Study time~

You can not really continue into something without first understanding it’s origin and how techniques. It will be a bit to go through all of these Chinese Painting books but in the end it should be worth it. I am also looking into getting a new portable easel that would make it easier for me to tilt the work space back more to utilize watercolours.
I am going to do some warm up exercises after work along side the cleaning that needs to happen in my room/studio.
I applied to The Next Big Thing that is at the same gallery as before last Thursday, hopefully I can hear back from them. I am going to finish a few things before heading off to work. Bye~

Comming to an end

The group show I am part of is soon to come to an end. The last day will be the 12th of March, so this coming Saturday. To all of you who have not come out to see it this will be sadly your last chance.
Although I am working on picking pieces for “THE NEXT BIG THING” which is going to be running though the OCAD U Graduate show in May. If all works out I will have a few pieces in that as well.
Just in case you had difficulty finding the gallery I have placed a map here for you.
Looking forward to hearing any feedback~
The Student Gallery is located at 285 Dundas St. West, just east of Dundas and McCaul. Gallery hours are Wednesday to Saturday, 12 noon to 6 pm.

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Finishing touches and problems

Last night around 11pm I realized that I had forgoten to get one more frame for my series. This morning I went out and got it, wasteing a hole hour that could have been used to finish final touches. Upon hanging the one finished peice, I came home after work to see that my cat had decided to show off by trying to get the peice down.
This image is just after catching him and telling him no. I should beable to finish everything tonight in time to hang it all tommorow. Really excited to see how everyone else did.
Till next time~

Pending show

Figure No. 1
February 16-March 12
The human body is a singular subject that has inspired innumerable creative projects. Five young artists Katherine Bellman, Iris Cho, Faye Darmon, Erin Loree and Sam Singh share their diverse, contemporary takes on the venerated figurative tradition. Viewers can expect a mix of hybrid, metamorphosis, pun and metaphor. Curated by Vanessa Nicholas Aboveground Art Supplies is a proud supporter of the OCADU Student Gallery.