Spread joy to your tea stash by using the KonMari method. Get control and only have teas that you love.

A few years ago the KonMari craze blew up social media and also changed many lives in the process by spreading joy.  The process of reducing belongings was innovative (and at times really made you think). Marie Kondo’s book “ The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, was and still is the book to get for making a fresh start and learning how to tidy.

Creating this post with her steps in mind was really fun. I do suggest to start with other categories (clothes, books, and papers) to build up your skill in identifying what brings you joy. Plus, in her book she states to do harder things, later on, this is why I suggest starting with clothes, then books, and then papers. That way you are truly keeping what brings you joy by changing what you have around you. So let’s dive in together to get ‘er done, and spread joy with KonMari.

Evaluate Before starting KonMari

Look at your tea stash right now. How much do you have? Is it an “I have a problem”, “everyone gifts me tea”, or “when did I get all of these”? Or anything similar? It does not matter who you are, tea sommelier, tea fanatic etc. We are all in the same boat and it is time to keep only what brings you joy.       

 What do you want from your teas? Is it diversity? Or do you tend to gravitate towards certain types or varieties of teas? Image the type of lifestyle you want with your teas, draw it out if you have to.  Lastly, what do you want your life to be like with your tea?  

If you are having trouble take a look at Pinterest to get an idea how others structure their life with tea. Make a mood board, walk away for a while. Then narrow it down to about 6-10 images. What is the overall theme? Is it in line with the life you want? Take time to write down your thoughts and dig deep on what you truly want (psst. I may or may not have a teaware KonMari post in the pipeline, so stay tuned!)

Lay them all out

Take out all your teas, all of them. If you miss any consider them void and null (aka give them away), having this thought really makes you get them all together (I found some in a bag for sampling and other random places, so look everywhere). Get them all together in one place, I used my bed. But you can easily lay out a sheet to lay out all your teas on till they are all together. Once you are 100% sure you got them all, then we can move on.

Spread joy to your tea stash by using the KonMari method. Get control and only have teas that you love.

The essence of KonMari- “Does it fill you with joy?”

 If you finished the clothing, books and papers categories, then this will be easy. But if you haven’t you have to really dig deep and use your intuition to check if your heart feels joy from that specific tea. The process is simple: pick up each one individually. Ask yourself ” does this fill me with joy?”. I found that occasionally I needed to smell it ( resist brewing, its hard but the end will be worth it promise!) and occasionally look a the leaves.

       If I notice the smell is off or stale, or the color is off. Then I take that into consideration, based on type (Puerh, of course, changes over time, but I also kept an eye out for red flag mold, thankfully there was none but it is best to check). Repeat the process for every tea, each and every one of them.  

  The ones that don’t bring joy will go in a separate pile, these will be “disposed of” or used in an alternative way (but ONLY if you are truly going to do it). I used some for fertilizer and some got turned into a bath mix with Epson salts. But if you can not decide an alternative use, then dispose of them. The leaves will understand. Simply, before letting them go, thank them out loud for their service to you and all the brews you had together.  

Notice the trends in what brought you joy

    Take a look at what remains for you. My own collection went from a mish-mash of random teas to specific types that were right for the life I want. Now it is narrowed down to Japanese teas, Taiwanese oolongs, special oolongs and Puerh and select herbal teas. It’s much more manageable now to know what I have on hand at any given time. 

Since you now have gone through your teas, now and only now, is when you can organize them. Doing this part last is important as we needed to make sure our collection reflected what’s in our heart and brought us joy.

Spread joy to your tea stash by using the KonMari method. Get control and only have teas that you love.

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Celebrate 7th Blog Anniversary.Infuse your life with wisdom from the past with The Soulful Tea Journey Manifesto. Because tea is life and life is a journey.

We got here! I am so ecstatic that with your help we were able to get there.I am very thankful for each and every one of you for being here with me, for every up and down over the years. So many changes have happened over the years to grow Tea Journey to what it is today. To celebrate the Tea Journey manifesto has been updated (wait, what?) but more on that in a second.

After some digging (and investing in both you and Tea Journey), I can finally explain what Tea Journey is about in my heart in two sentences (you know that short line or elevator talk thing). Tea Journey is about infusing life with the wisdom of the past. Using tea, culture, soulful exploration and “magic” to create a life that is a modern take on the past. Magic, aka manifesting and using vibrational energy (think Wu Wei or that crazy powers they use in Chinese fantasy shows/movies or THE FORCE).

I hope you can feel my excitement in putting that out there for you (BRB need more water for my morning tea aka after-ning?).

The Updated Manifesto

Because of this soul discovery (through tea from Global Tea Hut – April 2017 Heavenly Blossom), the manifesto has been changed to Soulful Tea Journey Manifesto. This is because It truly expresses the essence of tea and how it stood in the past and is still now in many hearts. And how the manifesto was thought out. Every sentiment was thought through deeply in consideration of modern life and things that we need right now to be more present (with tea and beyond).

Celebrate 7th Blog Anniversary. Infuse your life with wisdom from the past with The Soulful Tea Journey Manifesto. Because tea is life and life is a journey.

The printable is sized to a standard sheet of printer paper, but as it’s a PDF you have the chance to resize it for where you wish to have it. Click the button below to grab your copy.

Grab the Manifesto


Will you help me out?

I truly hope you enjoy the manifesto what it stands for. Going forward I want to bring more projects to help you, but I need your help. This blog may be written by me but it is for you. I enrolled in a class (copywriting to improve my writing) and to go onto the next part I have a quick-short survey for you.

 These questions are for us to get to know each other better overall and bring content that you are craving. I want us to craft Tea Journey together to spread tea, culture and it’s magic. Click the button below to launch the survey, write as much or little as you want. Every word is anonymous (but if you want me to know it’s you go for it or send me an e-mail to say hi).

I can not thank you enough for being here for the journey this blog has taken. If it has resonated with you, please spread the word by sharing this post with #soulfulteajourney (don’t forget to tag Tea Journey) with your circle. 

Satnam friends.

 Japan has many ways to celebrate the seasons and life. Hinamatsuri is held every March 3rd to wish for the well being of daughters.

      The seasons have changed and I have been building anticipation for spring by following along with Japanese celebrations. The one that passed most recently was Hinamatsuri. It loosely translates to Doll’s Festival. The festival is to wish for the happiness and healthy development of the girls in the household. In homes across the country, displays of dolls were put up for this occasion.

       It is a beautiful little celebration that happens the beginning of March, on the third, every year. A display of these dolls that mimic the old capital’s court, where there is even an Emperor and Empress. The display can be elaborate with entire court and treasures or, simply a little display with just the Emperor and Empress. Just by touching the dolls while setting up, it is believed that any illness and bad luck would then be transferred to the dolls instead.

      During this time it is traditional to give candy to the little girls, Hishimochi is most traditional. It is a three-layered mochi. From the top there is pink which is said to expel evil spirits, white represents purity and, green represents wishes for good health. Some say that the Hishimochi layers actually represent the changes to spring. Sakura flowers are represented by pink, snow by the white and green is grass. 

Japan has many ways to celebrate the seasons and life. Hinamatsuri is held every March 3rd to wish for the well being of daughters.

       How does this celebration effect the tea world? If you were looking through your suggested photos on Instagram perhaps you saw some from Japan during this time. It was common to see various sweets to celebrate. You can see sweets for tea mimicking the two main characters in the dolls. From dry sweets such as higashi and even moist sweets like nerikiri. They are both beautiful and delicious.

      One last point, these displays are only up till March third, that night it is taken down. It is thought that if the dolls are left out on March fourth that the girls would not marry, have misfortune in marriage prospects etc. This is because the number four is considered bad luck.

        Even though this celebration is over, now is a great time to look for a doll display for next year. I am still looking for one and can not wait to show you. I have been wanting to have displays for all of the seasonal festivities in Japan and took the leap this year. Stay tuned for Hanami.

Doing or giving something for yourself is a social taboo but it is a fundamental part of self care. When we do this it has a chain reaction which makes miracles happen around and within us. Check out other reasons why it is so important to everyday life.

     Life passes us by quickly early on in the year (or is it just me?), now is a perfect time to slow down and do something for yourself. It is not selfish, no matter what others say. Giving yourselves the chance to do or get something that just fills us with happiness should not feel bad. We beat ourselves up when we do things for ourselves because others see it as selfish when in reality it helps us through our days.

       It can be something small as sleeping in for a bit longer or even picking up a new book to read. No matter how big or small, it has meaning for our soul. We need to give ourselves something for just being us. A little self-love is something that is not taught, we need to learn how to do it ourselves. It is a simple step towards loving ourselves for who we are and respecting ourselves. Here are a few reasons why you need to remember to be more intentional about treating yourself.

Reminds yourself that you are valuable

There have been studies that say when we treat ourselves with respect, our health improves. Perhaps even you begin to make changes in your diet to fuel it with goodness (sadly chips and pop are not good for us). It makes you have more energy and others will notice that you have made a change.

Shows others you have self-worth

When you have self-worth others treat your better. It boils down to confidence, when we believe in ourselves others do too. But it does not stop there, their belief in you fuels you as well. It’s a never ending cycle, we return it and it flows back to us.

Fill yourself with joy

Happiness radiates out from the heart. Start by treating your soul to something and joy radiates out of you like a light. When we treat our bodies right and are treated how we deserve by those around us: it fills us with so much joy we can not help but share it.

Bring positivity your way

A funny thing happens when we treat ourselves with respect, love, and care. Not only do others change how they treat us but the universe sends us little things as well. Your world can change by changing your mindset. Your future partner can walk into your life, or you will find your direction for your career, make a connection which leads you to your dream job or anything. It can even be as small as finding a lost earring or meeting up with an old friend out of the blue. It can be big or small. Keep an eye out, be open to receive.

          You deserve respect and love but it all starts with yourself. Start small or do something big just for you. My two big things this year are going to Montreal with some friends and moving this blog and/or new laptop (I am using my brothers from 2010 which is like a brick). Those are my big “treats” but I regularly treat myself to sleeping in or cookies with my tea. What works for me may not work for you. Dig deep and decide what you need most.

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In this modern age we are in need of a Tea Journey Manifesto to guide our practice with tea and its lifestyle. Digital Table is about community and everyone coming together for a common cause through tea and the cultures, traditions and history that surrounds it.

     The tea world has been changing so much since I started this blog. Who could have guessed that Matcha and even Puerh would become popular in the health field? Consumers are only being told very few health possibilities, which leaves them extream expectations of the beverage. And even worse, not knowing how to prepare it or a bite of the historical/cultural significance. This change is worrying. Information is being diluted through the noise of online and shared to the extreme. For those of us, such as myself, who strive to honor the tradition, history, and culture of the beverage it causes anxiety.

     I work within the health and wellness field currently, and tea slowly has turned to its original roots as medicine. It gives a small glimmer of hope but still, there is more to learn. We each need to do our part to help turn the tides and direct those around us to the information they need, as a community. This is why I sought out to create a Manifesto. 

    No matter what stage you are at with tea this manifesto is for you. My intention and hopes are that it will guide you. Not only with tea but in life itself. Unlike other manifestos out there, this one was intentionally made imperfect. I am not a perfect person so why should this be any different.

In this modern age we are in need of a Tea Journey Manifesto to guide our practice with tea and its lifestyle. Digital Table is about community and everyone coming together for a common cause through tea and the cultures, traditions and history that surrounds it.

Even still it was created from the soul with a cup of tea in hand (Nomigoro Gyokuro from Maiko Tea to be exact). Tea is life which is a lifestyle in itself. We add it to our lives for health, curiosity, or even for spiritual reasons. And our lives change with the addition of it. That, in a nutshell, is your Tea Journey. It starts with picking up or tasting tea for the first time. And you continue to discover something not only new about tea but yourself and the world around you.


    I hope you will take this manifesto and hang it somewhere to remind yourself about your roots, or if you are just beginning to give yourself that reminder down the road. We all start at the beginning and continue on. We need to also return to that origin or beginning to progress further. That is what is taught in Japanese Tea Ceremony, and my hope is that you will apply it in your life right now (I also have a post on this topic coming out in March). 

Grab the Tea Journey Manifesto 

 Mine now hangs right next to my desk, very close to where I keep my tea set up while at my desk. Where will you keep yours?