I’m currently working away at a new series of 5×6 inch sumi-e paintings. My current refrence is here, (warning, get your kids away from the computer). Anyhow. I picked up bordercrossings to read the interview with Ghada Amer, who “paints” with emboidery on canvas. Wonderful work. Anyhow I looked up all of the artists mentioned in the interview and then came up with this series. Now lets just see where this goes. I’m slightly worried about reception of my peers and the faculty, but then again I always am. Now I’m going to eat a bit then work some more.

It went well. I showed “IT”, although on my laptop. Really wish I brought the real thing. Paul Sloggett suggested to maybe turn to video or photography for my thesis. I’m really unsure about photography, I’d rather produce something by hand if I can.
On another note the night before I spent time takeing pictures of my work, time wasted in a way, but it will be put to good use. If he did not say show one, then I would of shown my mini slide-show with some real works as well. I will talk to him latter perhaps, I really need to sign up for critique next week.
I really look forward to this weekend to work in my new space. I just need to get my ID authorized since it does not work. That is what needs to be done today. I should be on latter to post the other new images of past work.

Well I put everything out and looked at it today. I picked out six that will be shown to my faculty advisior, which ever of the two I end up haveing. It is supriseing how much get’s done in such a short time.
I’m kind of hitting a block recently but seeing all of this helped. I am going to do some excesises tonight that Cathy Daley taught me last year. One being writing down everything that comes to mind, riping it up and throwing it out- Purgeing the mind. The other is doing a short drawing per minute for like 15-30 minutes. Then there’s also picking a word and doing drawings related to that. We will see what happens.
I’m currently doing laundry and trying to decide what I believe that Post-Modernism is, for a small 250 word opinion peice. Although I’m trying to think of how to word my Thesis proposal and what I am going to do.
I warned my parents of the NYC trip at the end of October (Oct 29-Nov 1) with my program, Dad was a bit upset (money) and Mom was excited (she wants pictures taken). Money is an issue but we will see how things go.
Looked at the MOMA webpage and it makes me want to go more. Monet’s Waterlilies are showing, back from London I believe. There’s alot of Cezanne, of whom I adore. Picasso’s collages. Kara Walker’s work as well.
Who knows what will happen from now till then though.
I just made some Matcha tea. The cheep stuff leaves a powdery taste in my mouth, I like the can from David’s Tea better. My technique with the whisk is better I must say. I am going to go enjoy the rest of this cup as I now wait for the dryer to be done. Good Night.

Today I attended(attending or waiting more so for the latter) Post-Modern perspective & Art Writing Workshop. Almost at the end of a long week, I look forward to Gongfu Tea session after, in addition to reading required texts. Assignments need to be completed ,or considered and studies need to be done.
Thesis went well. I have to present my past work next week. Although I switched studios, from room 430(100 McCaul) to the 205 Richmond St studio ( there was a $50 deposit for the other room, money I need for food). Because of this my thesis adviser is changing.
I cleaned up my room studio and set out work to photograph for presentation next Thursday. These images will be posted here as well.
I have been reading Sun Tzu’s Art of War in preparation of thesis. It has helped me mentally prepare for the work I want to do.

Class is starting in less than an hour so I will stop here. Wish me luck.

Today I headed out to get OSAP done, but ended up with a number (62) and told to wait till 12. I was really hoping to give the kitchen a wipe down and start cleaning my mini-studio to prepare for classes (school starts on the 8th but my first class is the 10th). Amanda is back today around 1 or 1:30pm-ish, that is including time it takes at Neil-Wyck to get keys etc. I’m really looking forward to seeing what she has done this summer, while I have done a little ,I find it is not enough.
I told my parents yesterday that I’m going to come home Thursday night and stay till Sunday. Perhaps I can get my energy back to work on the large painting. I tried to work on it yesterday but I ended up drinking tea ans stareing at it for 2-4 hours.
When I finnally get OSAP done I think I will document what I have done this summer or maybe the last 8 months.
I get my space on the 11th, hopeing for it to be in the 100 McCaul building. Tonight I need to make a list of stuff I want in my locker and maybe check kiji and craigs list for a cheep (5$-10$) kettle as well (unless my parents have their old one…which pours badly).
I have not decided 100% what materials I’m going to use yet but I have some ideas.
-Oil Paint
-Chinese Ink
Sadly that sounds like all the materials I use. I would love to use ink though, but the decision I would have to make is what surface.
Cathy Daly is haveing a show this month at Birch Liberato. I believe it is on the 12th.
Planing on going. Going to go get something to eat, I’ll post latter.