Happiness (Positivity) box DIY

Give the gift of love and happiness with this positivity box DIY. Gather up supplies for an easy gift you can even put together last minute (we won't tell).

      Everyone needs a little pick me up once in awhile. Having a kit of things to help put you in a better mood is a handy tool for everyone. Whether it is a down day, anxiety, depression or anything else, having somewhere to go to change your outlook is very easy to put together.

As a birthday gift I put one together for a close friend who is Bipolar type II, which means she leans on the depressive side. To help her when she has these moments of feeling down she now has a box filled with a mix of different things to combat it. The box can be created for anyone, especially students going to school this fall.
Putting one together is very simple and can be done very cheaply. Keep your giftee in mind and

1.Decide on a theme or color pallet

Keeping things all similar makes the box that much easier to put together. Keep in mind favorite colors and perhaps even the psychology behind it as well. Blue is seen as much more cheerful than yellow for long periods of time. The latter even causing depression with long exposure. 

2. Ask yourself: What activities or things make your giftee happy?

Some need a good book or a ball of yarn to knit, keep the activities that make them happy in mind as you pick things out. We are striving for a box of things they can do or turn to when they need it. In the case of my friend, it was Hello Kitty themed. The items I included were:

  • Hair clips and a hair brush
  • Cold pack
  • Stickers
  • Notebook
  • Cards for positive memories
  • Candy
  • Post-its
  • Duck tape
  • Portable speaker
  • Writing/drawing tools
  • Confetti
  • Ribbons
  • A few gem stones

3. Decide your budget and stick with it

The value for this project is in the thought behind it. Yours can be capped at 25$ or whatever you feel works for you. 

4. Pick up the contents

Decide on where you want to shop and pick up the items to fill a box, just make sure you save a little bit for the box itself.

Give the gift of love and happiness with this positivity box DIY. Gather up supplies for an easy gift you can even put together last minute (we won't tell).

5. Pick a box that will fit everything

My box was from the local dollar store chain. Any box will do, but if you want it to be a keepsake try to find a box that will stand up to the test of time. Materials such as wood or metal are ideal as they still can be customized with paint or stain. 

6. Take everything out of its packaging to see how it fits in the box

Have your phone camera ready, once you have figured out how they all fit snap a few photos. This will give you a guide to put them all back in latter.

7. Customize the box

While its not necessary, it does give the project that extra touch. Saving things from packaging (such as the Hello Kitty in the lid), are great little additions to personalize the interior (or exterior) of the box. Play around before using glue or any other adhesives, to get things the way you want.
8. Put everything back and gift

Package everything back up and get it ready to be gifted. Feel free to take a small card to explain what the box is and place it on top of the contents or, under a ribbon wrapped around the box.

    It is a very simple DIY that can be gifted for many occasions. Its simplicity is what gives it such an impact when it is gifted (it is from the heart after all).  Change everything to tea things for a fellow tea friend or to soulful things for spirit junkies. Try it out and share your creation in the comments or over Instagram/Twitter. I can not wait to see what you make.  


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