Give the gift of love and happiness with this positivity box DIY. Gather up supplies for an easy gift you can even put together last minute (we won't tell).

      Everyone needs a little pick me up once in awhile. Having a kit of things to help put you in a better mood is a handy tool for everyone. Whether it is a down day, anxiety, depression or anything else, having somewhere to go to change your outlook is very easy to put together.

As a birthday gift I put one together for a close friend who is Bipolar type II, which means she leans on the depressive side. To help her when she has these moments of feeling down she now has a box filled with a mix of different things to combat it. The box can be created for anyone, especially students going to school this fall.
Putting one together is very simple and can be done very cheaply. Keep your giftee in mind and

1.Decide on a theme or color pallet

Keeping things all similar makes the box that much easier to put together. Keep in mind favorite colors and perhaps even the psychology behind it as well. Blue is seen as much more cheerful than yellow for long periods of time. The latter even causing depression with long exposure. 

2. Ask yourself: What activities or things make your giftee happy?

Some need a good book or a ball of yarn to knit, keep the activities that make them happy in mind as you pick things out. We are striving for a box of things they can do or turn to when they need it. In the case of my friend, it was Hello Kitty themed. The items I included were:

  • Hair clips and a hair brush
  • Cold pack
  • Stickers
  • Notebook
  • Cards for positive memories
  • Candy
  • Post-its
  • Duck tape
  • Portable speaker
  • Writing/drawing tools
  • Confetti
  • Ribbons
  • A few gem stones

3. Decide your budget and stick with it

The value for this project is in the thought behind it. Yours can be capped at 25$ or whatever you feel works for you. 

4. Pick up the contents

Decide on where you want to shop and pick up the items to fill a box, just make sure you save a little bit for the box itself.

Give the gift of love and happiness with this positivity box DIY. Gather up supplies for an easy gift you can even put together last minute (we won't tell).

5. Pick a box that will fit everything

My box was from the local dollar store chain. Any box will do, but if you want it to be a keepsake try to find a box that will stand up to the test of time. Materials such as wood or metal are ideal as they still can be customized with paint or stain. 

6. Take everything out of its packaging to see how it fits in the box

Have your phone camera ready, once you have figured out how they all fit snap a few photos. This will give you a guide to put them all back in latter.

7. Customize the box

While its not necessary, it does give the project that extra touch. Saving things from packaging (such as the Hello Kitty in the lid), are great little additions to personalize the interior (or exterior) of the box. Play around before using glue or any other adhesives, to get things the way you want.
8. Put everything back and gift

Package everything back up and get it ready to be gifted. Feel free to take a small card to explain what the box is and place it on top of the contents or, under a ribbon wrapped around the box.

    It is a very simple DIY that can be gifted for many occasions. Its simplicity is what gives it such an impact when it is gifted (it is from the heart after all).  Change everything to tea things for a fellow tea friend or to soulful things for spirit junkies. Try it out and share your creation in the comments or over Instagram/Twitter. I can not wait to see what you make.  

No matter what you call Feburary 14th, this is a gift guide for you. Love, Selfcare and things you can even just treat yourself to. Its all covered in this Valentines (GALentines, SIngle Awareness Day) Gift Guide.

    Valentines day.Galentines Day. Singles Day. No matter what you may call it it can be a good time for all if you have the right mindset from the start. The whole point is to show care for those we care about, but we also should show it to ourselves. As a single girl myself I love treating myself to something for this holiday, but when I was with a special someone I loved to give them something that I hoped they would buy for themselves for their own self-care (or they would get dinner made by me if money was tight). 

No matter what your status is this gift guide is for you. Cue up some romantic movies or series (Currently I am watching an assortment Korean Romance Dramas) and spend time reconnecting with yourself (and your loved ones).

No matter what you call Feburary 14th, this is a gift guide for you. Love, Selfcare and things you can even just treat yourself to. Its all covered in this Valentines (GALentines, SIngle Awareness Day) Gift Guide.

David’s Tea Matcha Maker Mint

Saje Aroma Gem 2.0

Lush Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb

Lush Love Spell Massage Bar

BYoga Everyday BMat – Ocean Green

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein

Starbucks Tiny Hearts Cold Cup 16oz

Tea Ave Happy Cup and Saucer -Ocean

Citizen Tea Matcha Lover Set

Mala Collective Meditate Mala Teal Rudraksha

Sloane Tea Chocolate Truffle TIn

      Now its back to you, what are your plans this comming tuesday (Valentine’s Day, GALentines, Singles Awareness Day etc)? Shout it out in the comments below or share over Instagram/Twitter. Love you~

Create a gift or use up your tea stash with this Tea Bath Salts DIY. A quick and easy self-care gift for your loved ones on Valentines Day or anytime.

     Regularly I get asked about small gift ideas, but when I know they are tea drinkers it is hard for me to suggest new things. Lately, I have been looking at new ways to use up our stashes beyond drinking them. This lead me to this simple DIY that doubles as humble handmade gifts.

      In this tutorial, I used a blend of herbals but you can easily use any tea. Add in some floral if you want it to be aromatherapeutic. I looked up herbals that are not only relaxing but also good for the skin for this blend. It got directly gifted to my Mom right after it was made to brighten her day. But you can just as easily give it as a Birthday gift, Valentines or any kind of occasion.

What you need

Tea (or herbals) 30-60g
4-5 cups Epson salts
20-25 drops of essential oil
Measuring cup
Mixing spoon
Container for storage
Piece of paper or funnel

Create a gift or use up your tea stash with this Tea Bath Salts DIY. A quick and easy self-care gift for your loved ones on Valentines Day or anytime.

What you need to do

1. Add epson salts into the bowl, you may need more depending on the ratio you are looking for. As this was a gift for my Mom to relax with I wanted a decent ratio with a decent scent.

2. Now is the time to make it fancy. Add in your tea. If it is a longer leafed tea you may need to grind it up a bit or use a drain catcher for the bits. Most of all we want it to look pretty, this is why in my mix I have lavender and osmanthus. The third herb is lemon grass which is said to be good for skin. Decide what your focus is and go for it.

Create a gift or use up your tea stash with this Tea Bath Salts DIY. A quick and easy self-care gift for your loved ones on Valentines Day or anytime.

3. Mix it all up thoroughly, now add in your essential oil drops. For this blend to be a bit grounding (let’s be honest I wanted to use it while I read in the bath too) I added clary sage oil to the mix. Mix it once again.

4. Bring out your storage container and roll up your piece of paper for a funnel (or use the one you already have). Scoop your mix into the funnel to fill it up. If it’s a gift a simple ribbon around it will do.

Create a gift or use up your tea stash with this Tea Bath Salts DIY. A quick and easy self-care gift for your loved ones on Valentines Day or anytime.

Notes and Ideas

      Try out green tea, oolong or even black tea for this DIY, but if it’s a blend look up all the ingredients to make sure it will not cause a reaction to your skin. For example, my mom is allergic to ragweed which shares the same family as chamomile. For this reason, I avoided adding it to the blend out of consideration for this allergy.

No matter what, have fun while making this DIY. There are many possibilities just by changing the ingredients. If you discover a mix, share it in the comments or over Instagram/twitter. Sharing is caring.

Year of the Monkey had many ups and downs, but here is the best posts from that year. Best luck in the new Lunar New Year of the Rooster, in your life, tea, spiritual life and that you seek creativity everywhere.

       Happy Lunar New Year! (Gong Hey Fat Choi! ) We are no longer in the year of the mischievous monkey. The year of the rooster is said to bring about change away from the craziness of the monkey (want more info check out Astrostyle for a glimpse into this new year ). Last year sure had its ups and downs. I sure know that I felt the mischievous monkey adding craziness to my own life (I am born in the year of the Rabbit). Tea Journey felt it the most as I was still working through anxiety and depression for the earlier part of the year. But on the bright side it let me re frame how I went about creating posts and the content I wanted to create.

        I have said that I wanted to get right down to the soul of tea many times, and in various ways. It was not till that break that I was able to reframe and find that place where both this blog and I were happy. Over the course of this year there will be changes to Tea Journey but it will be all for the good. For those of you who have noticed the lack of tea on here, it is because of this reframing.
      I truly want to go into the tea lifestyle of sages and modernize it. Many of us tea fanatics just stop short of understanding what lies beyond our cup that we forget about what truly makes it so special for so many around the world. I dearly hope you will stick around and come with me for this journey.

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  What stood out last year (think beyond this blog) for you? No matter that it may be , share it in the comments or over instagram/twitter. Shout it out loud and be proud for the good that has come your way. Many wishes for you to have even more good come to you.

(Free Printable) Reflecting on your goals at regular intervals is important for reaching them. We will give you the questions to answer and why they are important.

     Hello February! New Month of the new year, it is time to reflect on those goals we made. Many of us set goals. Some write them down (pat on yourself on your back if you joined us and wrote them down). Very few check-in and reflect on them at regular intervals. These facts are truth of goal setting, but we are going to make sure you reach those goals. And we got a printable to help you do it. To guide you along here are some questions you need to answer and why their are important to this reflection process.  It is standard printing size, and super easy to resize for a planner or anywhere you want to keep these materials. This printable is available through this link, grab it and lets start checking in.

What goals were you going after last month?

      Right away identify which goals you were going after in the previous month. For example, I wanted to have posts planned out two months ahead, go to the Toronto Tea Festival and save money (new laptop and trip to Montreal). Write it down so you can get clear about what you planned to get done. Add in some smaller goals as well that are easy to complete. Mine was a new headshot and going to the Tea Festival. Easy to do but still should be on your goal sheet.

Where are you at with them?

      Let’s be honest here, setbacks happen. When it comes to goals it is best to be honest about where you are with them. There is no judgement. Look at it and try to identify what problems arose.
I personally noticed a problem with my first goal, it did not state to what extent it was planned out. I have ideas planned out for those two months and some posts written but not everything is done. If you had a similar problem keep that in mind and adjust your goal for the new month ahead.

Were there any unplanned achievements made?

    Look hard at what happened over the course of the past month, everyone has those amazing things that just come to us. Unplanned achievements need to be celebrated. They make us feel good because we completed something that was on our list but not necessarily planned for that month.
I had been putting off picking up iron pills for months now, but I made the decision one day to just do it. While it was a small victory, I am so glad that I have as I feel healthier for it. Lesson is celebrate those accomplishments no matter how small they may seem.

What goals are you going after now?

        Its time to prepare for the month ahead. Start by carrying over goals. They may be multiple month goals or just need a bit more for completion. Drop these in and then decide what new ones you want to add.

For example I am carrying over taking a new headshot but adding a few new ones. These include: taking a taxes prep class (from the New School of Finance, I see you Shannon keep it up), compete a manifesto, quit smoking before 30 (its my mission for 2017) and even some smaller marketing goals.

    A blanket goal I have for 2017 is reaching out more to you guys over social media, in person etc. I have been identified with social anxiety and really want to make the effort to break free (without giving myself an attack). Sundays Tea Festival was a bit much all at once, but I am proud of myself for identifying that I needed space to ground myself again.

    Take steps your yourself this month. I know you too can reach your goals this year (or any year). Be honest with yourself but face your fears where ever you can. I am rooting for each and everyone of you.

      Share your progress through the comments, twitter or instagram and tag me. I look forward to seeing the progress you have made and root for you as we go through 2017.