Teaopia- new job

I have decided to start logging my finds of tea shops and journey as I study tea this morning. I start work at Teaopia and hope that I can help others through their journey through the culture and history surrounding tea.
This is day one of my journey , as it will be preparation for my first day of being totally consumed by tea on a daily basis. I am awaiting a call from the library about “The Story of Tea” and “The Tea Classic”. The first is one which I know my coworkers may have read and the second is more so for myself as it is by my favorite “Immortal” Lu Yu- “The Immortal of Tea”. I hope to read other books as well especially Aaron Fisher’s newest book which I am going to order once I am settled into my new habitat.

Just a bit about myself. I am a recent graduate from OCAD University in Toronto, with a BFA in Fine Arts. Majoring in Drawing and Painting with a minor in Art History. My work recently has been infused with zen which comes from my consumption of tea on a regular basis. I drink more tea than anyone I know offline and often get the “what is that?” asked of me when I am lugging my glass tea tumbler around full of freshly brewed tea from full leaf tea.
Back home I tended to stick with bagged tea , that was till a full leaf tea shop opened in 2005 or 2006. I am good friends with the owner and have struggled to consume each tea she has to offer (currently at over 180 teas when I last visited, there goes my goal). Since my first pot of full leaf tea and my purchase of a bag of sencha, I have not been able to stop myself from trying new varieties and brands.
My tea ware collection has grown over last summer. From a single tea pot I had no knowledge of to having a glass gaiwan, yixing pot, matcha bowl, whisk, tea tray , utensil set etc. It is worrying that I have also turned a small dresser into my “tea chest” which is full of mostly teas and all of my tea ware (what I can fit in there at least).
I shall end this first post here as I wish to enjoy a new discovery of both tea and a shop which I will post more about latter.

Edit: Here is a picture from fall 2010

Ink and Tea

Recently I have been playing with my two favorite things: Ink and Tea. So far I have been just been experimenting but I soon wish to utilize this in a final piece.

In addition I have been trying out different surfaces of which these two can be placed on. Canvas, paper, and cotton fabric. Are so far the ones I have played with.

In addition I hope to make notes here on the different tones each kind of tea creates as well as document my other art or rather art form through Gung Fu Cha (the way of tea or Cha Xi).

I actually picked up a new tea pot resembling an Yixing pot but made out of glass. I am about to enjoy another session of tea before heading out to see friends this evening. I will post more once once I begin my list of tones/colours that the teas I have create.


Final schedule for first semester

After complaining to myself about not haveing time to A: relax B: go to galleries C: go to the refrence library and D: go for my usual long walks which comprise of gallery hopping, I finnally planned out when and where I will be for most of the week.
Sunday is pretty much a day I can choose what to do and Saturday I have time to go for a nice long walk or even go home for lunch then go for a walk.
Tomorrow and Thursday are subject to change but this is my general plan right now.
Trying to save money on food by making it at home as opposed to buying it will help me save money for the New York Trip in the new year. Anyhow, I am going to eat and make a cup of Puerh tea from my Toucha (need to chip a piece off since it’s a tea cake)

Looking at past work

Well I put everything out and looked at it today. I picked out six that will be shown to my faculty advisior, which ever of the two I end up haveing. It is supriseing how much get’s done in such a short time.
I’m kind of hitting a block recently but seeing all of this helped. I am going to do some excesises tonight that Cathy Daley taught me last year. One being writing down everything that comes to mind, riping it up and throwing it out- Purgeing the mind. The other is doing a short drawing per minute for like 15-30 minutes. Then there’s also picking a word and doing drawings related to that. We will see what happens.
I’m currently doing laundry and trying to decide what I believe that Post-Modernism is, for a small 250 word opinion peice. Although I’m trying to think of how to word my Thesis proposal and what I am going to do.
I warned my parents of the NYC trip at the end of October (Oct 29-Nov 1) with my program, Dad was a bit upset (money) and Mom was excited (she wants pictures taken). Money is an issue but we will see how things go.
Looked at the MOMA webpage and it makes me want to go more. Monet’s Waterlilies are showing, back from London I believe. There’s alot of Cezanne, of whom I adore. Picasso’s collages. Kara Walker’s work as well.
Who knows what will happen from now till then though.
I just made some Matcha tea. The cheep stuff leaves a powdery taste in my mouth, I like the can from David’s Tea better. My technique with the whisk is better I must say. I am going to go enjoy the rest of this cup as I now wait for the dryer to be done. Good Night.

Almost end of a long day

Today I attended(attending or waiting more so for the latter) Post-Modern perspective & Art Writing Workshop. Almost at the end of a long week, I look forward to Gongfu Tea session after, in addition to reading required texts. Assignments need to be completed ,or considered and studies need to be done.
Thesis went well. I have to present my past work next week. Although I switched studios, from room 430(100 McCaul) to the 205 Richmond St studio ( there was a $50 deposit for the other room, money I need for food). Because of this my thesis adviser is changing.
I cleaned up my room studio and set out work to photograph for presentation next Thursday. These images will be posted here as well.
I have been reading Sun Tzu’s Art of War in preparation of thesis. It has helped me mentally prepare for the work I want to do.

Class is starting in less than an hour so I will stop here. Wish me luck.