Let’s Create Ritual Days

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   Do you have a list of things you would love to do but never the “time” to do them? I have a little secret that will help you out, it’s called “Ritual Days”. The whole point of these is to intentionally set aside time (no excuses) to do things that make you happy and fulfilled.
  Pick something for every day of the week and make an effort to do them each day. They can be anything, even for achieving a dream while you work. For example if you want to be a musician then set days to play guitar, write lyrics, record or maybe even booking yourself some gigs at local bars. The options are endless. To give you a little inspiration here is my ritual days.

My Ritual Days

Pamper Monday

Mondays tend to be sluggish so a little pampering helps get the week going. This day varies but the staple is a warm bath, face mask , moisturizer and a little massage. If my toe nail polish is chipped then its time for a home pedicure. Its my favorite day as I feel freshed up after, especially when I give myself a shoulder massage.

Creative Tuesday

Setting aside time to to create something new has helped me exercise my right brain thinking. Besides drawing and painting, it gives me time to knit and even decorate my planner. Spending time on creative outlets helps me stay grounded and happy.

Study time Wednesday

One of my favorite  past times is learning, I try to go out of my way to take a class and read reputable books. With any type of learning there needs to be some dedicated time to study. Lately I have been learning what I can about entrepreneurship through a certificate program at the local college  and strengthening skills I already have, such as photography.

Totally Tea Thursday

This is my no excuses day to create a little tea service for myself. Creating time for this allows me to continue practicing what I have already learned and create new set ups. My absolutely favorite part is drinking tea in something other than a mug.

Finish it Friday

With being an aries girl there are projects left half done. My way of solving this issue is this day.  By the end of the day my goal is to have at least one thing done. Since I started this day, I have finished old knitting projects and even organized under my bed (it is a big game changer).

Space Cleansing Saturday

 After a long week a little cleaning is needed before the next starts. I aim to not only clean the physical form of my room but also cleanse it with incense. The spaces that get cleaned are not only my room but also other parts of the house (gotta help out when you live with your parents). It really makes spaces feel roomier and fresh after a good clean.

Sacred Sunday

I love ending the week on a good note, so a good yoga session is definitely needed. Ending the week with a long session of some type of meditation really refreshes the mind. Other than yoga I have also recited mantras (with a mala to count), served tea and read passages from “A Course in Miracles”.  It varies but anything that helps me clear my mind is possible.

Do you have your own Ritual Days? Share them with us in the comments below.  

2015 Goal Planning for your Life + Biz with Love from Leonie Dawson

2015 goal planning create your shining year life biz leonie dawson

Three weeks into 2015, how the time flies. The last little while I was sick and am back to full health last week. The little down time was just what was needed to ring in the new year and get things going (with a little help).
 To start the year right, I ordered “My Shining Year Life + Biz”. This book has been a blessing. It encourages you to review the previous year and set goals for the new one. The absolutely best part is the colorful pages that beg to be filled out (its a little addicting).
  It will be another little bit before I have some concrete goals to share but I wanted to share this book with you all. Last year was amazing but I feel we can step it up and make it even better. Let’s get the most out of this year together and achieve our dreams!

2015 Goal planning is the way to a shining year. Create your shining year with Leonie Dawson's book!

P.S. There is also an e-book version if you want to save a bit of money ( and paper). 

4 years: Where are we going

 It has been four years to the day since Tea Journey began only days after the graduation ceremony for OCAD U. So many things have happened along the way. The joining of art and tea, completion of the Tea Sommelier program, new friends and  new experiences (good and bad). Let us look at how we got here and where we are going with the joining of these two passions.

How We Got here

  2011- First Anniversary – Find the seed


    The first year was a time to begin to find a balance, discovery and getting messy. Both Tea Journey and my art were not sure where they were going. It was the first time we began to see tea in my work (check the link for the second anniversary) and lots of  life lessons. That year we found out that sometimes life wants to throw you out and let you figure out where to go next, like when I lost my first apartment to an electrical fire. The lesson was, you will find your path. It is just a matter of finding the light to it. 

  2012- Second Anniversary -Plant the seed

     While this was only two years ago, look at how one grows as a tea person (and artist). My passion for tea started with simply wanting to try sencha that I had seen many times in my anime (and dramas) from Japan. Who would have known that it started a chain reaction that bleed through into my art as its own medium that stayed for the long run? My art website was born and Tea Journey became my only blog (both tea and art).

 2013- Third Anniversary – let it grow and learn from it

  Last year, I learned first hand many of the tasks that are part of a small tea business. It was a wonderful experience that ended, but it provoked me to realize what I wanted to learn next. It began the quest to learn more about business and all things that go with it. After being buried under many white papers and PDFs, it was hard to know who to listen to.
    It took sometime to learn to focus on one thing at a time. At this point both Tea Journey and Katherine Bellman.com got a little TLC. The chop “logo” was born for my art and my goal for myself (and Tea Journey).  Guren, meaning crimson Lotus. To me this meant rising from the “mud” of non-understanding to above the water and boom (understanding and knowledge). I wanted to grow as a person, artist, writer, blogger, and business owner (my art).

Where are we going

Now its time for new chapter for Tea Journey. Last month was the start of some changes both design and direction. You may have noticed a few things move around, post format changes (look at the photos), colour changes etc.  Over the next few weeks the tweaks will continue, but I will ensure this does not interfere with posting or with navigating (to the best of my ability).  To me this blog is not a journal for me but a place for inspiration and exploration for you. Every tea I write about here deserved its place, every piece of art, DIY, etc everything when the post was created, had its place as part of this “book”. I want to make sure this next chapter is off to a great start.
    With the addition of design changes, the new logo for Tea Journey will be coming over the next few weeks.  This is to follow the new mission for Tea Journey, which is :

TEA JOURNEY IS…From beverage to life, tea inspires us to create a life we love. We want to inspire you to create a simple life that is healthy, happier and loving. All while having tea of course! 

While simple as it is, there is so much that I can share with you. I am very excited to see how this next year develops and where we end up next. This is the start of something new and shiny, so sign up to get updates to your inbox by signing up just to the right.
  There is a fair amount to get done, so keep an eye out. Curious about what goals I have?  Here is a sneak preview of my goals for Tea Journey and my portfolio website:


-re-brand/conceptualize design (Tea Journey and Katherinebellman.com)
– focus on how tea inspires us to create a better life (Tea Journey)
– Share more how to, art progress , inspirational etc
-complete Entrepreneur certificate program (more on this another day :p )
-Change posting to Monday, Wednesday and Friday (plan ahead with editorial calendar)

Work light! Create a mobile (almost) paperless office

Obtaining a (almost) paperless office is very simple, it just takes some “outside the box” thinking. As we progress to an all “cloud” world, I made changes to my gear with syncing in mind.
      This idea is great for not only bloggers but those with small businesses. My personal favorite part is that it is light and will not strain your shoulder should you need to move to a new space .
     Having a portable office is essential , to me, as you can even take it with you to conventions or to ‘”finish” up work at the cottage.
      With no further a do, here are some suggested parts for this kit.

1. Tablet
     For writing or business tasks most can be done on via Google Drive and a few social media apps. For offline work, I suggest ensuring the device has an office like program so that you have access to a word processor and excel.
    If you want to do your bookkeeping, either there is excel or one of the many differnt online bookkeeping options. Do your research and I’m sure you will find one that suits your needs.

2. Bluetooth keyboard
      While the integrated screen keyboard is handy, I do prefer to have a little more room for my fingers to move across. This option is great as it virtually turns your tablet into a touchscreen “laptop” of awesomeness.

3. Smart Phone
       There have been a few times that I have not been able to access WiFi and love that I have some data for my phone. If you look online there may even be a way to tether you phone to be a WiFi hot spot to complete your work. Just make sure you have enough data on your plan to avoid extra charges when your next bill comes.
    I use it also to capture thoughts in Google Keep (its similar to Evernote) and at times manage social media while working on a post. 

4. Note book and a 4 in 1 pen
        Personally there are times when the feel of a pen gliding across paper is just needed. I personally use mine to do extra mind mapping to complete tasks that are in progress (along side my Google Keep app on my phone).  Recently I found a 4 in one pen. It has a stylus, black pen, red pen and a 0.5 mechanical pencil. The last three are in the barrel while  the stylus is on the top of the pen. Its super nifty to have around and keeps me from having a pencil case of randomness.

5. Charger cords and/ or charger block
       Luckily for me my Nexus 5, Bluetooth keyboard and tablet all take the same micro USB cord. Keeping it super simple. For times where I can not get to a spot to charge them, I have my charger block. I ensure this is charged a all times and is a great back up option to keep things rolling.

6. Headphones

      To be completely focused on the tasks at hand these really help out. Sometimes I work at a cafe or the library, so now I can still watch videos or listen to a podcast if one comes up during my research.

7. Bag

       Alright mine is just a purse, but this shows how easy it is to tote everything around. With my set up I can even take it on a long road trip and get work done Offline (Montreal in little over a week, yes!). I picked this because its organized, I can see everything when I look in and its me.

These are what I have as part of my office, most things are stored on Google drive or on the 64 GB micro SD card on my tablet. These are just some suggestions to get you started, whether you need an office for promoting your art, blog, shop or even just to finish a paper for school. Its super useful and wont strain your back or shoulder like a huge laptop and accessories (and snacks!).

      What do you have together for your mobile office? 

Business cards!

  While at Druham Pride I quickly took a picture of these before I forgot. I just adore my Tea Guild of Canada cards I got this week.
      I am debateing makeing simple cards for tea related things, that way for Tea Journey I can have the url on them.
     Art stores these days sell “trading cards” made of different materials. So I may just get a few packs of watercolour paper ones and make them all by hand. Maybe my chop will apear on them.  I do plan to get a square chop similar to my digital one on my banner.  These characters have “wu wei” and “wabi sabi”, zen and Daoist terms. Wu wei I am always learning new things about. Although what it means to me is to become so proficient in something it comes easy. Practice and more practice. Wabi sabi is to see beauty in imperfection. Something we all should take to heart as nothing is perfect.
       I am going to continue to enjoy the Queer Stock show out here in Durham Region. More latter on the “Shen Nong” work!