Let it out: How Disney’s Frozen can help you be yourself

 This week I finally  took the chance to watch Frozen. What a movie! I walked away feeling so light on me feet and inspired by Elsa.  she is such a strong character that learns to accept who she truly is inside and lives as the real her(no wonder the character is going to be in Once Upon time!).  For the child inside me she made me want to cry and sing. Her song “Let it go” came on and and it touched me how she developed as a woman throughout the film. The reason that Let it go touched me, is that I feel that many women (myself included) hide behind a created version of themselves.  We have a hard time opening You see that possible special someone, but you don’t say anything or worse, stay by their side but never speak up. It hurts and tears us up inside, for too long. 

 Enough was enough, Elsa inspired me so much I decided to make a change.  My goal for myself this year was to be me, and not to worry about what people think( I encourage you to do the same) . Funny enough I had an amusing discussion with my special someone over skype about blogging. He thought they were no biggie and I kept to my guns and tried to let him know how passionate I am about writing here. We laughed about it and , you know what. Latter that night he apologized to me for the talk, just in case he hurt my feelings (aww). None were hurt I told him it was nice to hear someone else’s point of view and talk freely about it.
 The point of this story is that I was true to myself, not what people expect of me.  As long as we do not damage relationships with those around us (this I

is important) It is always best to go this route. It took me almost a decade to be finally true to myself and admit that I should put a relationship aside (Negativity was part of 80% of our discussions, no matter how I tried). It was good timing too as I had become jobless shortly after, I needed the positive vibe (which everyone deserves) from people who lived it.

    What a shift, but now back to you. I want you to look within and compare who you are inside (and the you during “me time”). What small changes can you do to bring that person out? Start with what fells comfortable and do it around those that feel the safest. Slowly then move this trait ( no matter that it is) with you when hanging with others. You have the chance to do something amazing for yourself, you can ignore what people say about the true you. Dance in the mall, sing loudly while on a walk etc. If its you, let it out!

Digital Table: Global Tea Hut May

    Welcome to the Digital Table where you are part of a global conversation with tea. Global Tea Hut is a Non-Profit Organization that sends out a sampling of tea, a gift and a special magazine. Everything is brought together by the community to spread the love of tea, Dao and Zen. Join us the last Wednesday of every month to discuss the current packet from Global Tea Hut.
   This series was created because the message from Global Tea Hut touched me. It is of my own creation and I receive nothing from them ,but good karma of spreading their message and cause . All past posts can be found under “Digital Table” here.

Global Tea Hut has been a regular part of each month since its beginning. It brings people together across the globe under one “roof” over tea and Dao. With the magazines full colour spreads and hand selected tea, it is a blessing. I invite you to join me at the end of every month to join together with Global Tea Hut. Together we will talk at our digital table and sip the tea together!


       This months tea is “Dian Hong” but creatively named “Golden Vajra (Jing Gang Chu) by Global Tea Hut. It is a delightful Autumn Wild Red Tea From 2013. From the article on this tea I felt blessed to know that the plant that this is from was propagated from seed, not a cutting. While sipping away and reading these words it really made me appreciate the extra works that went into this tea. It felt more earthy and alive.
      The tea itself started out smooth and had a light tonic taste, with a hint of lemon. There is no need to add milk to this tea (unless that is your thing),try it as it is and you are in for a special surprise.
           Two articles really stood out for me this month. Water for Tea by Nick Hudis and Tea with Angels by Wu De. Both gave me the feeling that I was with them either traveling to fetch the weeks tea water or learning more about where they travel. Nick took me on a unique trip through Britain to a hidden gem for tea water. It made me want to search harder for my own gem in my area (keeping my fingers crossed).  While Wu De reminded me how tea is not just a beverage but something that cultivates a life with it. Being a tea person for over 6 years (four years online) really helped me develop as a person.  When I first began Tea Journey I was quite a tea snob. I learned about things that I was not yet ready for, like the energy of tea (qi) and things that changed me patience. 


      Tea Journey is heading in a new direction according to my ever evolving values and views on tea. Like Wu De its something to go right into, its hard to write about and must be respected.  My tea practice turned into a lifestyle last year and is ever changing, growing.  To make it deeper I have taken up Yoga to better understand myself , and my tea practice.  I feel that by learning more about myself I will be able to move around the  tea room.
     Most of all I feel that tea must inspire this direction. If I were to send myself to the world tea expo, what would I really learn? It would all be just information, my body and soul would not learn the truth from the leaves at all. What I do know right now, is my tea tells me to slow down and take my time. Use my patience to my advantage  and to make my choices wisely. What ever he future holds for me or Tea Journey only the universe knows, but I will continue to press on and do what feels right.  
     For this months tea I first had it in  a pot, but after I felt the need to have it in a bowl. As all my tea ware is packed up I am working with what I have and what feels right. Simple , clean and pure. Just me, water and leaves. Next week I will be in Montreal so who knows if I will come back with something to help while I am in this transition period. Only the universe knows.

Global Tea Hut is a digital community where tea drinkers enjoy the same tea(s) every month across the world. It is subscription based where all the proceeds go towards a non-profit tea center (Tea Sage Hut) in Taiwan that is open to all. For more information on Global Tea Hut and the center please visit them at:

Global Tea Hut

Tea Sage Hut

**All opinions are my own and subscription is paid by me, as a donation to the tea center

How I found balance and got my life back on track


  I have a confession to make, near the end of last year my contract ended with my last employer. I struggled to find something new and t press on but I was not able to.  Through this I lost sight of my own self, my beliefs, avoided family and even abused my own health. It was very hard for me to tell my parents the news, in the end after a week I told them. I was invited home and offered help to pack. While this did help, It also threw me into a deep depression. It was scary seeing that my whole life of almost 3 years at that apartment packed in to all of those boxes (4 boxes of tea and teaware by the way).  When the last load was put on the truck it was January 1st.  The next day I was asked if I wanted to see how things were in Halifax  and get a job out there.  I said yes, because I felt deeply betrayed by Toronto. I felt like there was no one out there to help me. Things changed fairly quickly out there. I met someone (great timing as I had left a relationship in November) and felt very welcome in Halifax.  While one thing did work out the job did not. I came back home and hung out with my brother for company.

    I still felt the pains from before and new ones as I adjusted (again). One day I decided, I needed to focus on me. I wanted help but on my terms, I opted for a book.The one I choose to read was “Make Every Man Want you” by Marie Forleo. I followed her videos while in Halifax and fell in love with how she is just being her. She helped me remember who I really am, and If you read this book she can help you too. It is “disguised” under the guise of a relationship help book it truly is  a book that helps you reconnect with yourself. She talks about making “is-ness your business” , by focusing on the now and letting go of the past ,as well be that fabulous self you always knew you were inside!

        The second thing I did for myself was taking yoga classes with my mom.  While I was reading MEMWY,  My Mom went twice a week and she looked very relaxed. I went once a week at first and borrowed a mat. Eventually, I bought my own Matt and signed up for  the same schedule as my mom. Not only did I get to spend time with someone I care about but, I also got time to really treat my body right and learn from it. I love that yoga promotes non-judgement of your body and to work with it rather than against. I have not felt this well in quite sometime.  Most recently I have been having traditional chai tea steeped in milk after my classes. It makes a big difference to my yogi day.

     The reason why I shared this with you because maybe you went through something similar. I want you to know you are not alone and we are sisters in life (and tea).  I hope you will take something away from this and make a life that you love.  Together we will accept the past as the past and leave it there. Focus on the now and be the best that we can be.
   These were only my first few steps towards making a life that I love (writing here is also my little peice of heaven).  While I can not do either justice in words, I suggest you try them both out yourself. Create your own life that you love, make it happen. I believe in you!

P.S. June 12  I will be in Toronto at the Royal Ontario Museum for the Lole White Tour. There I will be one of many people joining together to have an unforgettable yoga experience. I will be tweeting (and instagraming) throughout the event, follow me @bellmanart to join me !

*I am sharing this book out of love. I gain nothing from mentioning how amazing the book (and Author) are. All opinions are my own.