mind. Other than yoga I have also recited mantras (with a mala to count), served tea and read passages from “A Course in Miracles”.  It varies but anything that helps me clear my mind is possible.

Do you have your own Ritual Days? Share them with us in the comments below.  

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