#feelgoodblogging Challenge: Just let me do what I love by sharing my gifts

feel good blogging Challenge Just let me do what I love by sharing my gifts katherine bellman entreprenurship

 Today wraps up the 7 day challenge from Alex Beadon and we were given a hard topic to write about. Controversy. All day I was trying to come up with ideas till it hit me, so here we go.
   For the last 10 months I have been told countless times that I should apply to :

  • Walmart
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Teavana (again)
  • Home Depot
  • Metro

There is a trend with all these places, they are not places I want to work at. Maybe if I did not have my support system I would. But I just will not do that to myself. I want to do something that I love. All creatives (really anyone for that matter) should do what makes them happy. I adore helping people but after 6 plus years working in Customer Service, I want to make sure I am truly helping those around me. Not just filling a need.

   There has been a big jump in small businesses the last few years, especially in my age group. If more of us took this route to create something of our own I feel that the world would become a happier place. While this may not be a full-time option for some, it is still something that I strongly suggest you do.

   Last year I decided that It was time to share what I know about anime ,Japanese Culture and Language. By using just a few moments of my time I created an ad and had a student. The money I earned helped me at that time but I also felt like I gave more value. When we were studying Japanese I encouraged her to pop on an anime and we would go through what they were saying. She was able to not only recite back what was said but also learn more about why certain things were done in the Japanese Culture (also with some great work sheets and other fun things.

  This for me shows that anyone can start to make the change to something that they love. You just need to put in the effort and love into it. Its hard work, but well worth it. When ever she smiled during and at the end of class, I felt like I was being paid 20 fold.  

    I propose that we break this trend and start something that we love. Do it on the side and trust me. It never feels like work because YOU love it! To all my entrepreneur friends out here, keep going for your dreams because I know you can do it! I will be right there with you doing what I love and cheering you on all the way!


#feelgoodblogging Challenge: Love can help us heal when we hit rock bottom

I have been meaning to start something new and it came to me, in an e-mail from Alex Beadon. For the next 7 days I am participating in a blogger challenge to help push us beyond our comfort zone. If you would like to join in all the information can be found here at Alex’s page for the challenge.

It happened
In a few months it will be a year. Of what you may be saying to yourself right now. Let me get it out, December 2nd I lost my job due to cut backs. I still remember being asked to come sit with the two owners of the business at 4:30pm, and it all came out. It was my last day and I would be done at 5pm. I did not talk to anyone after I left with exception of a kind gentleman outside a bar, I asked for a smoke after 3 months of quitting. It was only a temporary fix.
    I went to the Reference Library as I was meeting friends in an hour. My emotions at the time slowly bubbled up quickly as I reached the door and I headed for the closest bathroom. I can not remember how long I was in there for. While  I understood the position they were in financially, I felt like I was to blame. I continued to put the fault on myself, till I felt like I had been in there too long. I looked in the mirror and took a deep breath. “Things will work out”. I said to myself and gave a weak smile.

A secret
    Once I was out I tried to distract myself till my friends came. When they did I avoided mentioning the heaviness that was clinging to my very being. On the way home I found it hard to look at the other passengers on the Subway. For some reason I felt like they some how knew what had happened. It felt like such a blessing to get away from them and walk home from the station. I made dinner and curled up on my bed. Shuuhei (my cat) tried to cheer me up but I did not want to do anything,
    Never had I been let go with no prior notice. While in School the shop I was working for was sold, but my job was at least safe. This time I had nothing.
Vulnerable inside
 A few days went by and I had to negotiate with the owners regarding regulations for having employees. It felt like salt on a wound. Things slowly cleared up and I was finally free to decide what to do next. What held me back was that it was December. Not exactly the best time to be looking for a job. Instead for a few days I stayed inside. I did not want to see anyone. It was a few days before I told my room mate and a week or more before I told my family.
  Telling them made me feel like a failure. Again I slipped into a state where nothing felt fulfilling.

Gifts are not always things
  My roommate had talked to one of her clients, there was a sampling position that I could have.The news made everything so much brighter. That day I went out and actually got a few things done such as groceries and getting some much needed fresh air.
   The next weekend I started to work and loved it. I met so many people and was treated with kindness. I felt much healthier for once since “IT” happened.  Then I got a phone call from my dad, he offered to help me move out. Back then it hurt, I had to leave my safe place. I agreed.
  Slowly right past Christmas and into early January, I packed up my life. It was hard, when dad took me home I remember crying the first few nights. The next morning or afternoon I had to get dressed and go with my dad back to Toronto.
Warmth of love
It took sometime to get used to living at home again. I often sat on the couch with my mom to watch TV and hear how her day at work was. I built up a routine. It was broken when I went to Halifax but right after I was so glad to be back. I spent time with my brother watching Marvel movies, playing games and we even went to the mall a few times.
  It took sometime for me to notice but I felt better than I ever did while in Toronto. I was surounded by my family. They knew it was hard on me to loose my job but they helped me realize what I needed most. Love, I needed the love of my family. They helped me heal before I even knew I needed it. I would not be where I am without them. I love everyone one of them.

#feelgoodbloggingchallenge: My Favorite books for motivation, healing and self-love

I have been meaning to start something new and it came to me, in an e-mail from Alex Beadon. For the next 7 days I am participating in a blogger challenge to help push us beyond our comfort zone. If you would like to join in all the information can be found here at Alex’s page for the challenge.

#feelgoodbloggingchallenge: My Favorite books for motivation , healing and self-love Spirit Junkie By Gabrielle Bernstein  May Cause Miracles Make Every Man Want You by Marie Forleo #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso  Own it by Tabatha Coffey

 When things hit rock bottom for me last year it was not till the Spring that I make the conscious choice to heal. I sought out books that would help me go at my own pace and from the comfort of home with family around me.  Self-help books get a really bad reputation for being scary and “make you seem desperate” , but when you embrace them they are a gift that we need once in a while.

   This list is of books I have either read or have read enough (and am still reading) to deem it of good quality to help others too. Most of them should be at your local library where you can get the book with no problems , if buying them is not an option. So let’s now , together, go through the list one item at a time.

Spirit Junkie By Gabrielle Bernstein

   As soon as you begin reading the first few pages you get a feel for who Gabby is. She is a fun loving woman who struggled to heal her own past. To start her own healing she used the book “A Course in Miracles”, this very book is what she refers to throughout. 

   This book reads more as a partner book to May Cause Miracles ( at least to me it seems so). The whole feel (so far) is that our Ego is what fuels our negative thoughts and even brings hurtful past to our minds. By changing our thought pattern by accepting love instead we can begin to heal.

May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein

   If you are like me then a guide book with steps for each day will help wonders (almost at day 20 yey!). Each day for this 40 day guide book you have a morning intention, an afternoon affirmation and an evening task. 

In the morning Gabby has you sitting for one minute meditations but ( if you have time) go longer. Pull up a guided meditation that works for the day and jump into your Ing zone. The afternoon affirmations are great as it reminds you what you are working on, pop a notification on your phone with it and you are good. The evening, I just love this part, each day varies. So far I have done meditations, Ing writing in my journal and even had to say “I love you” to myself in the mirror (three times). When you want to dig deep Gabby is the way to go!

Make Every Man Want You by Marie Forleo

     I mentioned this book before in the spring. I literally could not put it down till I was done (and I even lent it to a friend who I thought needed it). Disguised as a book to help you get a guy, Marie guides you to be a better you and be more present in your life. This was the first book I read out of all the ones on this page. With Marie’s friendly tone to her writing it just makes you feel like a good friend is helping you out (and who doesn’t want to hang with their friends?). I suggest this not only for all you girls out there but the men as well (by the way I think there is a digital copy available).  

   Give yourself the push you need to be more present and authentically you. Get it from the library, its a quick read (you can always go back and take notes or get the workbook online) and give something loving to YOU! (By the way I love you~)

#Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso

  What can I say about this girl? She is the new image of a woman in my books, at least when it comes to entrepreneurship. Sophia build Nasty Gal from nothing on Ebay to a $100 Million plus online fashion retailer. Her story includes hitchhiking, random odd jobs, and trills. Everything build up to who she is. 

   Now when you read this book (especially if you are an entrepreneur ) take notes! There are so much information in the book that could very well help you in your own ventures. Believe me , when I say I am going back through it and taking notes. Become a #girlboss and kick some butt!  

Own it by Tabatha Coffey

   Why did I pick up this book? Not only did it have a woman on the cover that looked like she could take on anything but there was a quote on the back that got me.

 I’m Tabatha. Some call what I do “tough love.” You better belive it is. I have made gown men cry like babies. But they thanked me latter. Why? Because I taught them how to Own It.

 In my book she means business, right away she sets the tone for the whole book. She takes your keys to “Your Life” and you have to earn them back. This really was new to me, but I am still working through the book. She gets you to work on thing like attitude, passion, style, relationships, business etc.
   I have just dipped my feet into this one but I feel it will be a good book to compliment the books by Gabby. Not only will the reader of both be self-loving and present. But also taking charge of their life (it just gives it a good balance)!

#feelgoodblogging Challenge : 10 Things that most people do not know about me

 I have been meaning to start something new and it came to me, in an e-mail from Alex Beadon. For the next 7 days I am participating in a blogger challenge to help push us beyond our comfort zone. If you would like to join in all the information can be found here at Alex’s page for the challenge.

#feelgoodblogging Challenge : 10 Things that most people do not know about me  alex beadon Katherine Bellman

1.I have a pen addiction

      When there are no art stores around Staples and those like it are like a candy store for me. On my desk currently there has to be at least 20 different types of writing gear. At least I am prepared right? With the new fountain pens I have recently aquired, my hands have ink marks all over them. That’s when I can be seen washing my hands like a mad woman right before I go out (especially before yoga).

2. I also have a paper addiction
     Have you ever touched the different types of paper in an art store and you get that “ah” kind of feeling? If you do then you must have the same addiction. Cold press or hot press. Different weights. Cotton or not. Each one is so yummy to me.

3. Not all of my sketchbooks are full
     So, my paper addiction extends to my sketchbooks. This means I tend to get a few new ones each year, I think this year I have bought at least three maybe more. Why do I get so many? First of all I forget about the older one or I grown bored of the paper. The other possibility is maybe I found a sketchbook with a new type of paper that feels and (yup) smells great. If that’s the case then you can find me at the cash very quickly.

4. LOVE antiques (Bonus points for Chinese and Japanese)
      Put me on e-bay , Ichroya or Rikyu Mart and I am one happy girl. I will look endlessly at different pieces and dream about them. If I do buy something, I can not help but smile at the musty smell that comes with some pieces. Over the years I have curated a small collection of different items and I can not wait to have more space to display them all.

5.  I have had two boyfriends to date and two heart breaks to heal
    You may have noticed that I do not talk about this often, instead I may have mentioned them but then changed the topic quickly. Currently, I am single and I am alright with that. After two heart breaks I am focusing on learning more about me because we tend to develop a persona when we are with another person. Learning about yourself is very important when you want to move on from  someone who cheated., lied or lied to others about you (which is what I am trying to heal from). You just need to remember that it was not your fault and to forgive yourself. 

6. I dislike wearing socks inside
  Since I was little I would always take them off, even in the coldest months of the year. There is just something about having them on for longer than 10-20 minutes that just annoys me. On the other hand I can never find a pair. I have bought socks three times this year and they are gone. Is it just me that has this problem or you too?

7. I have three tattoos 
   On my left wrist I have the characters for Wabisabi and on the right wrist I have the characters for WuWei. Both of which are considered also tea terms . Then finally, I have a red pentagram on my back to represent the Chinese elements and my interest in Onmyoudou. Overtop of the back tattoo I am planning on getting the characters Wa, Kei, Sei and Jaku. These are the four principals of Chanoyu (Japanese Tea Ceremony) as taught by Sen no Rikyu. 

8. I enjoy reading up on demonology and fairy tales from other cultures
     For me this is not weird at all. It is totally fun to learn about them as they pop up in anime or even dramas. Each one, for me, represents something that we hide deep inside ourselves. Meaning, perhaps there are no “actual” demons but the dark side of humans. With that it is more of the study of psychology and culture than something weird. By the way my favorite is a Kitsune, a demon fox, which is always a bonus for me when watching anime.

9. I have been learning Japanese for over 5 years straight (and 14 on and off)
  At first it was to understand anime before it was subtitled but it has developed into the need to read Japanese books (and games). My understanding has improved with the structure I have put in place for myself, I even passed the N5 level exam for proficiency (yey!). My goal is to keep on studying as I want to learn not only “normal” Japanese but art and tea specifics as well. If you are studying too let me know and maybe we can set up a skype or hangout to practice together!

10. I love re-watching my shows
   Anime especially, speaking of which I am re-watching Inuyasha again. There is just something about it that makes me do it, also I can do work and not worry about missing an important part.  So basically its my fun background noise. When it is anime, I adore hearing my favorite voice actors performing their craft. and anytime its something Japanese, you can hear me repeat things that are said (why not get a little extra practice in right?). Does anyone else do this too?

#feelgoodblogging Challenge : How to make Bowl Tea

 I have been meaning to start something new and it came to me, in an e-mail from Alex Beadon. For the next 7 days I am participating in a blogger challenge to help push us beyond our comfort zone. If you would like to join in all the information can be found here at Alex’s page for the challenge.

Bowl tea is meant to be simple, taking it right down to the bear bones of tea. This means that all you need is a bowl ( or even a cup), freshly-drawn boiled water and tea leaves. That is all. There is no need for this gadget or that , or even any special tea ware there is out there.
   Why do this at all? By taking it down to its very core it allows you to the element of play and tunes you into listening to the tea. When you are brewing try more water and less tea or any other ratio. This way you will know the way your tea wants to be brewed.

#feelgoodblogging challenge Alex Beadon tutorial how to make bowl tea

A Tea bowl
Freshly-drawn boiled water
Tea Leaves

1. Gather your materials together, and then choose the amount of tea you are going to work with. I encourage you to not use a scale or even something to measure. Listen to your intuition, trust and learn from it.

#feelgoodblogging challenge Alex Beadon tutorial how to make bowl tea

2. Pour water over the leaves, or down the inside of the bowl to make them “dance”. For this portion feel free to play with temperature as well. Again avoid using pre-set temperatures on your kettle if you have it, instead set it to the highest and listen to the water. By listening you will learn the different stages of a boil and how they relate to “real temperature”. But please be careful not to burn yourself.

#feelgoodblogging challenge Alex Beadon tutorial how to make bowl tea

3. Lastly decide when you are going to drink the tea. Personally I like to drink it very slowly but start sipping right away. This way I can taste how the tea develops as it steeps longer.
   This is where the amount of tea you used will come into play. Make mental notes on how it tastes now and then a bit latter (10–30 seconds latter perhaps). Do you like it? Does this represent the tea truthfully? Let your answers guide you for your next bowl of tea.

#feelgoodblogging challenge Alex Beadon tutorial how to make bowl tea