Recollection: Toronto Tea Festival

Tea Guild Board members conversing
by our Fabulous banners I threw together
With images we got permission to use.

   Everything went well this past weekend at the FIRST Toronto Tea Festival. As I am on the Board of Directors and friends with Tao of Tao Tea Leaf, I was running around most of the day helping out where I could. I stayed up late the night before to finish my “Tea Grid” finally. It was very rewarding to see it displayed after the long hours doing each section till finish. The only thing I wish I did was have the ability to bring more work. I had a gut feeling at Deserres while getting frames that I should have grabbed one for “Dream Gate” (A large work I finished late last year) and perhaps had room for “Monkey King” which currently is in my brothers room back home (it was a birthday present for when I had no money to spare… I had a bit for paper then attacked it instead).I am planning to feature larger and/or more diverse works. I did not hear if anyone liked my pot watercolour tea work , Guwan yin or the charcoal drawing. I got great feed back for “Tea Grid”, the two  fashion girls and a bit for “Song Tea Tools”.  Currently from this feedback I have decided to start working on more “Tea Grids”. I am deciding if I should do a small edition of prints from this “Tea Grid”. I would love to have 15-20 on hand.Anyhow, from the experience of finishing “Tea Grid” I am wondering if I should combine the India ink with Sumi-e ink… Perhaps “Mini- Tea Grid 2.0” will be the test.

Art section!

New work and submission deadlines

Over the next little while I have 2 submission deadlines comming up. The first is for an OCAD University Alimni show next spring and the second is a full proposal for Xspace (OCAD U associated gallery). Slightly overwelming how much needs to be done but do-able.

      If any of you follow my Facebook fan page you are aware of the new work sitting around. Tea infused with a but of a watercolourist feel to them, some small meditations on tea and dao. I hope this medative series continues for quite some time. In addition my knitted series is in the planning stages of a continuation. Alot is going on. Updates may only occur once every two weeks unless there is enough to update earlier. I am organizeing my time for my art and Japanese study. Hopefully what I have learned ends up in my work.

Late night- Early morning

Things are due tomorrow. I plan on finishing up little things throughout the day. Artist Statement has gone through alot of revisions, CV is ready, Pricing is set (I think..) and Signage is ready to go. Knitting knitting and knitting whenever I can. The show will slowly come together. 6 pieces at least will be in the show. Small amount which accounts for trial and error.
Once the written work is sent out I can finish my promotional material. Only things right now that are keeping me going is tea, smokes, friends , good food and a walk once a night to have some time to re think things. Looking forward to seeing everyones work up together in the space.
Till tomorrow~

Pending show

Figure No. 1
February 16-March 12
The human body is a singular subject that has inspired innumerable creative projects. Five young artists Katherine Bellman, Iris Cho, Faye Darmon, Erin Loree and Sam Singh share their diverse, contemporary takes on the venerated figurative tradition. Viewers can expect a mix of hybrid, metamorphosis, pun and metaphor. Curated by Vanessa Nicholas Aboveground Art Supplies is a proud supporter of the OCADU Student Gallery.

Working hard

It’s been a long year and the new one bring me a show. In Febuary I am haveing some peices in a group show with other Alumni. Putting things together is on it’s way. I hope to post progress sometime before or after christmas. New place, new work, new year, new job (same one since June), new friends and just a new outlook on life. Things are looking up.
Anyhow, just wanted to update for those of you who follow me as well as for myself to look back on. This is where things will truely start. Wish me luck and help push me forward towards my goal. A masters of fine art, a job at a university, a family to come back to, friends to fall back on and a warm home to keep my little boy safe ( My cat Shuuhei and any children I might have).