New year = thesis

Today I headed out to get OSAP done, but ended up with a number (62) and told to wait till 12. I was really hoping to give the kitchen a wipe down and start cleaning my mini-studio to prepare for classes (school starts on the 8th but my first class is the 10th). Amanda is back today around 1 or 1:30pm-ish, that is including time it takes at Neil-Wyck to get keys etc. I’m really looking forward to seeing what she has done this summer, while I have done a little ,I find it is not enough.
I told my parents yesterday that I’m going to come home Thursday night and stay till Sunday. Perhaps I can get my energy back to work on the large painting. I tried to work on it yesterday but I ended up drinking tea ans stareing at it for 2-4 hours.
When I finnally get OSAP done I think I will document what I have done this summer or maybe the last 8 months.
I get my space on the 11th, hopeing for it to be in the 100 McCaul building. Tonight I need to make a list of stuff I want in my locker and maybe check kiji and craigs list for a cheep (5$-10$) kettle as well (unless my parents have their old one…which pours badly).
I have not decided 100% what materials I’m going to use yet but I have some ideas.
-Oil Paint
-Chinese Ink
Sadly that sounds like all the materials I use. I would love to use ink though, but the decision I would have to make is what surface.
Cathy Daly is haveing a show this month at Birch Liberato. I believe it is on the 12th.
Planing on going. Going to go get something to eat, I’ll post latter.

Show on till 20st July

Being as this is my first post I thought it was best to mention a show I’m part of:

..and Proud Of It!

Group Show celebrating Pride
Thurs June 25 – July 20 2009
Buyers Preview
Wed June 24 7 – 9 pm
Opening Reception
Thurs June 25 7 – 9 pm

@Aldridge Art Gallery
161 Gerrard Street East,
Toronto ON M5A 2E4
(across from Allan Gardens)

I’ve been busy recently with Summer school. But I have been setting aside a bit of time to work on two peices. One is an Oil painting of Nina Arsenault and the other is a charcoal drawing of my Grandmother from the 50’s or so. The drawing is sopose to help with problems I’ve been faceing with the oil painting of her, a late late christmas gift for my Grandfather.

I hope to work on my large work I started this summer (no image of it yet). But I need to finish the paper for Italian Renaissance and have study material all ready, for my sanity. I had a seizue back in October from stress (I guess) and I’ve been trying to avoid from it happening again.
I need to teach myself how to use my DSLR to use in the studio more. Need to get the Manual from home (Bowmanville) at the end of the month. Will be useful as Thesis is just around that corner.

I’m going to clean now, my room is a mess. My studio has…. books init and papers as you can see. Floors going to need a good sweep and mopping. Going to possibly make a sandwhich and start that now.
Before I go. For posts, I will try to post when I have something to show or say. I might review other shows or write about artists (old and new). We will see how it goes.
Off for dinner , Have a good night!