Oasis (Tea and Meditation) Room Project: Design and update

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 Around this time last year , while gearing up for Blog Podium 2014, I made a decision to make some  big changes to my room. At the moment I live with my parents and have been making changes to how I see the world (and myself). It felt like I was trapped back in High School and still in my old relationship as my room had not changed while I have. When I won my paint from Para Paints, I  took that as a sign to get started on this project. The “Oasis” room. 

Update (and reflection)

     I took small steps from August last year till July this year. After Shuuhei passed and I took time to grieve, I decided to make the big change.  What held me back before was not knowing how to do it and fear of “making a mistake”.  I faced it as I had nothing to loose but the past that was associated with previous colour of my walls, the memories and all the marks that were there. 

     It took 3 and a half days to finish everything, I started small and then went big (I painted the walls in one go). Its funny how learning something as you go can be fun and the change (around me and inside) was very uplifting. As the past was “repaired” as I used compound and then sanded down, it was like forgiving my past self. What made this feeling true was waking up the next morning feeling energetic. The power that came from the colours (and all my hard work) paid off.  


    When I initially started with this project I wanted a place that felt like a “getaway” and was a place for me to blog. I incorporated things I already owned and tried to be a little thrifty with other things.  To help me pull together this room I kept a photoshop collage of what things I wanted ( or things that were close to what I already had).  The biggest purchase I made during this journey was my meditation table which was $16 and I put some work into it. 

   The reason I kept with things I already owned was because I knew they made me happy and inspired me. Such as my Guwan Yin Statue, which I got on my last day at Teavana, every piece has a story to it. These pieces will come with me when I move, along with the knowledge I gained through this project. 

Oasis room project tea meditation space bedroom workroom blogger desk space gold wood guwanyin lucky cat para paints kate spade quotes ganish

   Next week I am going to show more pictures of my space and the elements that are part of it. I hope I have inspired you and your own space, if I have please share your comments below. I would love to hear from you! Cheers!


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