Make a special treat for yourself with Momo Tea Matcha Green Tea Mug Cake Recipe.

Who doesn’t want a snack? When I found my first mug cake recipe I was blown away, but add in matcha and it makes it a Matcha Mug Cake. Since, who doesn’t like matcha? In university, I would use the same ingredients in a rice cooker for a whole cake. Just. For. Me. #guiltypleasures This version is quick and portion sized to be just the right amount for a “healthy” snack that will also go well with a mug of matcha (why not right?).

  The matcha I used for this recipe is Momo Tea’s Momo Usucha, but their Matsu or Take would also do well. The latter two are both great introductory teas to try matcha. I personally like to use a higher grade of matcha for more taste, a vivid green and to make it that little bit extra special. Use whichever works for you and feel free to adjust the sweetness or even omit if you would like.

Make a special treat for yourself with Momo Tea Matcha Green Tea Mug Cake Recipe.

Matcha Green Tea Mug Cake Recipe


3 tbsp All-purpose Flour (or alternative)

1tsp Momo Tea’s Momo Usucha Matcha

2 ½ – 3 tbsp sugar (or alternative)

¼ tsp baking powder

2 tbsp Milk (or alternative)

1 egg

2 tbsp oil

½ tsp Vanilla Extract



  1. Sift and mix all dry ingredients together to prevent lumps.
  2. Add wet ingredients and mix till combined
  3. Grease a mug and pour mix into it
  4. Microwave on high for 90 sec or till cooked.

Make a special treat for yourself with Momo Tea Matcha Green Tea Mug Cake Recipe.

Just a quick note on when you are cooking, keep an eye on it. It can “levitate” out of the mug if it’s not watched. This is because it is basically being steamed by the microwave and because you greased the mug.

Lastly, if you want to add anything extra it’s all up to you. This recipe goes well with fruit, dark chocolate or even white chocolate. The choice is yours.

Have you tried a mug cake recipe before? Share your experience with us in the comments below. 

Momo Matcha Tea was purchased on my own, without sponsorship from the brand. 

Learn 3 ways to understand you inner self . What you need in relationships, what your personality type needs and what your astrology birth chart says about your journey.

Through my Yoga Training, I have learnt more about myself. It meant to go deep but when you begin to confront and understand our inner self. It’s scary. But also enlightening. You discover what you need in all situations (hey even in relationships). You gain confidence as you know who you are beneath all the stories from the past ( or even from the day-to-day interactions). You have clarity and direction.

If you have felt stuck (been there) or felt like you lost yourself (here too), you’re not alone. Going beneath the surface digging can help you remember what you truly need from a friend, in a Career, from Family, or even from a partner. The following are three ways to dig deeper, without letting that awful voice get in the way (looking at you judging Ego). Let loose, let go of expectations. And let’s get to know your inner self.

Understand your  Personality type

16 Personalities Quiz

 Huge fan of Myers Brigg’s personality breakdowns, it’s so legit true! If you have done a personality type quiz before this is one where we are broken down into 16 personality types. Each is represented by acronyms and some groups even came up with “titles” for each type. For example, mine is INFP which is called “The Mediator” over on 16 Personalities.

  This one is a fantastic way to find out more about your strengths and weaknesses for your personality type. Now, take those words with a grain of salt as we are all unique in our journey. But most of all “weaknesses” can become strengths when we put the effort into yourselves with personal development.


Understand your Love Language

5 Love Languages Quiz

  Ever wondered why it’s hard to connect with certain friends, family or even partner? Perhaps its because your love language is different. Earlier this year City Line (Canadian lifestyle show), talked about this topic. We are actually more prone to use the long language that WE NEED towards other people who may need something entirely different.

 This is a fantastic way to build up relationships of all forms by learning the love language that you need and value. And if you send the quiz to your loved ones, you can learn what they need. For example, My highest love languages (which are tied) is Acts of Service and Quality Time.

Understand your Astrology Chart

Full Astrology Birth Chart

 These are basically your “factory settings” when you were born, no influence from the world. Yet, we are still affected by the energies of the world around us. So learning more about your chart is key as the sign you have been looking up in the newspaper (or online) is only a small part of a larger picture! 

   Sign up, it makes life easier for going between the two sections it has on there. The link will take you to getting your birth chart. This will tell you what sign your sun, moon, mercury, mars etc. You will learn what each one is. Now, each planet (or star or the moon) represents something different in our lives. Such as the Moon is our inner self and our emotional needs.

Mine is Cancer which means at the end of the day I need family and I am very concerned with others. My emotions can get the best of me and learn the rhythms of my emotions will help me go forward. To learn more about these different meanings check out Astrology Clubs menu on the right side. Each link to specific planets (the sun or the moon too) will explain that part deeper. On your chart though is an explanation of your character for that portion. Again if you want more info on signs and planet meanings Astrology Club is a great place to start. But always feel free to do a google search such as ” Cancer Moon” or even “Sagittarius Saturn”. 

Astrology Houses

Next step (when you are ready) if to look at your houses. Each one represents part of our lives, Such as our first house (also known as rising sign) is our Persona. Second House is how we are with Finances. and it goes on from there. A simple google search of “astrology houses” will bring up a simple wheel with these parts detailed on it or even go deeper. On the Signs By Stars page go to the left side and scroll down till you see “Rising Sign”. Click that to get your houses (or click here to go to it).

Houses works similar to your chart, in each house you will have a sign. Such as My 6th house, health, is in Jupiter. Which some places say I use unconventional healing and I take my health seriously. I used Astrology Club page on the houses to learn about these meanings (they were the best source for direct language, but also down to earth.


Accepting ourselves means understanding who we are inside and our needs. These are three things that helped me and I hope they help you on your own journey to self-discovery. There is always something new to learn about ourselves, no matter what age we are. Blessings for your decision for looking deeper. Go forward with grace.

Mac book air on desk with brass work imagine and crystals. Pink and spirituality focused.

I have to admit, this is one of my favorite times of the year. Feel free to sing with me, “its the most, wonderful time of the year”. Gotta love that Staples commercial from the 90s. Anyhow it’s finally back to school season, even if you are not a fan there are little ways to make it that bit better. Since leaving school (nooooooo, take me back!), I have fallen in love with the line up that Chapters has on hand. Every. Single. Time. Just take my money. I’m seriously obsessed.

After scoring through their website (certain items may or may not have ended up in my cart),  I put together a spirited back to school mood board for you. Think of it as inspiration to kick a$$ at school and be a BAWSE at the same time.

A quick note before you check out the goods. The bento box is a super fun way to bring your lunch (and save money), Just Bento is a great place for yummy recipes to fill it up with. The Gold pentagon shape thing is a great home for some succulents. Who doesn’t want some greenery in their study space for some extra O (Oxygen)?

Then finally, the book. This had to be the most inspiring book I have read (listened to, thank you audible) this year. If you need a kick in the butt, Lilly will help you get there (with some amazing popular culture references along the way). Listen to this amazing unicorn goddess, read her words or get to know her through her youtube account. You will love her wit and sense of humor. And go back for more.


Gift guide for going back to school or studying. Chapters indigo picks, light blue, pink and violet. Superwoman, Lilly Singh.

//Fitbit Alta HR // Rose Gold Pouch // Takenaka Double Bento Box// Brass “Imagine” Word //

//Celestial Pen Set// Boss babe pens// Celestial Notebook // “Work Hard & Stay Humble” Pencil case//

//Mini Office Tool Kit// Fjallraven Kanken Backpack//

//How to be a Bawse by Lilly Singh // Glass Sphere Terrarium // S’well Waterbottle//

// “Be Fear-less” Print// Celestial “Made of Star Dust” mouse pad//


Is there anything you would add to this list or change? Share in the comments below with a link to the item or even share a mood board of your own.

Get your feet wet with Tea and Food Pairings with friends or at your next party. Simple steps to help you share your passion for tea and expand your tastes.Tea and food pairings can be daunting as the word choice can be seen as too “upscale”.  While in the past that may be true but it allows us to mindfully consider pairing between the beverage (tea) and food.  Kaiseki is a great example of this. The meal originally is a light coursed dining before Japanese Tea Ceremony, and every aspect had to be thought out. This includes textures, flavors and even smells. Every aspect of the five senses was thought of.  Now for a Tea and Food Pairings, you can go to this extent but if you were to have it with friends who may not be that into tea, keep it simple. Explaining the pairings and your reasoning is most important, but using simplicity with help get your passion across (and they will ask, many many questions).

In many places around the world, there is a reason for different pairings. Such as Japan, having wasabi with sushi. Together the wasabi cuts down on the fish smell and also protects the body from harmful bacteria that can cause food poisoning. When it comes to tea, on the other hand, it can help with digestion and also act as an alcohol-free beverage. Wine and tea have similar notes, which makes it best for this.

Get your feet wet with Tea and Food Pairings with friends or at your next party. Simple steps to help you share your passion for tea and expand your tastes.


The other aspect is that, much like wine, you can contrast, compliment or balance out the tastes. Creating an open dialogue amongst your friends will be the most important part of this. We all have different tastes, so if they are not keen on a pairing to ask them what they would suggest. You may be surprised by their answer (and maybe make them into a foodie, and possibly a tea drinker).

Why do I suggest having this experience and including friends outside of tea? The truth is when we get to close to something we miss some of the smaller details or even solely think about the “rules”.  Go ahead and break some with your friends, by doing this your ability to taste tea (and anything else ) will increase. You may even find yourself become a connoisseur (or want to be a tea sommelier) of taste at the end

Choose your selection of Teas

To get started with your tea and food pairing adventure decision of what types of teas you want to try out. A “standard” way is to pick a range of types (white, green, oolong, black, puerh). But you can also broaden out, go with all whites or even puerh if you so fancy. It’s a great chance to break out some teas you have been wanting to share with your friends. In my case, all of them were new to them, so a range of types worked.

In my case, all of them were new to them, so a range of types worked.We ended up having Pai Mu Dan White, Sencha, Tie Kuwan Yin Oolong and Assam Black. Broad selection but I also took into consideration that most do not like the dryness or astringency of the tannins in black tea. After testing, the Assam at work was the best fit.

Research the types of food go well with those teas

Do a quick search on the internet and you will get varying ideas of food ideas. While there are”rules” to pairing,  test our flavors together yourself. It is very “copy- paste” on the internet and it is highly suggested that you get inspiration. But also to test (before your gathering) yourself. For example, I had truffles and was pairing them with matcha one night, which went well. But the matcha truffle was the only one that paired well with the sheng puerh I had the next night. Consider all the flavors in a dish, as part of your pairing.

Get your feet wet with Tea and Food Pairings with friends or at your next party. Simple steps to help you share your passion for tea and expand your tastes.

Try your tea and food pairings

Finally get your friends together and it’s time to eat and drink. Take time to explain about the teas but keep it simple. Your friends are bound to have questions for you during your tasting. Keep an open dialogue so that everyone can voice their opinion.

Food pairing is the adult way to “play with your food”, so have fun with it and try new things. The foods we had were Italian Caprese Tea Sandwiches, Matcha Butter Cookies ( which we did not end up having due to cooking times, so we tried a bit of the olive oil in its place), Watermelon Salad with Mint and Carrot Cake. I kept the recipe choices very summer like to suit the changes in the season and kept my friends tastes in mind.

Get your feet wet with Tea and Food Pairings with friends or at your next party. Simple steps to help you share your passion for tea and expand your tastes.

Tea and food pairing is a great way to introduce your friends to tea in a fun way. Another idea is to have it as a small part of a tasting day with also beer, wine, and cheese. The more things you have to “play” with the more fun you will have in the end. Plus, you will be broadening out your tastes which you can use for tea later on. Win Win.

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Spread joy to your tea stash by using the KonMari method. Get control and only have teas that you love.

A few years ago the KonMari craze blew up social media and also changed many lives in the process by spreading joy.  The process of reducing belongings was innovative (and at times really made you think). Marie Kondo’s book “ The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, was and still is the book to get for making a fresh start and learning how to tidy.

Creating this post with her steps in mind was really fun. I do suggest to start with other categories (clothes, books, and papers) to build up your skill in identifying what brings you joy. Plus, in her book she states to do harder things, later on, this is why I suggest starting with clothes, then books, and then papers. That way you are truly keeping what brings you joy by changing what you have around you. So let’s dive in together to get ‘er done, and spread joy with KonMari.

Evaluate Before starting KonMari

Look at your tea stash right now. How much do you have? Is it an “I have a problem”, “everyone gifts me tea”, or “when did I get all of these”? Or anything similar? It does not matter who you are, tea sommelier, tea fanatic etc. We are all in the same boat and it is time to keep only what brings you joy.       

 What do you want from your teas? Is it diversity? Or do you tend to gravitate towards certain types or varieties of teas? Image the type of lifestyle you want with your teas, draw it out if you have to.  Lastly, what do you want your life to be like with your tea?  

If you are having trouble take a look at Pinterest to get an idea how others structure their life with tea. Make a mood board, walk away for a while. Then narrow it down to about 6-10 images. What is the overall theme? Is it in line with the life you want? Take time to write down your thoughts and dig deep on what you truly want (psst. I may or may not have a teaware KonMari post in the pipeline, so stay tuned!)

Lay them all out

Take out all your teas, all of them. If you miss any consider them void and null (aka give them away), having this thought really makes you get them all together (I found some in a bag for sampling and other random places, so look everywhere). Get them all together in one place, I used my bed. But you can easily lay out a sheet to lay out all your teas on till they are all together. Once you are 100% sure you got them all, then we can move on.

Spread joy to your tea stash by using the KonMari method. Get control and only have teas that you love.

The essence of KonMari- “Does it fill you with joy?”

 If you finished the clothing, books and papers categories, then this will be easy. But if you haven’t you have to really dig deep and use your intuition to check if your heart feels joy from that specific tea. The process is simple: pick up each one individually. Ask yourself ” does this fill me with joy?”. I found that occasionally I needed to smell it ( resist brewing, its hard but the end will be worth it promise!) and occasionally look a the leaves.

       If I notice the smell is off or stale, or the color is off. Then I take that into consideration, based on type (Puerh, of course, changes over time, but I also kept an eye out for red flag mold, thankfully there was none but it is best to check). Repeat the process for every tea, each and every one of them.  

  The ones that don’t bring joy will go in a separate pile, these will be “disposed of” or used in an alternative way (but ONLY if you are truly going to do it). I used some for fertilizer and some got turned into a bath mix with Epson salts. But if you can not decide an alternative use, then dispose of them. The leaves will understand. Simply, before letting them go, thank them out loud for their service to you and all the brews you had together.  

Notice the trends in what brought you joy

    Take a look at what remains for you. My own collection went from a mish-mash of random teas to specific types that were right for the life I want. Now it is narrowed down to Japanese teas, Taiwanese oolongs, special oolongs and Puerh and select herbal teas. It’s much more manageable now to know what I have on hand at any given time. 

Since you now have gone through your teas, now and only now, is when you can organize them. Doing this part last is important as we needed to make sure our collection reflected what’s in our heart and brought us joy.

Spread joy to your tea stash by using the KonMari method. Get control and only have teas that you love.

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