5 Crystals to help you balance your life

Crystals have different vibrations which can help us balance our lives. Their metaphysical and spiritual properties may assist with health and  emotional balances. Pick up a stone and try it out.

    Whether you are looking for something that will help you stay grounded or new way to energize your tea, crystals are a great way to go. The energy vibrations of crystals can assist with many things. While there is no scientific information to back it, but that does not count for the experiences of the many. The only explanation is through quantum physics, which If you are interested in this I would urge you to look more into it.

     On a simplistic level, these stones give off vibrations which work along with the energetic vibrations of our own bodies. This is good as it can improve certain aspects of ourselves just by having them near us. Today I am going to introduce to you my top 5 crystals that you can use to balance out your life, or even add to your kettle for tea.


     This stone can come in a variety of colors, the most commonly found is green. With the color in mind it is no wonder this stone is thought to bring good luck, money, and wealth. Less common ones are aid in decision making,balance out the heart chakra, balance out nerves, and has been known to assist in recalling dreams.  Global Tea Hut sent out a small selection of stones in 2011, which included Jade and Quartz. Adding crystals to your tea is a great way to infuse your tea with other energetic properties.


        I picked this stone up as a child due to its name and my attachment to Pokemon. Today, I feel off balance with out having the stone with me. It’s said properties include aid in fortune-telling with use of intuition, enhancing feminine power, and aid syncing with the moon. It is known as a women’s stone as it resonates strongly with the bodies natural cycle and functions. Try having the stone on you for a few days and take note of how you feel, if you tend to feel floaty this stone should help bring you clarity.

Clear Quartz

       As mentioned before Jade and Quartz were sent by Global Tea Hut to add to our kettles. This is because Clear Quartz is helpful for grounding and balancing any of the bodys chakras. While quartz comes in many colors, clear is the most common out of all of them. It assists in meditation, clearing away negative energy, increases inspiration and healing. It can help with more than I have listed if you “program” the stone, but that is for another day.


    This stone is very important for those who have anxiety or stress related health problems. It is a version of quartz but  for on this list it needed its own spot. It has been also known to help with recalling dreams, assist with sleep, eliminate impatience and promote inner strength. Give your meditation practice a boost and hold it it during your next practice, it has been known to assist in calming the mind for deep meditation.


  This stone is relatively new to me but it has been a great addition to my everyday stones. My first mala had a lovely green adventurine, which I felt helped me communicate and see the big picture. The stone though is also benificial to release any habits that are keeping you from moving forward. This is to help you along your life journey to reach self discovery and strengthen spiritual connection. Just having it near can help break down blockages so that you can proceed towards your lifes purpose.

Like most metaphysical practice or tool, they are not a replacement for help from certified help. Such as, doctor or councelor. They are ment as a secondary tool to be used along side traditional help.
    Which stones do you use? Or which ones are you thinking of useing in your life (or tea)?  I would love to know. Share your thoughts in the comments below with the Tea Journey Community. Love and light.


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