Artist Statements

Reclaiming the body
         My work explores the dynamics behind what a woman is or could become. Gender, the body, science and fashion; all inspire me. Working mainly in Sumi-E ink, which stems from my Thesis work “Reclaiming the Body”. Where I explored different emotions through body language, utilizing fashion and pornographic imagery. 

Stained Silk (Temporary name)
          I have been learning Japanese for over a year and have been taking Japanese Tea Ceremony classes. Both of which I am going to use this year (2012) for my second performance piece. In 2006 as part of a class assignment we made body coverings and had to cross a stage for our “performance”. For my work I focused on my passion for kimono and demonology, resulting in an alter ego I call Yuki and some time Guren (depending on what mood I am in). This persona has all the qualities I wish to have as a person (strength, courage, will and guts) which I peruse on a  daily basis one day at a time.  The work for this year will be focused on the woman’s role in Japanese Tea Ceremony and challenging what is procedure for each temae (particular performance’s each have their own name). As I only know one temae, this will be used in this work which could extend right into summer.


The inside can just be as important as the exterior of the body. Hysteria is the Greek translation of uterus- my subject for this series. The sculptures are a reflection of the past when we knew nothing of the human body, and even less of the female side.  Everything was male dominated and since then we have risen to equality.

These plush pieces depict the good and bad side of having this organ .  Knitting is seen as a woman’s leisurely activity one done only for the family to keep us warm and safe from harm. My pieces instead are kept from us, they maintain an air of softness preserved in frames. Out of reach yet they still teach us what our special organ can do or not do at all.  Pink is feminine by definition, these are play things, toys cuddly plush things are objects of our childhood.  I feel that Women should understand what our bodies can do, what we can choose for it to do, what it might not be at all.