How to overcome setbacks and acheive your goals

Setbacks can happen at a moment’s notice which can be very disheartening, but preparing for them can help you many fold. Earlier this month I found out I have to pay off Student Loan to go to school due to a restriction, it was hard to take in that news. But, I had already planned to work in case there was an issue (plus I got all my fees back).

I never want any of you to have to feel lost and hurt from a set back. To help you be prepared for possible change, here is some steps to help you continue forward.

Set yourself up for life by learning a few steps to overcome setbacks in any part of your life. Achieve your goals and leave doubt behind you.

Come up with back up plans

There are more than one way to complete a task or goal. Dig deep and list them all out, while deciding which is the best of them to use as your other method to get where you want to be. Use the new method to redefine what success looks like if there is a need. For example, my original plan was to start school this September. With the set back I have to wait a year.

Break down your next method down to steps

Brainstorm for a while on what all the steps are to achieve your adjusted method to reach your goal. If some steps need to be broken down further, such as start working, then break them down. Doing so will allow you to see your progress as you finish each item on your list.

Track your progress

Write every step down so you can cross off the ones you have completed. It really gives you a sense of progress and completion as you move forward. But if your goal is something that is quantifiable, then track that. For my goal to pay off my old Student loan, I have created a card to track my savings as well as the balance of the loan each month. This way I can see every step of the way as I cut down the amount one payment at a time.

Celebrate every step forward

This goes for any kind of progress no matter what it is. Even small things such as a phone call or sending out mail should be celebrated as you are just one step closer to achieving your goal. Treat yourself to something perhaps,a hobby you love or perhaps just resting while watching Netflix for a while.

No matter what your goal, I know you can achieve it! Please share your goals in the comments below. Together we can all achieve our goals and better ourselves.


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