Business cards!

  While at Druham Pride I quickly took a picture of these before I forgot. I just adore my Tea Guild of Canada cards I got this week.
      I am debateing makeing simple cards for tea related things, that way for Tea Journey I can have the url on them.
     Art stores these days sell “trading cards” made of different materials. So I may just get a few packs of watercolour paper ones and make them all by hand. Maybe my chop will apear on them.  I do plan to get a square chop similar to my digital one on my banner.  These characters have “wu wei” and “wabi sabi”, zen and Daoist terms. Wu wei I am always learning new things about. Although what it means to me is to become so proficient in something it comes easy. Practice and more practice. Wabi sabi is to see beauty in imperfection. Something we all should take to heart as nothing is perfect.
       I am going to continue to enjoy the Queer Stock show out here in Durham Region. More latter on the “Shen Nong” work!

On its way~

Carved chop

  I ended up wining the auction. So after talking to the artist most of the day it is cut and will be shipped when he gets the chance.

Sheng Nong studies

    Right now I am slowly working on the “Sheng Nong” work. I hope to do more studies before going back to it. I have some pictures from distressing the rice paper I had on the wooden support.  I have my business cards for my work and will have The Tea Guild of Canada ones latter this week. SOOO… I will post a picture to show them off~ I am still debating making a small amount of cards to Tea Journey. We will see. Perhaps once I go through all ..300 cards I have the tea aspect may end up on new cards. Why do I have 300 cards? I originally ordered 150, and there was some cut off on the one side. To fix it Moo sent me 150 more that they had fixed.

       I just picked up a bunch of movies to help inspire me.  Two weeks ago I also acquired Marlene Dumas’ book “Measuring your own Grave”. Such an inspiring book to have along side with my Lisa Yuskuvage one.    I am off to watch more of Chinese Paladin and work on more studies. Till next time, Ja ne~

Koi- I hope to do a work with the next few images
Beautiful mini garden in the mall
Little turtle hiding at the mall



Working towards the dream

  Just a bit ago I bid on an Agate chop, which the shop will then carve for me. I have been looking at many different places to purchase one and even considered taking on the carving task myself.  In the end I could not wait any longer and found this shop on e-bay.
   The characters I have chosen are for “Crimson Lotus”,  紅蓮. After many months of debating I decided these will be the best for my work and me.
   Why these characters? As I hope you know I have coppery red hair and I am still an emerging artist. The lotus grows up from the mud into a beautiful flower. I hope this image will push me further to where I want to go.

    On another note I was just about to get some sanding paper to attack my current work with. I seem to have added way too much rice paper to the wooden support and I have made Sheng Nung too big!
      Hopefully the rain and some sanding paper will do the trick to help things along again. So far though I like the idea of having rice paper on a wooden support. It’s not the same as adhering it to canvas.
   Anyhow I am off to grab the sanding paper, mask (I aggravated my Asthma on Tuesday and had an attack, much better but safety first) and perhaps a snack to go with a bowl of matcha.

New tea bowl from a reader over at Tea Journey (My Tea Blog)

Card designing and thoughts

 I have been sketching endlessly various designs for my business cards. Today, I thought perhaps a chop on my work should be considered once again.
   The work I did for my brother was a more traditional Chinese like painting of Sun Wu Kong. It would have been better if I had such a signature to add to the work. As I plan to continue in this more traditional direction for the most part, I am going to design a chop.
    Chops are specific to the author/artist so I will put a lot of effort into the design of this~
   On a side note I have been working on sketches for a short manga, I have been wanting to write and draw one for some time now. I will try to post some sketches of characters and roughs while working up to making the manuscript pages. Till next time~