Guide to preparing for exams in any part of your life

It may be mid November but it is the best time to begin preparing for end of the year exams or any type of exam. No matter if you are in University, College, High School or taking a class for personal development. These main ideas will make sure you can efficiently prepare and succeed in your efforts. So grab a cup of tea and read on.

Prepare Early

This one is a given but is key to getting far. Take out a calendar and plan out your study sessions leading up to your exam. Two weeks for most is enough but if you need more time then plan for it. If you have any type of exam guide have it ready along with all of your course materials. Gather it all together and set it up in a way that you can study at your desk when you need to. If you are anything like me your room looks like a bomb went off, clean up your space so it is easier to focus.

Fuel Up

There is nothing worse than be hangry while you study. Gather up things that have protein and nutrients to help you work. If you are a smoothie person, use plenty of fruits and leafy greens. Then add a bit off protein to fuel your mind. Keep other snack like things such as nuts on hand to keep yourself full. For drinks that help you think try matcha. It will give you a kick that will gradually kick in and fade out (yey for no jitters!). Also it is a relaxing beverage with L-Theanine which is said to reduce stress and anxiety. But if you are a Java drinker try using maple syrup as a sweetener and almond milk. They are all natural additives that do good for the body. For an extra kick of goodness top it off with cinnamon. It’s good to fight off colds, protects the heart among other things.

Schedule your Breaks

To be the most productive while studying take regular breaks. It helps keep you focused and most productive in your efforts. If you have trouble breaking away use the pomdroido app. It will let a timer run for a bit as you work and a beep will go off when it is time for a break. Take this time to take a walk, watch a bit of a show, knit or anything you wish that is not studying. Once the break is over the app will beep again to signal that it is time to work again. If you like that extra kick while you study then schedule in sessions for your exercise of choice. It will give you the vim and vigor to go back to study and also prime your brain to do so.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Studying late into the night eats into your precious sleep time. Which you need to absorb what you were studying that day. Wash your bedding prior to the weeks leading up to your exam to make sure your rest area is prepared. Stop studying about 30 minutes to an hour before turning in. If you have any trouble sleeping try massaging your feet, according to Chinese acupuncture there are points there that prime the body for rest. Lastly, make sure you are getting at least 7-8 hours of rest. Its that magical number that really lets you rest and absorb that information you were reviewing.

These are the magical four things you need in addition to studying your material, to confidently take your exam. I am also preparing for an exam right now and wish you the best of luck. If you are re-writing your notes or want some more guidance for your study sessions check out these blogs for printables and other information.


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