Urban Oasis: Toronto Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada Jellyfish

Urban Oasis is a collection of images of spaces in cities where we can take a few moments to connect with nature, find balance and peace. Past posts from the series can be found here.

Last Thursday I took a trip into Toronto with my Mom for the Yoga Conference, but we came a day too early. Rather than turning around we took the chance to spend time at the Aquarium together. We both enjoy photography and nature, so it was perfect for a rainy afternoon. 

   This installment of Urban Oasis is of the Jellyfish area. I love how colourful they can be and the array of types that the local Aquarium has. Let’s look at them!

I hope you feel inspired by these lovely little creatures. They look so much like lace it makes me want to stitch up a lace-Jellyfish plush. How about you?

 If you have not got the chance to visit the Toronto Aquarium or are visiting sometime soon, here it is on a map. Other local attractions include The CN Tower and Rogers Center.

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