7 year blog Anniversary (Free Printable Soulful Tea Journey Manifesto)

Celebrate 7th Blog Anniversary.Infuse your life with wisdom from the past with The Soulful Tea Journey Manifesto. Because tea is life and life is a journey.

We got here! I am so ecstatic that with your help we were able to get there.I am very thankful for each and every one of you for being here with me, for every up and down over the years. So many changes have happened over the years to grow Tea Journey to what it is today. To celebrate the Tea Journey manifesto has been updated (wait, what?) but more on that in a second.

After some digging (and investing in both you and Tea Journey), I can finally explain what Tea Journey is about in my heart in two sentences (you know that short line or elevator talk thing). Tea Journey is about infusing life with the wisdom of the past. Using tea, culture, soulful exploration and “magic” to create a life that is a modern take on the past. Magic, aka manifesting and using vibrational energy (think Wu Wei or that crazy powers they use in Chinese fantasy shows/movies or THE FORCE).

I hope you can feel my excitement in putting that out there for you (BRB need more water for my morning tea aka after-ning?).

The Updated Manifesto

Because of this soul discovery (through tea from Global Tea Hut – April 2017 Heavenly Blossom), the manifesto has been changed to Soulful Tea Journey Manifesto. This is because It truly expresses the essence of tea and how it stood in the past and is still now in many hearts. And how the manifesto was thought out. Every sentiment was thought through deeply in consideration of modern life and things that we need right now to be more present (with tea and beyond).

Celebrate 7th Blog Anniversary. Infuse your life with wisdom from the past with The Soulful Tea Journey Manifesto. Because tea is life and life is a journey.

The printable is sized to a standard sheet of printer paper, but as it’s a PDF you have the chance to resize it for where you wish to have it. Click the button below to grab your copy.

Grab the Manifesto


Will you help me out?

I truly hope you enjoy the manifesto what it stands for. Going forward I want to bring more projects to help you, but I need your help. This blog may be written by me but it is for you. I enrolled in a class (copywriting to improve my writing) and to go onto the next part I have a quick-short survey for you.

 These questions are for us to get to know each other better overall and bring content that you are craving. I want us to craft Tea Journey together to spread tea, culture and it’s magic. Click the button below to launch the survey, write as much or little as you want. Every word is anonymous (but if you want me to know it’s you go for it or send me an e-mail to say hi).

I can not thank you enough for being here for the journey this blog has taken. If it has resonated with you, please spread the word by sharing this post with #soulfulteajourney (don’t forget to tag Tea Journey) with your circle. 

Satnam friends.

How a beginner’s mind will help you grow as a person

Grow by leaps and bounds by adopting a Beginner's Mind. Japanese Tea Ceremony teaches us that it is best to start from one and once we reach 10, to return to one. There is always something to learn by adopting this mindset.

Have you ever done something so many times that you feel that you know it so well? We all have felt that way in some way or form. But we can break this cycle by just changing our mindset and improve each repetition. In Japan having a Beginner’s mind at all points (even after 100th repetition) makes them continue to learn from something they already “know”.

      The term came out of zen which latter became part of Japanese culture as the Tea Ceremony became an important part of life itself. If this singular idea can make a whole country and culture become so proficient in what they do. A student will repeatedly study old and new material even when there is no exam to prepare for. A sushi chef will practice molding rice to place a piece of fish so many times before he has a singular customer of his own. Both will succeed and continue to practice by using a Beginner’s Mindset.  Now image what I can do for you in the different parts of your own life.   

Using it is quite simple, let go of what you think of the task. By doing this, letting go of preconceptions, it allows you to try a task a new and free of restraint. Next, will be to practice or repeat the steps to become proficient. To top it all off each time you do the task repeat from the beginning by having no preconceptions. Every moment you can turn into a chance to learn and grow.



Now when your parents or Grandparents are teaching or telling you something new you can take it and go beyond. You can learn the wisdom they have been trying to pass onto you, and learn it in a way that is easier to comprehend (because we let go of what held us back before, our preconceptions).



Learn job tasks quicker than the others and improve as you go. Every project will be filled with new life. Writing that report or filing those papers will become a new again. Through this method, you may even be ready for some promotions.



Remember that student I mentioned above? You can use the same method to gain higher marks in your classes or even workshops you attend. Repetition with a little of a beginner’s mind will make every task you’re given just that little bit easier.



Finally, you can look at ever new relationship as it truly is, new. Old relationships stay in the past as you focus your new one. Every step you take with them will become new, not “tarnished” by the past.


This technique will take some adjusting to your mindset with will power. If there is a preconception that will not go away try speaking aloud with the thought in mind and say “ I choose to see love instead of this”. Repeat as long as you need to and as often as you wish.


I would love to hear if you have used this method before? Or are you going to test drive it out?

Share your experiences in the comments below or tag me on Social Media.  Namaste.

Crystals for tea: Rose Quartz

       Last year I spoke about different gemstones that are good for the body, but they are also good for your tea water. Water is very sensitive and can take on vibrational energies, the same goes for plants (no wonder we sing and talk to them!).

      If this is new to you check out my previous posts on maifan stones , gemstones and favorite gemstones. They will give you some background, but feel free to stick around to learn more about Rose Quartz (and what it can do for your tea).

Crystals give off vibrational energy that can be used for your tea water (why not?). Add extra dimension to your tea session, read more to find out about this crystal.     It is a pink stone related to the quartz family, along with other such as amethyst and aventurine. This stone in particular can be called a love stone. How perfect is that for the water which makes us our dear tea?

     Its subtle pink color is perfect for featuring in April with with Cherry Blossoms blooming in Japan for spring.  You may be wondering why this precise stone, so let’s get into what it can do for us with tea (and in our day to day life).

Feminine energy

      Think of your mom, or even your grandmother, these people in our lives are just comforting being around them. It makes you feel loved and cared for.

     For women this extra energy is gives us that big hug that makes us feel appreciated for all that we do. For men (we didn’t forget you), it balances out the ying and yang. Giving you that other side that you need (but maybe don’t want to say you need. Shhh we won’t tell anyone) by adding in a little feminine energy to the mix.



  Think of this as instant self-care or affirmations (but in your tea!). A blanket of warmth loving energy comes through in the cup which makes it perfect for end of the day (or grounding a friend who is feeling down).

  I believe that we don’t hear that we are loved enough throughout our lived ( #truth ), and want to feel that warmth. Boil your water with rose quarts in the kettle to give yourself some love. For extra credit, use this tea during your self-care time and feel that love wash over you.



  As mentioned earlier, Rose Quartz is a balancing stone. We need both feminine and masculine energies to feel grounded and balanced throughout our lives. Also, it helps with stress and anxiety (bonus!) just by bringing you into balance.  Infusing your tea water with stones is a simple way to get that in there with no fuss!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone (even to those fur-baby mom’s out there). Only one post this week, so that I can get some cleaning done for my mom (she loves this idea). Welcome to the new Tea Journey, I hope you love it. I can not wait for June 10 (7 Year Blog-versary) to celebrate this milestone with you! Cheers my loves!


What do you think of this stone? Is it too “woo woo” for you? Share in the comments below and spread the love!

Digital Table: Tea Journey Manifesto for living the Tea Lifestyle

In this modern age we are in need of a Tea Journey Manifesto to guide our practice with tea and its lifestyle. Digital Table is about community and everyone coming together for a common cause through tea and the cultures, traditions and history that surrounds it.

     The tea world has been changing so much since I started this blog. Who could have guessed that Matcha and even Puerh would become popular in the health field? Consumers are only being told very few health possibilities, which leaves them extream expectations of the beverage. And even worse, not knowing how to prepare it or a bite of the historical/cultural significance. This change is worrying. Information is being diluted through the noise of online and shared to the extreme. For those of us, such as myself, who strive to honor the tradition, history, and culture of the beverage it causes anxiety.

     I work within the health and wellness field currently, and tea slowly has turned to its original roots as medicine. It gives a small glimmer of hope but still, there is more to learn. We each need to do our part to help turn the tides and direct those around us to the information they need, as a community. This is why I sought out to create a Manifesto. 

    No matter what stage you are at with tea this manifesto is for you. My intention and hopes are that it will guide you. Not only with tea but in life itself. Unlike other manifestos out there, this one was intentionally made imperfect. I am not a perfect person so why should this be any different.

In this modern age we are in need of a Tea Journey Manifesto to guide our practice with tea and its lifestyle. Digital Table is about community and everyone coming together for a common cause through tea and the cultures, traditions and history that surrounds it.

Even still it was created from the soul with a cup of tea in hand (Nomigoro Gyokuro from Maiko Tea to be exact). Tea is life which is a lifestyle in itself. We add it to our lives for health, curiosity, or even for spiritual reasons. And our lives change with the addition of it. That, in a nutshell, is your Tea Journey. It starts with picking up or tasting tea for the first time. And you continue to discover something not only new about tea but yourself and the world around you.


    I hope you will take this manifesto and hang it somewhere to remind yourself about your roots, or if you are just beginning to give yourself that reminder down the road. We all start at the beginning and continue on. We need to also return to that origin or beginning to progress further. That is what is taught in Japanese Tea Ceremony, and my hope is that you will apply it in your life right now (I also have a post on this topic coming out in March). 

Grab the Tea Journey Manifesto 

 Mine now hangs right next to my desk, very close to where I keep my tea set up while at my desk. Where will you keep yours?

Self-care gift guide for Valentines day for everyone

No matter what you call Feburary 14th, this is a gift guide for you. Love, Selfcare and things you can even just treat yourself to. Its all covered in this Valentines (GALentines, SIngle Awareness Day) Gift Guide.

    Valentines day.Galentines Day. Singles Day. No matter what you may call it it can be a good time for all if you have the right mindset from the start. The whole point is to show care for those we care about, but we also should show it to ourselves. As a single girl myself I love treating myself to something for this holiday, but when I was with a special someone I loved to give them something that I hoped they would buy for themselves for their own self-care (or they would get dinner made by me if money was tight). 

No matter what your status is this gift guide is for you. Cue up some romantic movies or series (Currently I am watching an assortment Korean Romance Dramas) and spend time reconnecting with yourself (and your loved ones).

No matter what you call Feburary 14th, this is a gift guide for you. Love, Selfcare and things you can even just treat yourself to. Its all covered in this Valentines (GALentines, SIngle Awareness Day) Gift Guide.

David’s Tea Matcha Maker Mint

Saje Aroma Gem 2.0

Lush Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb

Lush Love Spell Massage Bar

BYoga Everyday BMat – Ocean Green

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein

Starbucks Tiny Hearts Cold Cup 16oz

Tea Ave Happy Cup and Saucer -Ocean

Citizen Tea Matcha Lover Set

Mala Collective Meditate Mala Teal Rudraksha

Sloane Tea Chocolate Truffle TIn

      Now its back to you, what are your plans this comming tuesday (Valentine’s Day, GALentines, Singles Awareness Day etc)? Shout it out in the comments below or share over Instagram/Twitter. Love you~