Quotable Life Lessons: Don’t be a prisoner

    Inspiring quotes can provoke you to set intentions and become closer to your truth. Quotable is a series where thought provoking lines from various sources are brought together and lessons can be learned from each one. 

   Tune in to either set your intention for the week and learn more about yourself to get closer to living in your highest truth. All past posts can be found over on the Quotable series page

        Ever since we passed the age of pure innocence, we constantly are looking for approval from everyone around us.  It is like a nagging feeling that just will not go away.  It can stay with us even till adulthood.  Not only do we seek it from our parents but also our bosses (some times teachers and partners). For me it was my parents throughout University. Every piece the first few years I showed them, but every time it felt half hearted. Now I know this was not their intention but something that I made myself see.
        In my last year (and beyond), I decided to just do things for myself to express how I am in that moment (no mater the subject matter).  By letting go I was eventually able go further. But letting go of the need for approval from others is a struggle, one you need to take one day at a time.
   The most recent struggle is with the mental voice which represents all of you. I ask myself am I making the right choice for a post, this picture or that and even am I the right person to write this?                You have to make the choice to trust your intuition and do it. For me this is writing posts that talk about tea in a different way and trusting that all of you will stick with me.
    Take a chance for the good of being true to yourself. Listen to your intuition. It has your best interest in mind.

    Have you been “prisoner”  to the opinion of others before? Share your story with us in the comments below. Much love everyone.

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