Quotable Life Lesson: You can’t have everything

    Inspiring quotes can provoke you to set intentions and become closer to your truth. Quotable is a series where thought provoking lines from various sources are brought together and lessons can be learned from each one. 

   Tune in to either set your intention for the week and learn more about yourself to get closer to living in your highest truth. All past posts can be found over on the Quotable series page

A few weeks ago, I finally began to sort through my clothes from when I lived in Toronto. With about two and a half garbage bags full it was no wonder I was overwhelmed and “never had anything to wear”. Sunday came and all of it had been sorted through. It felt like a mini episode of what not to wear which left me with about 25% left that I will wear.
    This weeks quote relates to this very idea of living lighter. I had so many clothes but I had no where to put it all. After donating what no longer served me I felt lighter (and my dresser is not stuffed). It’s a very valuable lesson that can be applied to any part of your life. Really think about what is truly serving you and only keep those.
   What kind of spring cleaning are you doing?

PS. Keep an eye out for posts about the last few weeks. With a few excursions over the last week I can not wait to share what happened. This week I have a trip to the Toronto Yoga Conference as well. Please look forward to these posts.

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